The more you care, what will torture you.

The more you care, what will torture you.

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there is a saying in Cai Gentan that deeply touches my heart:

the things in life are nothing but karma, and the gains and losses of honor and disgrace are all in our state of mind.

all circumstances are created by the mind, and troubles are created by the mind.

what you care too much, what will torture you, what you care about, what will bother you.


people's annoyance bothers

there is a saying: "the world is not dusty and the sea is not bitter."

all troubles arise from the heart, and most of the troubles in life come from the calculation in the heart.

in many cases, the more you care about gains and losses, the more painful you will be, and the more you care about right or wrong, the more tired you will be.

the top wisdom of adults in dealing with the world is not to care about things, and to always be forgiving.

Ni Ping once recorded a story about grandma in her book.

at the time of liberation, the rich people in the village were afraid of being classified as landlords and rich peasants for too many things, so a neighbor hid a dozen pieces of cloth at his grandmother's house.

someone in the village reported that grandma was called to the village committee, but she remembered her neighbor's instructions and was locked up for a whole day without eating or drinking, and did not say anything about it.

half a year later, everything was calm, and grandma sent the cloth back. The family was extremely grateful and insisted on giving them a reward. Grandma said she wouldn't want anything.

however, at an disclosure meeting a few years later, in order to show the public's determination, the family unexpectedly exposed grandma's cloth hiding.

Grandma's lips were purple with anger at that time, but she stopped arguing with the family afterwards.

Grandma understands the sufferings of others. "it's not easy to have five children in the family."

she also knows their inner sufferings. "it's enough for her to hate herself. A person who betrays her conscience is like having a heart attack. Her heart stops beating, and she suffers from it."

when I saw this, I realized that Grandma's "foolishness" was actually a pattern brewed by the years.

there is a saying that life is like chess, you need overall vision when you play chess, and it is the same with life.

Life needs to be calm and magnificent, not for a moment of right and wrong.

in many cases, it is not a loss to ignore it. If you take a step back, it seems that you are letting others go, but you are actually forgiving yourself.


the bitterness of life lies in persistence

the Buddha says that the three great sufferings of life: resentment, love and parting, but cannot be asked for.

everything can't go well in life. It's normal to ask for something but not to do it.

the bitterness of life lies in persistence.

in many cases, it is not necessarily brave not to hit the south wall and not to look back, but to turn in time is great wisdom.

Thoreau, the author of Walden, who is popular all over the world, did not go well before the age of 28.

he contributes to a magazine and writes hard every day, but he is not appreciated by the editor.

he volunteered to work as an inspector, surveyor, and wind and sun inspector in a small town, but he was never able to get public office.

he and his brother fell in love with a girl at the same time, and he torn everything in his heart and even wanted to give up love, but the girl abandoned them and threw herself into the arms of others.

later, my brother died of a serious illness, and the poor young man had nothing in his life.

under heavy pressure, he had a serious illness, recovered three months later, and went to Walden Lake with an axe to live in seclusion.

he built a cabin there, following the laws of nature, working at sunrise and resting at sunset.

at first, he felt that he desperately needed a neighbor. Later, he began to enjoy the freedom brought by loneliness.

he immerses himself in the environment around him, talks with trees, listens to the whispers of the wind, cares about food and vegetables, and focuses on every plant and tree in his life.

the vast and lonely earth injected deep strength into his body.

in the simple life of sleeping on the rise of the moon and rising at sunrise, he gradually let go of his past obsession with personnel.

he regards the pain caused by writing as a "reward itself". Without public office, he can enjoy the freedom of his soul in the serenity of solitude.

things that can't be done, and people who can't stay, are just a fleeting spray in the long river of life.

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he let go of all his persistence and touched the true meaning of life in peace of mind and body.

later, Thoreau wrote his experiences and feelings as Walden.

many years later, this poetic and philosophical travels of life shocked the literary world.

I have always liked the saying that if things go against one's wishes, there must be other plans.

Life is often lost, and what is lost here will be gained in another way.

change your mind, turn a corner, and your life will suddenly become clear.

look down on honor and disgrace, be calm; look down on gains and losses, be at ease.

to put aside your obsession and make peace with life is not only the treasure of life, but also the perfection of yourself.


the difficulty of life lies in letting go

and reading a story.

there is a rich man, carrying a big burden and full of all kinds of things, is going to go out to play.

he walked across mountains and rivers for a long time, but he felt that he had never experienced the joy of the journey.

the rich man went on and off because he was too tired to straighten up because of the heavy baggage. Occasionally, he met a farmer.

he complained to the farmer, "Why can't I find happiness when I am a rich man whom everyone envies and I have come such a long way?"

the farmer did not speak, but bent down to put down the straw on his back and said to the rich man, "do you still need to find happiness deliberately?" To put it down is to be happy! "

A simple pathReason, but let countless people in the world stubbornly unrepentant.

most of the time we feel unhappy because we are overloaded and have too many desires.

learn to put it down in order to leave rich space for life.

writer Hong Lu Peilin once said:

"if you can't give up yesterday, you will waste your life in this moment of hesitation;

if you can't give up the present, you can't find another expanse of sky;

if you can't give up the shackles, you will always be under the control of your life. You can't find another space that belongs to you."

the difficulty of life is to let go.

things are changeable, and there are many things we can't do; people are complicated, and you can't keep many people.

Life is a passer-by, so there is no need to tie the knot.

it is better to learn to accept the impermanence of the world.

I like Feng Zikai's passage in "suddenly enlightened":

Life is a journey of no return, and we need to check our bags and pack light at any time.