The power of laughter (depth good article)

The power of laughter (depth good article)

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Sanmao said, "I laugh and my noodles are like spring flowers." It must be touching, no matter who he is. "

the power of a smile is warm and reaches the heart.

happiness in life begins with a smile.


laughter is a pass for people to deal with the world.

people who can laugh will never have bad luck.

as Hugo said: "there is one thing that is more like us than our faces, that is our expressions; there is another thing that is more like us than expressions, and that is our smiles."

your smile is your business card.

the famous sales guru Yuan Yiping is a born short man with a height of only 1.45 meters.

he used to feel inferior because of his figure, and he often hit a brick wall because of this.

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later, his boss, Jinji Takagi, said to him, "people with a large physique look good-looking and are more likely to be liked by others during an interview, while people with short bodies will suffer great losses in this respect. You and I are both short people, and I think we must win with facial expressions. "

Yuan Yiping was greatly inspired by this sentence and decided to win the trust of others through facial expressions. From then on, he took a small mirror with him, took it out to study his micro-expressions and learned 39 kinds of smiles.

with his painstakingly trained smile and humorous language, he communicated with customers, introduced the product situation, amused them very happily, and instantly narrowed the distance between the two.

in this way, his humorous image left a deep impression on many customers, and his business improved rapidly, and finally became the first sales performance in the country.

smiling can shorten the distance between two people, and even help one person to succeed.

laughter is a pass to behave in the world.

A smile from the heart will not only make you happy, but also make others feel sincere and kind, and make each other's atmosphere harmonious.



she was so heartbroken that she didn't want to face the fact, so she was ready to give up the job and leave her hometown.

later, when she was unpacking, she found an old letter written by her son after his father died:

"I know all this will survive, and I will never forget what you taught me: no matter where you are, face life bravely.

I will always remember your smile, like a man, who can bear all smiles. "

when Elizabeth saw this, she was so moved that she finally decided to stay in the city and not resign.

when you encounter the twists and turns of life, smile, be brave, and everything will pass.

laughter is the most powerful thing against depression, and it is a kind of demeanor.

A calm smile is the wisdom of serenity, which can be picked up and let go.

Zhou Guoping once said: "No matter how short life is, we should live with laughter, enjoy ourselves with laughter, and suffer with laughter. This is not a life in vain."

there are nine times out of ten bad things in life. If you can't change it, face it with a smile.


laughter is a gratitude for life

Life is the coexistence of flowers and thorns. It is better to be grateful for life and give yourself an open smile. Maybe everything is not so bad.

I have heard such a story:

A child from a poor rural family is one point behind in the high school entrance examination, so he has to pay a school choice fee of 8000 yuan.

when the family was worrying about the school fee, my father came home with worse news. "I'm laid off," he said. " But my father did not frown, he said with a smile.

the father didn't go well in his job search and often hit a brick wall, but as soon as he got home and his family asked him how he was looking for a job, he would smile and say, "almost."

just like this, suddenly one day, he came home with good news: "I've found a job!" I'll go to work tomorrow! "

this time, the smile on his face became brighter.

he went to work on his family's only tricycle, but was accidentally hurt while carrying goods.

but he kept smiling when he got home and said, "it's all right."

finally, he saved enough school fees for the children in the family.

and the child became diligent because of his father's optimism and hard work, and finally was admitted to a famous school.

is the power to smile and let good things come to them.

some people say that life is like a mirror. If you smile at it, it smiles at you; if you cry to it, it cries to you.

what makes the world bright is not the sunshine, but a person's smile.

change the world with a smile, not let the world change your smile.

A smile can change people, drive away your haze, drive away your grumpiness, resolve your embarrassment, bring you peace of mind, and a grateful heart.

try to smile at your loved ones, this is a kind of love;

try to smile at a friend, this is a kind of friendship;

try to smile at a colleague, this is a kind of concern;

try to smile at strangers, this is a kind of kindness!