The most powerful language in the world must be spoken frequently.

The most powerful language in the world must be spoken frequently.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

A thinker said: "dissect a key word with a knife, it will bleed."

language is alive.

it can't be seen or touched, but it changes our lives like a spell. Or all the way bumpy, depressed all day long, or all the way smooth, the heart is happy.

in other words, language can create everything and destroy everything.

so how did all this happen, and how can we make good use of it?

Buddha said, "one flower, one world, one leaf, one Bodhi."

one flower can reflect the whole world; one leaf can peep into the whole tree.

people are no exception. With only one heart, they "conquer" the world.

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when the sun sets in the west, you may feel that the long river is setting the sun and the sun is shining all over the sky; you may feel that the sunset is extremely dark.

Su Dongpo discussed the scriptures with Foyin.

he said, "in your eyes, how much am I worth?" Buddha Yin replied, "people who look like Buddha are simply connected cities."

Buddha Yin asked, "what do you think of me?" Su Shi laughed wildly: "in my eyes, you are just a piece of dirt."

who on earth won this argument?

Paradise lost says: "the heart is in its place, only in one thought; heaven becomes hell, hell becomes heaven."

thinking comes from the heart: what we have in the heart, what we read is what we say.

have you heard the story of borrowing an ax?

there is a man who needs to chop wood with an axe, but he doesn't have it at home, so he plans to go out and borrow it from his neighbor.

along the way, his thoughts came up one after another: "what if he refuses to borrow it and makes excuses to say that he is using it, or that he cannot find it, but is unwilling to lend it to me?"

thinking about this, the man was very angry: "distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, why won't he borrow them?" If he borrows it from me, I will certainly say nothing. Alas, this man is so stingy and abhorrent! "

finally, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and he felt his heart explode.

finally knocked on the neighbor's door, and he opened his mouth and said, "Bah!" What's the big deal about a broken axe? keep it for yourself. I don't want it! "

with that, he left angrily, leaving his neighbor dumbfounded.

this story, at first glance, sounds like a joke, but it is a bitter reality.

We all wanted to say, "could you lend me your axe, please?" But inadvertently, he became the one who borrowed the axe.

Gui Guzi said, "the mouth is the door of the heart."

what kind of heart, there will be what kind of "thinking"; what kind of "reading", there will be what kind of thought.

language, on the other hand, is an audible thought, which carries inner energy and vibrates out, either immeasurably or destroys infinity.

the ancients used to say, "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

A good word can withstand the cold winter, warm people and warm the heart, while an evil word is like swallowing a piece of ice and making people cold from head to toe.

someone has done an experiment.

the experimenters chose two plants with almost the same growth. Every day, they applied the same fertilizer, poured the same water, basked in the sun at the same time, and even listened to the recording day and night.

the only difference is the content of the recording.

A potted plant listens to "language violence": you are ugly; you look rotten; you are useless, you are nothing.

while B potted plant listens to heartfelt praise: I am very happy to see you; you are really beautiful; the way you are cool; the world is brighter because of you.

1. Language that can ease tension: sorry!

2. Language that can create a harmonious relationship: thank you!

3. Words that can give people confidence: I believe you!

4. Can improve the relationship between husband and wife language: you have worked hard, thanks to you!

5. Words that can encourage children: you have done a good job, and I am so proud of you!

6. Words that motivate employees: you have a good idea. How did you come up with it?

7. Language that can bring you closer to each other: you are very elegant in this dress!

8. Words that can comfort each other: I feel that you are very sad, if you can, I would like to hear you say it.

9. Words that can comfort yourself: you can cry, you can be sad, you can be angry.

10. Words that make people passionate: as long as you have the heart, now is the best time.