The ten most powerful words of brainwashing, I believed the first one.

The ten most powerful words of brainwashing, I believed the first one.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


people are forced out

everyone has their own potential, either born of suffering or died of contentment.

it is not a real skill to go with the wind and advance by leaps and bounds;

against the wind and against the current, still calm and calm, is really commendable!

A person's excellence is not born, but is cultivated;

A person's strength is not natural, but is tempered.

people, when there is a way out, everyone is mediocre and desperate, and everyone is outstanding.

an egg, broken from the outside, is a broken egg, but a breakthrough from the inside is a new life.

people are forced out. When you have nothing, you naturally know everything.


if you are simple, the world is simple to you

Life is a mirror, when you are complex, the world is complex, when you are simple, the world is simple.

people, don't worry too much. How many tragedies all stem from comparison. Living your own life is more important than anything else.

people, don't be depressed for too long, don't go crazy, it doesn't matter if you lose it. The quieter the wind, the clearer the rain, the clearer the mind, and when the mentality is correct, life is not easy to tilt.

because of simplicity, I deeply realize the light of life, as light as flying flowers, as light as sunset, as light as rain;

because of simplicity, I understand the stillness of the heart, as quiet as the night sky, as quiet as a valley, as quiet as a stream.

Happiness was originally very simple, with an indifferent mind, watching the clouds and clouds in the sky, the ups and downs of life, living their own wonderful in the long river of life, living their own calmness in the noisy world.

Life is too short. Don't be too obsessed with fame and profit. Simplicity is true.


there is no dress rehearsal in life.

every day is broadcast live

people often say, "Life is like a play, a play is like life." sometimes it is, but sometimes it is not.

the biggest difference between the play and life is that the play can be rehearsed, and if it fails, it can be repeated, but life is different. Life is an one-way trip without rehearsals.

being wrong will affect not only the time, but even the whole life, just as there are no ifs in life, only consequences and results.

every moment and every step is something that needs to be done with our heart, and there is no carelessness. Only in this way can we be left with a past without regrets, a future full of confidence, and a life full of positive meaning, fun and happiness.

Don't always think that there will be a long time to come, and no one knows which will come first, tomorrow or accident. only those who are sure of today is the best life.


conceiving talent is like being pregnant.

it takes a long time to see

as the saying goes: a thousand-mile horse is easy to get, but Bole is hard to get.

lack of talent is the self-feeling of many people.

A talented person can not meet his own Bole, so he can only be buried in the grass, be nameless, and even die depressed.

but in fact, which romantic talent has not gone through the precipitation of time, which ancient celebrity has not experienced the warmth of human feelings, and who has not had a dark and blind day before being discovered by everyone?

in ancient times, Sun Jingtou hung beam, Su Qin taper thorn strands, and even Confucius broke the cowhide belt of bamboo slips in order to read the Book of changes. It can be seen that only by continuous input can he shock the world with his own talents in the future.

before this, we should accumulate silently and work hard secretly. When the "pregnant" is big enough, it will be seen by people naturally.


in the past, there were fewer bosom friends in the past.

now there are fewer bosom friends in the world

everyone we meet may become our friends, but to make bosom friends who collide with the soul depends not only on character, but also on fate.

drink with friends, drink wine, talk about things, drink with bosom friends, talk about love, and make friends with hearts.

even if there is only plain boiled water in the cup, it is naturally sweet when it is strong.

there is a feeling that we do not have to meet day and night, but only snuggle in the depths of the soul;

there is a kind of friend who is not in the circle of life, but in life;

has a kind of company, not around, but in the heart.

bosom friends are the people who know us best in the world. Even if they care for each other without words, they also know each other's thoughts.

even if time grows old and passes away for a long time, even if youth is no longer in the twilight, it will always be imprinted in our lives, always warm and never fade.


if life is in the wrong direction,

to stop is to make progress

people, it is always difficult to correct their shortcomings;

people, it is always difficult to find their own mistakes.

sometimes, knowing that you are wrong, you can't stop, making mistakes again and again.

grasp the right direction and stick to your own principles. There are many temptations in the world, and there will never be pie in the sky.

Don't pay a heavy price for temporary pleasure. If you find something wrong, you must stop.

sometimes, knowing how to pause is also a kind of wisdom, and knowing how to give up is also an ability.

stop loss in time is not weakness, flexion and extension is not retreat, if a step back can make life better, why fight it?

after all, life is your own, and the most important thing is to live happily.


two tragedies of life:

one is despair, the other is aspiration

people, sometimes strong and terrible, sometimes fragile and pathetic, going from one extreme to the otherIt is also a sign of lack of self-confidence.

A good life is never plain sailing, but after going through rough seas, you say brilliantly: it's hard, but I'm here.

some people have lived a life of great attention since childhood, and have been called "child prodigies". When they grow up, they encounter a little setback, their self-confidence is defeated instantly, and their inner glory collapses.

do not realize that impermanence is the normal state of life. It is through failure that people become strong and finally create success.

so the most important thing in life is to find an accurate position for yourself and enjoy the fun of life. If you are more open, you will feel a little more happy.


Life is the same as love.

if you miss love, you miss life

as the saying goes: love doesn't know where it comes from, but it goes deep.

Love is always a good term.

meeting the one in life, holding hands and growing old together is both predestined and lucky.

but if two people are secretly in love, but no one dares to open their mouth, they can only let their love go away, leaving each other to regret for the rest of their lives and become cinnabar moles of each other's hearts.

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Life is the same. When joy begins and silence ends, sometimes you should take the initiative. If there are flowers that can be folded, you must fold them. Don't wait for flowers to break empty.

A person's life begins with a countdown, happiness and sadness. Who will you meet along the way?

what happens when chasing dreams?

No one can predict the result, but as long as you chase it bravely, it will be worth your life.

Li Yuchun wrote in his lyrics: if we are not crazy, we will be old.

Please live enthusiastically, be brave and presumptuous, be happy and beautiful, and the splendor of life may just begin.


the rich people in the world finally get married

some people say: "Love without material is a plate of loose sand."

this sentence is not always true, but since ancient times, poor couples have always been sad about everything.

when we were young, we all believed that love could not be mixed with impurities, and as long as two people loved each other, material conditions would never be an obstacle to each other.

the older you grow up, the more you understand that being a good match is no longer an idiom, but a gory reality, and parents' advice is no longer so harsh, but a prediction of the future.

so don't get stuck at the age when you should work hard. High-quality love will always make two people improve each other and make their life better.

the harder you work, the luckier you are. Only by working hard and upgrading yourself can you match better people and live a better life.


to succeed, you need friends;

to achieve great success, you need enemies

competition to develop. Because of the existence of enemies, you have the determination not to admit defeat and work hard to do your own thing.

so sometimes enemies are more powerful than friends. There are no eternal enemies and no permanent friends.

when goals are the same, enemies can become friends;

when opinions differ, friends become passers-by.

only by constantly improving and breaking through ourselves in the process, can we go farther and farther and widen the road in the future!

these 10 sentences, some may be straightforward, some may be obscure, but all show the cruel reality of life.

all we can do is live actively.

I just hope that we can all warm our hearts and be full of energy in the days to come.