The strength of calmness (depth good text)

The strength of calmness (depth good text)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

calm down is the highest state of spiritual practice in life.

people who are calm are calm and calm.

A calm life is not slow, and the water flows for a long time.

everything in heaven and earth has its own mechanism of operation. No need to force, no need to persevere. After trying, just calm down.


fame, wealth, wealth After getting it, it tastes like wax. From ancient times to the present, which one can be seen through? "

people who come into the world naked will eventually go naked.

the floor is full of gold and the bed is full of Wat, after all, it is just a pipe dream.

does not mean that life can not pursue the dream of wealth, but to treat these things with a calm state of mind, not to be happy, not to be sad.

Don't base your happiness on the gains and losses of the day.

once upon a time there lived two families adjacent to each other in a village. One family is barely well-off, while the other is notoriously rich.

the owner of a well-off home works hard and diligently. In their spare time, they devote their energies to taking care of the elderly and raising children. Never compete with neighbors.

wealthy families, on the other hand, worry about their own profits and losses all day long.

likes to ridicule that his family is not as well-off as his own, and he is afraid that his family's wealth will be exceeded by others.

many years later, the well-off family is happy, the elderly are healthy and optimistic, and their children inherit the down-to-earth qualities of their parents and break into their own world.

There is no argument that prom dresses at roosevelt field mall are the basic requisites in the world of fashion. Just take these selections into consideration.

although the rich family is still rich, the master looks sad all day long because he is worried and thinks hard, and his life does not know its taste.

Zhuge Liang said in the Book of Commandments: "you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

this is true of ancient and modern sages, and so is all living beings.

people who despise fame, wealth and wealth can always find a fulcrum of their own life, no matter how the world changes.

in a quiet place, look at the light cloud roll Yunshu.


Life is impermanent. Let nature take its course

there is a fable recorded in

Buddhist sutras:

A long time ago, a king overheard his two attendants chatting.

one of the attendants said, "I am able to live a good life today thanks to the king."

while the other said, "I don't rely on anyone. I rely on my own destiny."

when the king heard these words, he gave the first attendant a green eye. He sent someone to tell the queen to prepare some gifts, and then ordered the first attendant to bring the rest of the king's wine to the queen.

but it just backfired, and the attendant who went to deliver the wine got sick on the way. Had to ask the second attendant to deliver the wine on his behalf, so the second attendant received many rewards from the queen.

the rewarded waiter returned to the king, and the king wondered why the attendant went to deliver the wine.

the attendant explained the reason, and the king was surprised and sighed, "'do your own work and accept your own retribution.'" The Buddhist language is indeed correct. When the impermanence of life comes, no one can change it. "

Heaven is good, not for Yao, not for Jie.

Life is objective and independent of human will.

just as flowers bloom in spring and branches and leaves turn yellow in autumn. Everything in the world will operate according to its own mechanism and will not change with the way people think.

since we cannot change the objective facts, we can only adjust our hearts. Actively find out the law of the development of things, comply with the law to find a solution to the problem.

but even if the rules are mastered, sometimes the results can not be fully fulfilled. Because the most common thing in the world is impermanence. So after letting nature take its course, our hearts should learn to be bearish and let go.

what should come will always come, and we can't escape it; those who want to go will always go, and we can't ask for it.

Don't be happy with things, don't be sad with yourself. Cherish what you have got, and learn to let go of what you cannot ask for.

regardless of gain or loss, there is cause and effect. Don't let your heart dwell on the past, and don't let yesterday's regrets take the place of present happiness.

therefore, no matter what happens in life, you need to develop a calm and calm heart.

this heart should be strong enough to keep a corner in the fickle world.

Let nature take its course is wisdom, and it is easy to put it down.


but to do good deeds, don't ask about the future

Zeng Guopan once said: "Let bygones be bygones now, let bygones be bygones, and do not welcome them in the future."

Quan Hong Chan, the 14-year-old Chinese swimming dark horse, stunned the world at the Tokyo Olympic Games, breaking the world record with a total score of 466.2 points for the Chinese team to win the gold medal in the women's 10-meter platform diving.

for a time, she became the hottest new star in sports.

after winning the championship, a reporter asked her whether the secret of winning the championship was "just think about winning."

she corrected: "you don't have to want to win, just think about surpassing yourself."

look down on winning or losing, forget the results, focus on the process, and surpass yourself. This is the real realm of "champion".

look at how many people on the track of our lives complicate simple things and confuse Qingming's state of mind.

obviously it is only a simple thing, but because it attaches too much importance to the result of winning or losing, it puts too heavy a psychological burden on itself.

therefore, whenever the mind is confused, the best veteran will make mistakes, and no matter how easy the goal is, it will fail..

is it our own bad luck and ability? No. It is because our hearts are not calm enough that we hold ourselves back.

the Olympic Games have been given too much meaning in the eyes of many people: a high-level sports stage, a competition to fame and wealth.

but in the eyes of Quan Hong Chan, the Olympic Games are "five diving movements". Take these five actions to the extreme, as for winning or losing, it is not in the heart of the "sister".

therefore, after Quanhong Chan finished her "five actions", she left countless surprised, excited, and emotional eyes behind her, and went to "dry rice".

she really managed not to be confused about what she was doing, nor to worry about her past achievements, let alone what was not to come.

Buddhism says, "there are no obstacles in the heart, no obstacles, no horrors, far from reversing dreams, after all Nirvana."

the Master said, "the wise are not confused, the benevolent are not worried, and the brave are not afraid."

there is no inner hindrance, no obsession, then naturally relaxed and handy.

all kinds of impermanence in the outside world are beyond our control. But we must have a way to overcome the fear in our hearts.

the only constant in the world is change itself.

We cannot predict the future, nor can we control the world. So instead of running away from fear, embrace change and the unknown.

therefore, the best state and the highest state is "calm".

he is strong by him, the breeze blows the hills;

he crosses him, and the moon shines on the river.

this is not only martial arts, but also the wisdom of life.

the danger and difficulty of life may not lie in life itself, but in our inner fears, desires and uneasiness.

the biggest enemy is yourself.

May you and I be able to cope with the ups and downs of life with constant inner calmness for the rest of my life.