The three sentences left by our ancestors are spiritual practice if you understand them

The three sentences left by our ancestors are spiritual practice if you understand them

Good morning, accompany you to read.

German writer Hesse said in "Hot Spring convalescent guests": "I still have a lot of detours to go, and I will be disappointed with a lot of satisfaction, and everything will have to wait until later to show its meaning."

the road of life can not be replaced by others. Only when you walk through it can you understand the ease and ease of being covered with reeds.

I have heard such a saying: "if you understand three or two sentences of former sages, except for a hundred mistakes after you have come to terms with them."

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whether you behave or do things, you can first learn from the lessons of your predecessors and avoid repeating the same mistakes.

these three sentences are spiritual practice if you understand them, and life if you don't understand them.


I would rather overeat than say too much

there is a saying: "everything goes too far, and so is speaking."

once you go too far, it is annoying if it is light, and it hurts you if it is serious.

I have seen such a story.

in a peasant household in a mountain village, both the father and mother graduated from primary school, and when they arrived at their son, there was finally a college student.

the father was very excited and felt that his son had won honor for himself and the family, so he went to town to buy firecrackers and pork to celebrate for his son.

after 12 years of hard study, I was finally admitted to college. The son's dark face also showed a bright smile.

the next day, the whole family met an acquaintance on the way to take their son to the station.

an acquaintance asked his son which university he was admitted to. As soon as the father gave his name, the acquaintance looked contemptuous and said with disdain, "it was in vain to go to that university. After graduation, he couldn't find a job at all. My son was admitted to a famous university. After graduation, the package was assigned, and the big company rushed to get it."

these words of acquaintances, like a basin of cold water, instantly extinguished the joy of the family.

after the acquaintance left, the father turned his head and saw that his son's eyes were already filled with tears.

as the saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters, but bad words hurt people in June."

in life, there are always some people who like to belittle others and elevate themselves. Little do you realize that these words will deeply hurt the hearts of others.

as the literary master Zhu Ziqing said in Silence: "your words should be like the stars of the night, not like New Year's Eve's firecrackers-who wants the overnight firecrackers?"

leave half a sentence on the lips, do not say too much, is a person's best upbringing.

in the sea of life, it is not easy for anyone. Not to say too much is not only a kindness to others, but also a perfection to yourself.


have you ever had such an experience?

when I was exhausted at work, I prayed for a quick holiday so that I could have a rest.

however, when I do have a holiday at home, all that is left is to sleep, play TV, play games and eat.

within a few days, the whole person is like a pool of mud, but more tired than work.

Roman Roland said: "the heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom."

We are used to complaining constantly when we are busy, but when we are idle, there is no place to put the extra time and energy, we can only kill time.

there is a question on the Internet: "what will you do when you are really free?"

A netizen shared his story.

when I just resigned, I was very comfortable and followed the cycle pattern of "eat, sleep, sleep and eat".

slowly, netizens feel that something is wrong.

I sleep longer and longer, sometimes when I wake up, it is six or seven o'clock in the afternoon, and my schedule begins to be reversed in black and white.

when others work conscientiously and hard, they sleep with their heads covered and date with the Duke of Zhou.

when others come home and enjoy themselves, they are still sleepy, at the beginning of the day.

I have heard such a saying: "the fastest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle."

Life is like a gear, the more it turns, the more flexible it becomes. Once it is idle, it rusts, and it is difficult to turn again.

Miss Cai, formerly the head of an organization under the unit, her full work keeps her busy and active every day.

later, when she retired to the second line and was idle, Ms. Cai, like the frog boiled in warm water, slowly lost her morale for life and began to complain about her dissatisfaction.

criticize young people for their lack of responsibility, complain that the company does not attach importance to employee welfare, and resent colleagues for isolating themselves.

later, Ms. Cai became infatuated with stock speculation, but she was incompetent. In the end, her money, money borrowed from friends and bank loans were tied up by the stock market and lost all her money.

Carnegie said: "to keep busy, it is the cheapest medicine in the world."

idle people, while killing time, breed inner distractions, sensitive anxiety, wishful thinking, and always feel that life is deliberately making things difficult for themselves.

busy people use busyness to dispel anxiety and laziness, toil to defeat boredom and loneliness, and finally become friends of time.

A good life really can't be too idle. When you are busy, you will find that good luck and happiness are lining up and coming one after another.


when wealth is gathered, people disperse, and when wealth is scattered, people gather

Zeng Guofan said in the Collection of works of Zeng Guofan: "interests can be shared but not alone, and they can be widowed but not numerous; if they gain alone, they will fail, and if they seek profits alone, they will leak."

take a long-term view and do not destroy your future because of the small profits at hand. Only by sharing interests can you win the hearts and minds of the people.

when he was young, Zeng Guofan found that a group of people summoned by the Hunan army had been transferred to Hu Linyi.

Zeng Guofan was confused and asked his aide Zhao Liewen. Zhao Liewen replied:

"everyone has his own selfishness, but he works with you."They were neither officials nor rich, so they left. If you want to obey the hearts of the people, you can't monopolize the interests, but share the benefits with everyone. "

after listening to this, Zeng Guofan nodded again and again, and from then on he rewarded meritorious subordinates for their meritorious deeds and added officials to Jin Jue.

as a result, more and more talents and aides came to him, and his strength became stronger and stronger.

Laozi said, "if saints do not accumulate, the more they regard themselves as others, and the more they already have with others."

Wisdom saints never hide wealth, but try their best to help others. In the long run, they will be more abundant.

only by treating money in an atmosphere can we accumulate popularity and happiness; just wanting to monopolize wealth will only lead to resentment and discontent.

Ma Weidu, a famous collector, once said that he has a lot of rare collections because he knows how to "suffer losses."

when Ma not all comes across the antiques he likes, he will not bargain too much, but let the other side make more money at a reasonable price.

over time, whenever the seller has antiques, he will contact Ma Weidu first, and if not, he will contact other collectors.

as a result, Ma Weidu took the lead, got a lot of rare products, and became more and more famous in the collection market.

as the old saying goes, "if you want to take it, you must give it first."

what you want to get, you have to give first.

people who are good at calculating favor one over the other. they always worry that they don't earn enough, and eventually they don't make money and lose their hearts and minds.

and smart people know how to win-win cooperation and give each other a bigger share of everything, but they are richer and have a bright future.

giving away wealth is not only a kind of magnanimity, but also a kind of wisdom. Gain the hearts of the people only by making money.


I have heard the saying: "Life is like a book. Although there is not a word, there is learning everywhere."

to make ourselves better and better is our lifelong practice.

only when everyone does not talk about human affairs, keep his mouth shut and his heart, can he cope with the wind and rain of life calmly;

refuse to be idle, work hard quietly, and quietly excel in order to amaze everyone;

only by giving up wealth and others often can we reap thousands of hectares of wealth, and the road of life can be wider and wider.

May we all be able to ride our horses and enjoy the prosperity of the world in this plot arranged by fate.