The third order of life: read yourself, be more self-conscious, and please yourself.

The third order of life: read yourself, be more self-conscious, and please yourself.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as the saying goes, "unpleasant things are often nine times out of ten, but they have nothing to do with others."

in fact, when something goes wrong, it is a long holiday given by fate. When the holiday ends one day, life really begins.

We should take advantage of the bad times to learn the three "pleasing to ourselves" to make our lives happy in the future.


read yourself: look at yourself and see the direction

Life is like a long journey, troughs and confusion are inevitable, those who complain will be trapped in place, and those who examine themselves will be reborn.

in the late Qing Dynasty, Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, made full reflection, found the direction of his career, and finally "saved the Qing Dynasty from the fall" and established immortal meritorious service.

at first, Zeng Guofan believed in the Confucian idea of "Heaven is healthy, and the gentleman strives for continuous self-improvement", so his character is to be straightforward, not to lose face, and even dare to blackmail Emperor Xianfeng.

in 1857, the momentum of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was booming, and only the Hunan army trained by Zeng Guofan could confront it in the Qing Dynasty.

it happened that Zeng Guofan's father died, and Zeng Guofan was required to worry for three years, but the offensive of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom was ferocious, so Emperor Xianfeng asked him to stay.

Zeng Guofan, ungrateful, took advantage of the opportunity to blackmail the emperor to give him a governor.

so the emperor waved his hand: "then go home and worry about it."

Zeng Guofan froze, thinking that when employing people, the emperor would compromise, but the wishful thinking was wrong.

Zeng Guofan's career has reached a low ebb.

after returning home, Zeng Guofan kept thinking: "if the emperor does not trust and his colleagues do not go with him, what on earth has gone wrong?"

when he was depressed, Zeng Guofan read the Confucian classics again, but never found the answer.

at last, he set his sights on the thin pamphlet, the Book of morality.

with his life experience, he found that the so-called "weakness is better than strength" is the truth that should be upheld after China's entry into the WTO.

seems to be a negative birth, but in fact it is a positive accession to the WTO, because the detour can better achieve the goal.

when he thought of this, Zeng Guofan was thoroughly enlightened and excitedly wrote eight big words on the title page of the book: "Great softness is not soft, but there is no firmness." The ideological change of

made Zeng Guofan more and more stable in his later period.

A lot of times, the trough is a gift of fate. It gives you time to reflect on yourself and start all over again.


Yue oneself: surpass yourself, break first and then stand

some people say: "those who dare to fight have a way on earth, and those who dare to break have a way everywhere."

Wang Yangming, a great Confucian scholar of the Ming Dynasty, kept breaking and building all his life, and finally found the direction and established the theory of mind.

if people want to surpass themselves, they can achieve self-transcendence only by bowing into the game, breaking the old rules and establishing new ones.

when Wang Yangming was very young, he said to his teacher, "the first thing in life is to read and be a sage."

this sentence laid the path of his life's development.

in order to find the way of saints, Wang Yangming had a period of "five drowning", that is, he lost his way in five things.

are chivalry, riding and shooting, ci Zhang, immortal, Buddha.

these five aspects are of great help to Wang Yangming's career development, but none of them is the way of saints.

during this period, Wang Yangming also staged a "Shouren bamboo" according to Zhu Xi's theory of knowledge. After staring at the bamboo for seven days, he not only did not see any reason, but fell ill.

this makes Wang Yangming doubt Zhu Xi's Neo-Confucianism.

until the age of 35, he offended Liu Jin and was assigned to Longchang, Guizhou.

in such a situation, he began to reflect: "speaking out of righteousness has been assigned to the dragon market, and the way of sages has always lost its direction, and now its life is in danger. Is it wrong to pursue the way of sages?"

the fierce inner conflict, finally one night, the incarnation of truth appeared in Wang Yangming's heart.

A laugh cut through the night sky. Yes, he enlightened.

he said: "it is a big mistake to seek truth from external things. The way of saints lies in everyone's heart."

as the saying goes, "if you break something, you will see a vacuum."

throughout the process of Wang Yangming's enlightenment, it is a process of getting rid of external things and seeking the original mind.

break first and then stand, surpass yourself. Break the old habits and open up a new atmosphere.


please yourself: please yourself, physically and mentally

some people say: "people work hard in society, in order not to stain themselves, they will inevitably be tired of human feelings, fame and wealth, but people who understand life will put physical and mental freedom and pleasure in the first place."

Mr. Ji Xianlin once said: "there is no 100% of life, and imperfection is life."

since life is not perfect, just enjoy the rest of your life.

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in Peking University, Mr. Ji is a famous professor, but he is like a free and easy and humorous neighbor in life.

the publication of the Tsinghua Garden Diary is the best proof, which records some of Mr. Ji's thoughts and emotions when he was in college, including radical words.

when publishing, the publishing house took into account the image of Mr. Ji and suggested to make appropriate deletions.

Mr. Ji said:

this frank move has won unanimous praise.

Mr. Ji is often casual about eating. "to hell with calories and vitamins," he said. "I eat when I think it's delicious. I have no burden in my heart and have a good appetite."

one year during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Mr. Ji specially went to a Beijing-Moscow restaurant and tasted their most famous.Beer and ice cream.

A friend hurriedly advised: "you are not in good health, you can't eat ice cream or anything like that."

Mr. Ji replied humorously, "I belong to a pig, so I can eat anything."

in academic circles, Mr. Ji is recognized as an academic master. in order to get rid of the shackles of fame and wealth, he firmly does not want any title.

in 2007, Mr. Ji put aside three titles in one fell swoop: master of Sinology, master of academic circles, and national treasure.

he said humorously, "once I pick the three laurels, I will be free."

the greatest capriciousness of being a man is to do what you like regardless of everything. Only in this way can we say that this trip is worth living.

physical and mental freedom, only to see the true face, only then feel that everyone is happy.