The pupil's composition "Secret" became popular and moved thousands of parents: thank you, you are willing to be my child in this life.

The pupil's composition "Secret" became popular and moved thousands of parents: thank you, you are willing to be my child in this life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the world of children is always wild, and all kinds of wonderful ideas enlighten people's minds.

I accidentally read a few of the children's compositions and found that

you never know what's going on in your child's brain.

sometimes it makes people laugh or cry, and sometimes it makes people burst into tears.

they may not know how to express love, but they write the purest love with words full of childish interest.

this kind of love comes from nature and instinct.

hidden in the dribs and drabs, engraved in a stroke.

read carefully, every sentence stabs the heart.


We have always wanted to protect our child from shock and suffering.

did not think that our children also have a heroic dream, not to save the world, but to protect their mother.

it is said that children are too young to hide things in their hearts, let alone words.

but in order to protect her mother, the little man also learned to keep his mouth shut and cherish secrets carefully.

because the mother's happiness is the sweetest candy for the child.


after being a father, which moment is the most touching?

it's not the first time the baby has just been born, or the first time the child has called his father.

but when your mother has nothing to say, the child pouts his face and says, "Don't talk about my dad!"

when you are rejected by your mother, your child tries his best to protect: "my father is the best!"

all the hard work got the best return at that moment.

every father may have shortcomings of one kind or another, they are not good enough, but for children, fathers are always unique and irreplaceable.

A father is not only the responsibility of life, but also the sweetness of life.


there are many things that adults will forget casually, but children will keep them in mind.

he will feel guilty about his mother because he went to play alone. He will be annoyed because he often "breaks his appointment" with his mother.

"I'm sorry, Mom!" It's just a dream, but the child is afraid of breaking his mother's heart.

our children are so pure and serious, their love for their parents is so warm and true.


I heard that God could not do everything, so he created a mother.

A mother is a lifelong concern. The mother gave everything for her child, and when the child saw it, she also learned to love her mother.

adding new clothes to the child, he said, "Mom should buy one herself."

the food specially left for the child, but he stuffed it into your mouth: "Mom, have some, too."

your heart is full of children, but your children's eyes are full of mothers.

our children also want their mothers to love themselves a little more, which may be what people often say:


sometimes I wonder why we have children.

there is no doubt that in this composition, in the child's love, we have found the answer.

"in my next life, I will be a mother and you will be a daughter."

in a word, it is the daughter's fiercest love for her mother.

We always think that the child is young and knows nothing, but he is more serious than anyone else in loving his mother.

in the dribs and drabs of life, a kind word, a simple action, a small thing, we can always feel the child's sincere and warm love.

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those loves are like a glimmer of light that lights up our lives.


A child is like a love trap. His father blocks the sun for him, and he can warm the afternoon.

Dad sat him over his shoulder so that he could be happy all day.

Dad plays Altman with him, and he can remember for several days.

A father who can come into the child's life from work, a father who can let go of the father's authority and enter the child's heart is the heroic father of the child.

the child's world is so simple. He doesn't need his father's wealth and status. As long as he has a little love and company, he feels from the bottom of his heart: "I love my father very much."

A child's heart is so easily filled.


A child is like a colored egg, always touching people unexpectedly.

Mom hasn't come back from work yet. He said, "Sister Moon, please light your way home."

Mom's hair turned white, and he said, "Father Sun, please tan Mom's hair."

Mom is much older. He said, "Old time, please walk slowly on your mother."

behind every ingenious idea, the child is full of love for his mother.

Life is really hard, but fortunately, having children can always hit the softness of our hearts.


"if you pick up a job, you can't hold a child, and if you pick up a child, you can't raise a family."

how many parents have no choice but to let their children grow up alone.

fortunately, the child may not understand the helplessness and sadness of his parents, but he learned love early:

in this way, his mother does not have to go so far away and work so hard. "

our children have long made such a wish in their hearts.

although it is the words of children, it is the best return that children can think of to their parents.


when it comes to loving your mother, children are born with it.

our children may occasionally be naughty and occasionally get into trouble, but when they see the old back of their mother, the longer their white hair keeps popping up.The more wrinkles.

the child is also blaming himself for his ignorance and feeling distressed for his mother's hard work.

the mother's efforts, the child saw in the eyes, kept in mind, and learned to be grateful.

the tiredness and hard work of every mother has been best cured in the sensibility and filial piety of her children.

when you meet a child, you meet the best love in the world.


Children are so pure.

No matter how colorful the ideal is, it is not as good as helping my mother share the housework.

No matter how good the wish is, it is not as important as the mother to get more rest.

Children may not be able to say sweet words, but they will show their intentions by actions.

tidy up the bowls and chopsticks, clean up, help the mother beat his back, try not to cause trouble.

the little child has already understood how to be grateful in the hard work of his parents and has shared the burden with his own small shoulders.

the love of the child makes the word "mother" a sweet burden. Although tired, but very happy.


We often boast that we love our children more than anything else, but before we know it, we fall in love with emotions, conditions, responsibilities and expectations.

but the child's love has always been warm.

even if you yell at him, he will quickly choose to forgive.

even if you hit him, he will quickly choose to forget.

always love, just because you are a mother.

son, I really love you more than you think.


A child may not know what "thief" is and what "annoyance" is, but he knows that he can't let his father worry.

most of the time, we always think that as long as we hide our sadness, put away our tiredness and smile, we can create a happy space for our children to grow up.

in fact, a child is like a sensitive little radar. He can feel it when you are happy, you are sad, and you are upset.

the joys and sorrows of parents are the barometer of their children.

Children prefer their parents to smile more than their own happiness.


finally, I would like to present a song "picking Mom" from Jules:

every mother is carefully selected by her children in the sky.

maybe we are not perfect, but we are the child's all, the child's only.

where we can't see it, children love us with all their strength in their own way.

how lucky we are for parents and children to have a fight.

I can't help thinking of a small detail. A few days ago, my husband and I quarreled, and my 6-year-old daughter stamped her feet anxiously.

she hurriedly covered her father's mouth: "Don't say Mom!"

while running over to comfort me: "Mom, don't be angry, angry will get old."

Life is inevitably a chicken feather, is a child, helped us iron out a lot of sorrow, brought us too much moved.

because we have children, we have a second chance to grow up;

because we have children, we have one new experience after another in our lives, adding countless beautiful and precious memories;

because we have children, there is one more person in the world who truly praises us and loves us.

as the writer Feng Dust said:

I hope that all parents, while being grateful to their partner, do not forget to say to their children, "I love you, thank you."

Thank you for driving away the sadness of life with a sincere smile;

Thank you for illuminating the four seasons of our life with a colorful childhood;

Thank you for letting our nothingness have some sustenance and let us experience the mystery and joy of the layers of open life;

Thank you for your unconditional tolerance and unreserved love.

Thank you for choosing to be my child in this life.