The most reliable relationship: hit it off, trust it, count on it

The most reliable relationship: hit it off, trust it, count on it

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I have heard a saying: "reliable people are similar, but unreliable people are unreliable."

too many people complain that their friends are unreliable. In fact, the most reliable money is fake, not to mention people's hearts.

Smart people do not doubt the relationship between people, but see reliable people and manage reliable relationships.

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the really reliable relationship is getting along, trustworthy, and reliable.


get along with each other

people interact with each other. It depends on whether they are in tune with each other in the short term and in the long run.

the deeper the acquaintance, the more you need an inner bond.

Li Jian left Shuimu years, which has been regretted by countless people.

both he and Lu Gengxu love music, composing and rehearsing together, and their relationship was once as close as brothers.

the voice is rough and soft, and the combination is getting more and more popular.

but just a year later, Li Jian suddenly quit.

A large number of commercial performances pretended to be another himself on the stage. he was so tired that all he pursued was to hold the guitar and sing quietly.

and the noise he is tired of is exactly what Lu Gengxu wants.

A relationship that is drifting away does not need to fall out, and even conflicts are not inevitable.

Li Jian's pursuit of music, Lu Gengxu does not understand, Lu Gengxu wants the future, Li Jian does not recognize, they are not the same kind of people after all.

the feeling of fit is less, and as time goes by, it is natural to go their separate ways.

now that Li Jian has released an album, the first thing that comes to mind is not Lu Gengxu, but Yu Hua, 14 years older than him.

his favorite book in his spare time is Yu Hua. He is poked by the emotion in the article, and he reads it more carefully than the critic.

every time Yu Hua watched the CD he sent me, he also complained about the small words of the album while seriously reading every lyric.

when he learned that Li Jian had succeeded in playing at the Singer Hall, he stared at that station every day until there was no show for him.

Yu Hua not only appreciates the melody of Lake Baikal, but also prefers the artistic conception that is far from the hustle and bustle in his clear voice. He knows that Li Jian is a poet in his heart.

Gorky has a famous saying:

the relationship that is really in tune is not just a common preference, simply playing together, but because he understands you.

No matter who it is, there are people who can't get along, so don't blame yourself.

it is lucky to meet someone who is really in tune. If he happens to be around, he must cherish it.


Ms. Qian in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province worked a night shift, but her best friend took advantage of this time to steal from her.

her best friend called and asked if she was at home, but she didn't think much about it and said, "No."

after work, she found that the light at home was on. She caught up with the building and found that her best friend was in her house, and her things had been turned into a mess.

Ms. Qian was so nervous that she hurried to see the important items, only to find that the jewelry in her locker, plus 5800 yuan in cash, had all gone missing.

A friend who can't be trusted can bear it, but his heart will get cold sooner or later.

whether you choose to forgive or not is a personal choice, but once you see that a person can't be trusted, never make a deep acquaintance.

leave the time saved, sincerely, to people who can be trusted.

some netizens said that they suddenly received an express delivery, which was sent by a friend many years ago.

above is a beautiful word: "this is the book you have always wanted. As soon as I saw it, I bought it for you."

she and her friends used to talk about everything and kept secrets for each other. Because in different cities, it is agreed that whoever gets a job first will invite each other to dinner.

thought it was just a joke, but when she got a job, her friend really came all the way to have a meal.

read magazines together. She likes an editor's column very much and especially hopes that he can publish his own book.

my friend also casually said that the man had published a book and must have bought her one.

now holding the books sent in, I am full of emotion.

usually have their own things, haven't seen each other for a long time, she has been to several companies, like the style is also very different, but friends, still remember each other.

some people don't have much contact, but once they think of it, they immediately go back to the past.

No fear, no doubt, because we can rest assured and miss each other.

as you all know, you will never forget the friendship you have had.

socialize with people you can trust. You can take every word seriously and tell them every bit of care.

if you have such a friend, you can open your heart and get along with each other for long.


reliable people

are hard to meet, but once handed in, they are worth it and last a long time.

reporter he Dong has always had a good relationship with Yang Lan. Later, Yang Lan became popular and their fame spread a lot.

because her father with advanced liver cancer likes to watch her program, he Dong bravely called her: "my father is dying. Can you come and see my father sometime?"

Yang Lan's work was originally very full, but when she received the call, she immediately agreed: "No problem."

within two days, she went to the ward with a large bouquet of flowers and gave the old man a hug.

after sending flowers and brand-new Parker pens, she stayed and comforted the old man for a long time.

the old man was happy for several days, and he Dong also decided in his heart: Yang Lan is my best friend.

A good relationship between friends is not usually a party or a gag, but a need.At the same time, he can appear.

sincere friends are often very reliable.

those who are reliable, no matter who they make friends with, can treat each other sincerely and have a closer relationship.

people who knew Mei Yiqi in the Republic of China had a unified evaluation of him: reliable.

the headmaster of Tsinghua University was changed frequently in the turbulent times, but no one was willing to replace him, because the presence of Principal Mei meant peace of mind.

when I heard that my friend Zhao Yuanren was coming to teach, he personally rushed to the railway station to pick him up and waited there on time.

Wang Guowei threw himself into the lake to commit suicide. Mei Yiqi endured her grief and made comprehensive arrangements for his future.

students participate in political movements, and he immediately comes forward to negotiate with people, so that they can continue to study at ease.

looking at Mu Mu, he is unambiguous in his work. Celebrities and madmen in the school all regard him as a friend, even a close friend.

people who are reliable, standing there makes people feel at ease.

Chi Li once said: "reliable, simple to say, complicated to fall, sounds like a feeling, and doing is the principle."

the older you get, the more you feel that you have to rely on yourself in the end.

but in the vast sea of people, you can always meet one or two people, heart to heart to you, so that you dare to rely on.

they not only have high EQ, but also have good intentions.

such a friend is also worth holding out your hand and responding to him at the same temperature.


for the rest of his life, Cheng Ying said in "Divine carving and chivalrous Men": "you see these white clouds gather and scatter, and life is separated and reunited."

We have all had a few unreliable relationships, but we are more willing to believe that the reliable people around us deserve our true feelings.

the best relationship is to know each other, trust each other, rely on each other, and keep warm.

even if you have less contact, you still miss it, and you don't have to worry about it even if you are noisy.

such a relationship is worth staying in the memory and more worthy of being held in the palm of the hand.