The self-cultivation of parents determines the level of their children.

The self-cultivation of parents determines the level of their children.

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have you ever been so angry by other people's children that you trembled all over?

some netizens share their experiences.

when I was walking in the park, I was lifted my skirt by the child;

I was riding a bike and threw firecrackers by the child, and I was scared to fall off the bike;

when I was taking the elevator, all the floors were lit up by the child.


and the parents of these children say things that are strikingly similar:

"what is the difference between adults and children?"

"he's just a kid."

"he's still young. Why don't you give him a break?"

these parents dote on their children so much that no matter what their children do, they all use "children being ignorant" as an excuse. Instead of stopping them, they continue to appreciate their children's "masterpieces."

from the words of these parents, we can see that the self-cultivation of parents is the education of their children.


there are as many children as there are parents

recently, a very infuriating scene has taken place on the street.

A sanitation worker was cleaning when a child walked by, deliberately tore up the paper in his hand and threw it around the sanitation worker.

the sanitation worker persuaded the child to throw it in the dustpan, and the child said arrogantly, "I just want to throw it."

instead of dissuading the child, the mother complained about the sanitation worker, saying:

the child was thrown all the way, and the sanitation worker had no choice but to follow and sweep.

others came to persuade the child not to throw it, but who ever thought that the child said to the sanitation worker, "that's what you do."

it's hard to imagine that a child would say such a sentence. What's more, the child's mother went so far as to say:

after that, the sanitation worker whispered and begged the child not to throw it away.

the child added:

his mother questioned the sanitation worker:

throughout the process, the little boy said three times, "that's what you do." what's even more creepy is that his mother doesn't think there's anything wrong with it, but takes it for granted.

during this period, several kind-hearted people helped the sanitation workers pick up the paper on the ground, and one of the young men said to the child's mother:

one sentence poked the problem.

it is said that the parents are the same as the children. If parents do not have correct values, do not respect the work of others, and think that they are superior to others, the child will follow suit.

A child is like a mirror of his parents. From the child, we can see what kind of person his parents are.


parents' self-cultivation determines the upbringing of their children

there is a Chinese saying, "look old at three years old, look old at seven years old".

means: what education a child received from an early age and what environment he grew up in, we can see his future, not the future, but his character in the future.

and educated parents, educated children tend to be more educated.

respecting the old and loving the young is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. We are willing to see and love the young and the old, because it can make us feel happy and warm each other.

saw the story of a little boy on the Internet not long ago, which warmed a lot of people.

the little boy took the bus and there was only an empty seat left. he was about to sit down when he saw an old woman get on the bus. He quickly stood up and protected the seat for fear of being occupied by others, because he wanted to leave it to the grandmother.

after the granny sat down, a lady saw this and gave up her seat to the little boy.

there is a detail:

there is a radiator under the seat where the little boy sat later. he wanted to warm his feet, but he didn't put his feet on it directly. Instead, he asked his former grandmother, "can I put my feet on this radiator?"

Don't put your feet up until you get Grandma's confirmation.

the passengers on the bus were warmed up by the little boy, who had a clear voice, respected his elders, thanked those who helped him, and was very polite.

in the process, he said "thank you" three times.

what the little boy does seems trivial, but it reflects the self-cultivation of his parents and the self-cultivation of a family.

the person in charge of the cashier center of the passenger transport company also said in an interview:

A well-educated child, such as a radiator in a cold winter; an uneducated child is an ice rain in winter.

the former warms the heart, while the latter is cold.

people always talk about whether children should be poor or rich, but they are not as educated as children.

French philosopher Rousseau said in Emil:

You'll be turning heads with our magical colelction of royal blue cocktail dress. Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

parents are the first teachers of their children.

Children are born to imitate, they may not understand what their parents say, but they will learn to do what their parents do.

the self-cultivation of parents is the education of their children.

behind every likeable child, there are disciplined and cultured parents.