The most "awesome" lifestyle in 2021! (worth collecting)

The most "awesome" lifestyle in 2021! (worth collecting)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the blink of an eye, more than 2 months have passed since 2021, and time is like a trickle, flowing slowly and non-stop.

this year should be a "bull" year.

this year should be a new and blessed year.

this year should be a year for everyone to cheer up and move forward firmly.

this year, the lifestyle began to change.


Life is clear and everything is lovely

often envy such a group of people who work hard, enthusiastic, sincere and optimistic, always live a hot life, always have high morale and are used to smiling, just like a warm sun, just being close can make people feel relaxed from the inside to the outside.

sometimes I have to sigh that people who love life are really happy. No matter whether life is satisfactory or not, we can always make life look ideal and brilliant.

but in this world, there are always some people who compete with themselves, who want to never forgive themselves for a mistake, can't help but cry every day for a separation, and fear that they will never get up again after a failure.

Life is a little hedgehog. The tighter the heartstrings are, the more likely they are to be covered with injuries.

Socrates said that everyone has the sun, mainly how to make it shine.

everyone's life can be colorful and interesting, and the important thing is to cherish yourself and life no matter how many unpleasant things happen.

as the saying in "good things":

try to get closer to the good, for the life you want, for the fireworks of the world, for the gentle wind and the beautiful moon.

Don't be in a hurry, don't feel sorry for yourself, even if you know the truth of life, you still have to love life.

the day is clear, everything is lovely, and the most beautiful thing in the world is that it can afford to carry the burden of life and walk the flower path of life.

in the new year, may we dare to laugh in tears, brave the wind and waves, chew our lives and live our lives.


self-discipline, self-reliance and self-improvement

there are still more than 200 days left before the end of 2021. Don't let yourself continue to be a little loser who wants to be better but is lazy about self-discipline.

get rid of procrastination and laziness, get rid of hesitation, get rid of staying up at night, and get rid of all the habits you feel bad about.

go to bed earlier

Don't let your sleep down. The more you like to stay up late, the worse you get through this life.

the plan of the day lies in the morning. Morning is the most precious time for 24 hours a day. Use the night to sleep and the morning to refine.

it may be difficult to change at first, but as long as you stick to it for a while, all aspects of life will show an upward curve.

Breakfast is better

Don't forget breakfast. When you are busy with work and school, there are always people who take a piece of bread and eat while walking, and some people always feel that they are not hungry, and it is no big deal to skip a meal in the morning.

over time, breakfast has become the most neglected object of the three meals.

as the saying goes, you should have a good breakfast, a full lunch and a small dinner.

A nutritious breakfast is the source of energy throughout the day. If you don't have a good breakfast, your study, work efficiency, concentration and physical fitness will all decline.

what's the difficulty? getting up five minutes early can give the morning the best start.

exercise more

whether students or office workers, sitting for a long time has become a default habit.

maybe we have all kinds of shackles that make exercise an option to roll over and leave in our minds, but sitting for too long is too harmful.

the limbs are stiff in light cases and cancer in severe cases.

Don't joke about your body, be a fool with hindsight.

get up and stretch at recess, walk two steps in an hour at work, and take 45 minutes to do aerobics and stretching in the evening. When you get better, everything will slowly get better.


everyone has their own goals in life, but 80% of people lose in execution.

either feel that the process of execution is too difficult or troublesome, or give up halfway.

it's hard to do one thing, and it's even harder to stick to it. But victory always favors those who dare to face up to difficulties.

in the new year, stop being afraid, don't give up easily, dare to try, dare to start, and dare to stick to it. Be a self-disciplined cleverness and take the initiative to make yourself better and better.


look aside and look down on it.

Lin Qingxuan said that it is a blessing to be open and a blessing to be light.

Man is the animal most prone to self-entanglement. He is used to immersing himself in the past, recalling his embarrassment, disappointment and lamentation inch by inch.

I have a lot of trouble, I can't sleep well, and I can't have a good time. But life is only a few decades, what if you can't let it go?

some knots can't be untied, so put them down. If you deflect the direction a little, life can sail against the wind.

for feelings, put aside

like the lyrics in "Happy worship":

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the disturbance in the feelings always involves the hearts of the people.

but yours, you can't lose it, it's not yours, it's better if you lose it.

there are always times when people are frustrated, and if they let it go, the sky will be clear.

those old feelings that are not worth cherishing, lose them.

take a bearish view on gains and losses

many people always ask about gains and losses, but in fact, the gains and losses are in your heart.

do a thing, love a person, there will always be gains and lossesThere is no good thing in the world that has the best of both worlds, and the temporary "gain" will always be made up by the "loss" of the future or the past.

Don't care so much about the result, the fight between winning and losing, the difference between gain and loss, the more you care about it, the more you run counter to your wishes.

strive to fill your heart, devote your present time and energy to the present, and take every process seriously. When you improve yourself, whether the outcome is good or bad, we are all winners.

down-to-earth, cherish fortune

Keigo Higano said in Shisheng that

Young people always look up at the starry sky. Dreams are really beautiful, but fantasies are fragile bubbles.

do things in a down-to-earth manner, to study, make money, and live. 99% of people are not gifted. If they want to get something, they have to make corresponding efforts and hard work.

as there is a Burmese proverb, if you want to be ambitious, be down-to-earth.

getting stronger, richer and happier slowly is the best development track for us ordinary people in this life.

Don't neglect the people around you and give up the rare fate in order to fight for fame and fortune.

work hard one step at a time, cherish happiness, cherish fate, and cherish all the people around you who love you.

Achievement and love are worth having.

the new year, put aside the old self, with a new look to deal with life, do not insist, not stubborn, silently work hard, slowly progress, cherish, a little closer to the ideal life.