The three most spiritual words in the world see clearly the cause and effect in this life.

The three most spiritual words in the world see clearly the cause and effect in this life.

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Li Gentry once said:

is not only rice vegetation, but also human cause and effect.

Wanfa is born by fate.

whether people or things, can meet, are predestined.


if things go against one's wishes

Please believe that everything is the best arrangement.

A king shot a leopard while hunting and then dismounted to inspect it.

did not think that the leopard used its last strength to swoop up and bite off a little finger of the king.

the king was very depressed, but the prime minister smiled and said:

the king was angry:

A month later, the king traveled alone to a remote mountain forest.

suddenly a group of aborigines rushed down the mountain and tied up the king, ready to burn him to sacrifice the goddess of the full moon.

when the king was in despair, the priest suddenly found that the king's little finger was missing, which was an imperfect sacrifice, so he let the king go.

the king was so overjoyed that he went back and said to the prime minister:

the prime minister said:

the king laughed and said again and again:

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nine times out of ten there are unpleasant things in life, but when you look back on the past, you will find that the people you have met and the things you have experienced have their own meaning.

but as the saying goes:

"Water to a dead end is a waterfall, and a man to a dead end is rebirth."

there are reasons for all kinds of experiences, and if things go against one's wishes, there are other arrangements.


the people you meet are the right people in your life

must teach you something

in the movie Zhong Wuyan, Queen Zhong Wuyan of King Xuan of Qi is extremely capable and ugly.

the emperor thinks of her only when he needs someone to clean up the mess.

the emperor spends most of the rest of his time with the beautiful Xia Yingchun.

so Zhong Wuyan said to the emperor:

Zhong Wuyan died with his heart, making it clear to King Xuan of Qi that

for many people, once they miss it, it becomes an eternal regret, and no matter how much they make up for it, it's just futile.

as the passage in "disqualification in the World" says:

"only one night my heart was different. He came from a sea of people just to give me an empty joy." When you come with wind and rain, I have nowhere to hide. When you left, you messed up the four seasons, and it was difficult for me to cure after a long illness. "

although Qi Xuanwang saved Zhong Wuyan's heart in the end of the movie,

in real life, it is often not as satisfactory as the movie.

people always regret it after they regret it. They always have to wait for someone to stay cool before they understand that no matter how determined they are, they can't stand too much perfunctory and indifference.

fate is a wonderful thing. It comes quickly and goes quickly.

at first, it was just because I took one more look at you in the crowd, and I didn't know where I came from.

later, I just went out with a coat on a normal afternoon and never came back.

Don't turn a warm concern into a cold heart; don't give all the time, put it down and ignore it.

the person who once tried hard to treat you, but then left you,

is not the wrong person, nor is it your robbery, his appearance is to teach you:

what you have, all because you cherish it enough.

May the one who is nice to you will always be by your side, and may all the treasures of the rest of your life be known without loss.


Life will always give you the answer

, but will not tell you everything

right away. In this way, it is not only to accept fate, but also to be detached.

No matter how hard you try today, tomorrow's fallen leaves will float down.

No matter how much you regret tomorrow, you can't start all over again today.

you never know what will happen next, nor will you understand why fate treats you like this.

only by not grieving the past, not greedy for the future, and focusing on the present, can we find inner peace and peace.

Su Shi left a song "misty Rain on Lushan Mountain" to his youngest son Su Zou on his deathbed:

means that the beautiful and mysterious misty rain on Lushan Mountain and the magnificent tides of the Qiantang River will be regretted for the rest of his life if he has no chance to watch it.

but when I finally visited Lushan Mountain and Zhejiang Province and saw the misty rain and surging tide, I was not surprised to find that the impulses and delusions of the past were nothing more than this.