The most expensive property that parents give to their children is not a house, not money, but...

The most expensive property that parents give to their children is not a house, not money, but...

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as the saying goes, words are not as good as example, and example is not as good as context.

like parents, children will be like; whether the family environment is good or bad, whether the family atmosphere is good or bad, will also directly affect the children's character development and character cultivation.

A truly excellent family education must be influenced by osmosis and imperceptible influence.

Wanzhang tall building begins with the base, parents give their children the most expensive family property, not the house, not money, but the family style.

Family style is the "foundation" for a person and a family to grow up, and it is also a gift for children to benefit from life.

as the old saying goes, a family that accumulates goodness must have Yu Qing.

kindness is something rooted in the heart of a person, a family and a nation.

Wang Yangming's family motto "Shexian er" also says:

is to tell future generations that the most important thing to be a person is "heart", good heart, good character, good character, which is more important than anything else.

see a video on the Internet.

Dad drove his children out to play and met an old woman riding a tricycle at the horse intersection. The tricycle was full of all kinds of waste.

Dad honked his horn in the car. When the child saw that he was about to cry, he choked and said to his father, "Don't honk the horn, do you know she is old?"

the father of the child honked the horn to give the discarded plastic bottles in the car to his grandmother, but he didn't expect the child to misunderstand him for fear that his grandmother would be urged to ride too fast by the sound of the horn.

A small scene attracted a lot of likes from netizens.

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what is true kindness?

there is no need for a special crown or constant reminder, but in the dribs and drabs of ordinary life, we have a natural empathy for people and things in the world, and its starting point is love, more understanding and tolerance.

and this kind of love needs parents and families to render.

just like this seemingly insignificant scene, the children's conduct hides the education of their parents, and behind the kind children is the kind father.

Shakespeare said that a good heart is worth a hundred taels of gold.

kindness is the most basic and important quality in the character cultivation of Chinese people.

it is a compulsory course for children in the process of growing up. It is a light rooted in the heart, illuminating the child's road and making the family's road brighter and wider.

as the old saying goes:

pass on the family with good deeds, and blessings come later.

like swimmer Fu Yuanhui very much. She once said, "I have made my best efforts" has become popular on the Internet.

her optimistic and cheerful personality has won the favor of many people, and what people envy most is her state of mind.

No matter whether the performance is good or bad, he is always full of self-confidence, which is lacking by many children and adults in modern times.

and all this is inseparable from Fu's father's education.

Fu Yuanhui's family advocates encouraging and praising education. Fu's father often boasts that his daughter is a genius and believes that her daughter is a genius. Fu Yuanhui's energy from her parents makes her what she wants to be.

when a home is full of warmth, positivity and sunshine, family members export positive energy to each other, spread positive energy, hug when tired, correct mistakes, comfort when they lose, and celebrate when they win. Children born in this environment must be optimistic, confident, brave and upright.

Life is full of hardships, and home is supposed to be a harbor. But too many families are full of complaining, quarrelling, denying and criticizing. Going home is not a rest, but another endless battle on the battlefield.

say less hurtful words, do less disappointing things, less picky, less blame, change when you are bored, and accept if you can't.

in the name of love, talk well, do things well, live a good life, and pass on that feeling to future generations, and the child will receive the energy of love instead of being suppressed to be sensitive and vulnerable and denied to be self-abased and cowardly.

positive energy can transmit positive energy. For a child with a good state of mind, the road of life is magnanimous and fearless.

not long ago, a piece of news that "the whole family has three generations and twelve people are master's degree" went viral.

Ms. Zhang herself and her husband are master, grandpa is master of Harbin University of Technology, uncle is master of Tsinghua University, father is master of China Construction University, aunt is a professor of Chinese, uncle is master of mathematics, sister and brother-in-law is a doctor, brother-in-law is studying for doctor, another sister is also a master, and other family members also have undergraduate degrees.

this highly educated high achiever family is envied by people.

when interviewed by reporters, Ms. Zhang was modest and calm. "We are all ordinary people, mainly relying on individual efforts and persistence."

some netizens lamented that this is a perfect demonstration of a virtuous circle.

Yes, this is the best interpretation of the scholarly family, and it is also an excellent family style that money and power can never buy.

speaking of the high achiever family, we have to mention a surname-money.

A family with more than 100 academicians and elites walking everywhere in modern times, a family with the most appropriate term "emerging from blue is better than blue".

for example, the famous writer Qian Zhongshu, his father Qian Jibo is a great Confucian scholar in modern China. Qian Zhongshu can not become a generation without the influence of his father.

when Qian Zhongshu was a child, every book he read had his father's dense notes on it. My father's reading habits were imperceptibly passed on to Qian Zhongshu.

another example is the famous scientist Qian Xuesen, who once said, my first teacher was my father.

Qian's family motto is famous:

profit must be sought in the world, not in the world, but in the world; do not offend heaven and earth, words and deeds should not be ashamed of saints and sages; although children and grandchildren are stupid, they must read poems and books, be diligent and thrifty, and inherit their families faithfully and faithfully, which can last a long time.

A person who attaches importance to educationFamily, moral cultivation will not be bad, learning and etiquette will not be bad. Only with such a family style can children really fall in love with learning and attach importance to knowledge and education from the root. Instead of pretending to go to school and take exams under the oppression of parents looking forward to success in their children and girls, in the end, they learned nothing and got into a bad habit.

but when all members of the family, especially their parents, are diligent and inquisitive, the child will learn from their parents' habit of reading and studying to acquire the knowledge they need and want.

the smaller the habit is passed on to the child, the more the child will benefit when he grows up.


Tolstoy said that

if future generations want to be outstanding, the elders must first set an example and practice themselves into an example before the family style will be formed.

for every child, the impact of the original family is profound.

A good family style plays a vital role in children's moral character, mental cultivation and habits. It is the real real estate of the family, and it is also the greatest contributor that time cannot erase.