The sheep froze.

The sheep froze.

A story I read from Zhihu is very interesting.

where does the grass come from?

the sheep froze as they ate. It couldn't be explained. It couldn't figure it out.

this obsession destroys everything, which is a sense of nothingness and a kind of heart blockage.

this matter repeatedly bothers many sheep, who freeze, empty, relieved and froze again and again.

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especially after the heavy snow, facing the vector earth, the sheep panic is very terrible. When 300 pairs of empty eyes turn to you together, things won't be easy.

No one knows what will happen next. Humans have no such experience. We can't let all the sheep fall into the old motto of silence at the same time, engraved on a mountain.

the sheep driver dared not come out, so he tried to hide the whip behind him, turned his head and coughed softly.

after a long time, suddenly some sheep began to chew again, the chewing sound spread, and the sheep turned their heads one after another to restore the appearance of the flock.

things have passed an unknown barrier.

in this world, unreserved, desperate moments of introspection like those in sheep are not common or noticed.

the individual things you know are orcas that are stranded and commit suicide, and birds that hit the ground one after another in the early morning.