The power of tenderness (depth good text)

The power of tenderness (depth good text)

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Haruki Murakami wrote in Kafka by the Sea:

A person will not deeply understand the meaning of this sentence until he has experienced the warmth of the world and all kinds of life.

gentleness is a power that is powerful and indestructible, but also soft enough to melt you and me.

gentleness is the best EQ for a person to settle down or cut through difficulties in life.


gentleness is actually a choice

some people's tenderness is engraved in their bones, while more people's gentleness grows up after going through the wind and rain.

once thought that gentleness is a kind of character, but later found that gentleness is not only a conscious and active choice, but also an ability, which runs through a person's self-cultivation and cognition.

when there is a storm, gentleness is the unfading temperament of a strong body, a kind of reason, intelligence and calmness.

when the sea is calm, gentleness is the flower that blossoms in ordinary life, and it is a person's ability to be happy.

gentleness is not only the sum of a person's internal quality and external behavior, but also a person's knowledge and reason after being honed over time.

you may also have seen jujitsu. It seems boneless, but it is compelling; words and deeds seem soft, but you are unable to refute them.

gentleness is not weakness, much less inaction, it is the responsibility and fearlessness when problems arise, it seems weak and boneless, but it has the power to solve problems.

A gentle person, his personality is independent and more perfect, his ability and wisdom coexist, he loves life and will enjoy it very seriously.


gentleness is not a blindly compromise  gentleness is perceptual, it is a temperament emanating from the inside out, and it is also a self-cultivation naturally revealed by a person.

but gentle and rational, it does not mean to be modest in everything, but to stick to its bottom line while releasing goodwill to the outside world.

gentleness is not a simple good temper, let alone a blindly compromise, but a timely and appropriate degree of advance and retreat.

misunderstandings, slanders, attacks and injuries from others occur from time to time in everyone's own life.

some people will treat them in their own way, vigorously and resolutely.

some people will swallow their anger, break their teeth and swallow them, giving in.

but gentle people are different when they stand there. They don't need sharp words to prove themselves, and they don't need to be a maverick to flaunt themselves.

their eyes smile, but they have an indelible tenacity.

gentle people are strong inside and can turn all internal attacks into strength, while external impulses and fireworks become unhurried.

it is not that they do not have their own opinions, but they have a very clear self-perception and a more advanced way of expressing their emotions.

apart from collapse, laughter and hysteria, they have better ways to express themselves.

what is the importance of other people's comments? What do I have to do with what other people think of me?

I just need to know that I am the most unique person and what I want.

what is really great about a person is that he can fight strength with tenderness and solve problems with reason.


treat others, combining strength with softness is wisdom

gentle people, there is always a strength, willing to understand others, but also willing to treat others with the greatest goodwill.

they are often more compassionate and more considerate of others.

you may have met people in your life who will reflect on themselves before analyzing others when they encounter problems.

the same thing, when everyone is tit-for-tat, they can effectively solve problems and resolve conflicts in different ways, with attitudes and words that you can accept.

as the saying goes, magnanimity can tolerate things that are difficult to tolerate in the world, perhaps this is the strength of softness.

but at the same time, they will not help you blindly, because they know more clearly that a person's growth depends on his own truth.

all the way through life, if you pin all your hopes on others, you are doomed not to have the outcome you want.

if you blindly let yourself depend on others to survive, you will lose more opportunities and abilities.

and a gentle and just right person will give you timely help at the right time, but will also give you a gentle and firm refusal and beating at the right time.

this gentleness always emits wisdom in dealing with others and doing things.


treat yourself, outside and inside is the realm

Bi Shumin once wrote:

people who are really gentle know how to use the power of tenderness to change their status quo.

they deeply understand that this is a spiritual practice that needs to be integrated into the details of life from the outside to the inside.

A person's appearance can look like a warm spring breeze, and everything is soft in his eyes.

but his heart must be able to resist all the hardness in the world.

see the truth of life, still love life; have seen the deepest darkness, still give light to the world.

do not panic, not desolate, not panic, restraint, sobriety in life, and finally tend to be simple and simple.

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you can not show your edgeNothing is made public, but always see the world with clear eyes, the heart is transparent and clean, soft and gentle.

there is a mentality of "not being surprised, watching the flowers blossom in front of the court", but also the feeling of "knowing the world, still pity the vegetation and green".

in this world, only people with the same energy will meet, and people with the same realm can resonate.

gentleness is the best EQ to make yourself comfortable and others comfortable.

May each and every one of us be a gentle and powerful person, with the tenderness and kindness of the world with us at every load in our lives.

May we all always treat others gently with a sincere and soft heart, and finally be treated gently by the world.