The sophomore year is approaching, where to go.

The sophomore year is approaching, where to go.

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yesterday, I asked such a question in my moments: "what do you think of the issue of keeping the department?" "

it is not appropriate for me to discuss this issue. Because I am a sloppy person, I have not joined any formal organization. However, when I was a freshman, I also interviewed the Organization Department of our college and was brushed. But now think about it, luckily it has been brushed, otherwise there may not be the present chaos.

at that time, I received more than a dozen responses, which is also a microcosm of us.

to what extent do more people say "stay" than "no stay"? Only one person told me the reason why he did not keep the department, and the others were in favor of keeping the department.

does this mean that we should keep the department?

in fact, the reason why the student does not keep the department is as follows:

1, withdrawal means that there is less responsibility on the shoulder, the psychological pressure will not be great, and there is no need to worry about being scolded for doing things poorly. What's more, there will be no mistakes in decision-making that will lead to the recurrence of the whole team

2. You can have more time at your disposal, and you don't have to sacrifice your free time for the work of the department. If you want to go home, you don't have to work overtime on weekends for the department

3. The biggest reason for not keeping the department, and the most important point is that it is not there. When I am not interested, other benefits are useless in my eyes.

I think this classmate is right. When we play an important role in the team, we are often under pressure from our superiors, but sometimes, just because you play an important role doesn't mean you are important. Just like a machine, the most important thing is a screw at the bottom. Without that screw, it won't work. But do you think screws are important? No, because the screw is replaceable, this screw is missing, let's just change it.

so we take the responsibility, we may also carry the pot, but we are still not taken seriously, because we are just a screw. It is really because this kind of "unvalued" negative feedback has accumulated over time, which makes many people choose to quit. But there are also some people who dare not say it because they do not want to admit that they are just a screw. They keep the department with the mentality of "give it a try" in exchange for a little bit of credit and vanity.

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of course, I am a person without collective consciousness, which is why I have the "screw" idea above. But it is undeniable that those who stay are not necessarily better than those who do not, but there is also a premise that you must find the real direction.

but one brother also commented:

"if you know what you want, you will have an answer (about whether or not to stay). If you don't know what you want, it's better to regret staying than not staying."

of the more than a dozen comments I received, only this one touched me the most. If I am faced with the problem of keeping the department, and I am a person with no direction, I will keep the department because of this sentence.

Why? Because I have no direction.

people know that this is a word I have always believed in since I went to college. If we know that we have no direction, we should try more, and the retention department may not be able to give us anything. But at the very least, the kind of friendship hidden in it is rare throughout my college career.

I still remember the last time I sank in the ten-year-old chorus of the HKCSS, and I also saw the photos of the college student newspaper's birthday celebration last weekend in the moments. When I watch my friends find like-minded people in those groups, I envy them very much, because my identity is a bystander at all times. And those joys and laughter are not only the witness of friendship, but also the friendship that can be reaped only after working together.

there is another point. Many brothers have told me that when you do things, you are not only doing things for others, but also training your own abilities. Sometimes, we make an ordinary poster, why would I advise you to go to the extreme? Because in the process, you will face all kinds of difficulties, such as the choice of font, typesetting design, or pointing fingers at your work when the other person's aesthetics is not worth mentioning, and these difficulties are the big BOSS that really give us experience. If you have faced those difficult Party A when you were a student, and you have highly completed that task in the end, then I believe that after you enter the society, you will be more than one level higher than those stupid youths who have never tried anything.

Tonight, I specially went to ask a younger sister who is facing the problem of retaining the department for her opinion on the retention department.

she said:

first of all, the most important thing is that we should think about our sophomore plans. If you don't keep the department, you have to do something meaningful: what to do if you don't keep it.

in my opinion, being a minister is the real exercise. As a junior freshman, he didn't have much autonomy, and he was more likely to listen to the arrangements of his brothers and sisters. As a matter of fact, the pressure and challenges faced by the department are not the same as those faced by the freshman year. We really need to think independently about how to plan, how to lead our brothers and sisters, how to hold an event and a party, and how to surpass the glory set by brothers and sisters. To make the department develop better, these are all things that can't be realized when you are a little hard worker.

there is another thing about the retention department, that is, the affection for the department. Of course, feelings can not be abused, even if you like another department, if you have other plans, you can also fight for the world you want. If you are not too resistant to the retention of the department, you also love this department, and you are really capable, it is also good to be able to contribute to the development of the department.

it doesn't matter if you don't keep the department. The key point is to know what you're going to do in the future. Don't lose the department or study hard and squander the university. You may feel that your talents are not well demonstrated in the department as a freshman, then you may be able to apply what you have learned in the department to other places.

if you have planned your university, do it. I was most afraid of being tired and refused to move forward.

this is my idea.

so for many people, the most important question is not "keep the department or not", but "what do I want to do in college?" I have talked about this issue many times. I will no longer feed you chicken soup here. If you are interested, find out for yourself.

finally, I will send you another sentence: