The relationship goes bad, it all starts with these two words! (poke the heart in every sentence)

The relationship goes bad, it all starts with these two words! (poke the heart in every sentence)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

if the hot water is not kept warm, it will get cold if it is left alone.

the fire at the bottom of the stove will be put out if it doesn't add firewood.

the same is true of human feelings.

if you don't keep it with your heart and cherish it,

will go away sooner or later.

No matter what kind of relationship it is,

be more tolerant when you get along, and

be grateful when you give.

never ignore disappointment.

because all relationships go bad,

starts with these two words! 01


some people,

always take others' kindness for granted.

ask for again and again, perfunctory over and over again,

get used to it,

forget to give and return,

for a long time, the heart will be cold.


No one in the world owes you.

it is your blessing that someone is kind to you.

learn to cherish and repay.

never take it for granted. 02

worry about

when getting along with others,

big and small things, don't worry about it,

break trivia, don't worry about it.

if you always care about it everywhere,

will lead to contradictions and conflicts, and

will affect each other's feelings.


be open-minded and don't worry about it.

be generous and tolerant.

always look for reasons from yourself.

forget the faults of others and forgive their mistakes.

can we get along happily with each other.



the greatest stupidity of a person's life.

means to overestimate oneself and

in the hearts of others.

always think that to others,

oneself is irreplaceable.

it is because of this self-righteous attitude that

puts itself in an awkward position.


you are important to yourself,

in the eyes of others, you are just an outsider.

when dealing with people,

correct your mindset and

see your position clearly.

do not overestimate yourself, can stabilize the relationship,

Our sleeves for evening wear are created by impeccable tailoring and everlasting elegance. Just do it and enjoy wonderful shopping experience.

do not rely too much, can have something to look forward to. In this world,

No one can accompany you to the end.

there is always a way for you to walk by yourself.

No one is the only one.

No one is anyone's harbor.

be grateful to those who are good to you, don't take it for granted.

those who are cold to you, stay away from them and don't rely too much on them.

the relationship of light acquaintance, can get along comfortably,

the feeling of mutual tolerance, can not be separated for a long time!