The more these three things at home, the more prosperous you will be. See if you have any!

The more these three things at home, the more prosperous you will be. See if you have any!

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What is


Home is a place to protect us from the wind and rain, and our family is the one we will never change.

many people have asked a question: "what is the most important thing in a person's life?"

maybe the answer may be varied, but the family must be the one that can't be bypassed.

after all, all our efforts and efforts are just to make our home carefree and prosperous.

as the old saying goes:

when people reach a certain age, they will more and more understand that a good family style is the foundation of a family.

so, when your family is full of these things, your family is bound to prosper.



it is normal for family members to have conflicts with each other.

as the Law of Happy Marriage says:

if you cling to these contradictions, no matter how good the relationship is, it will wear away step by step.

but if you are reasonable and forgiving, and think of ways instead of complaining to each other, then it is hard for such a family to be unharmonious.

I have seen a news before.

A fire broke out suddenly in the home of a high-rise resident in a residential area in Guizhou. The fire spread rapidly and soon set the whole house in a mess.

fortunately, the owner of the home found it early and fled the scene in time, which was not life-threatening.

after the event, the head of the household, Ms. Meng, said:

I did not expect that the hairdryer suddenly exploded, igniting the pillow on the bed and causing the fire.

when the husband came home, he found that the house had been burned in a mess, and he looked at his wife, who was sad and blamed, and said:

No one is perfect.

Family is the most important person in our lives and the most kind person in the world.

at home, you don't need to be reasonable, because love is the strongest truth in the world.

if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is always spring.

therefore, when we encounter difficulties and setbacks, we should face them as a whole and work together to solve them, instead of endlessly blaming and complaining, not understanding and inconsiderate, so that family conflicts accumulate and family relations become more and more stiff.

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when we can understand and understand each other's difficulties and be considerate to each other, this family will be full of love and warmth.



in today's rapid material development, frugality has become not only a saving of money and food, but also a treasure of happiness.

they understand that every happiness is painstaking and hard-won, so they will be extra careful when enjoying happiness.

it is this kind of cherishing of happiness that makes the happiness of a family continuous.

Sima Guang is frugal and simple all his life. "taking clothes to cover the cold and eating" is the normal state of his life.

not only is that true for himself, but he often teaches his son that

in order to make his son realize the importance of thrift, he wrote an article on frugality in the style of a family letter. In the article, he strongly opposes extravagant life and strongly advocates thrift and simplicity.

under his education, his son Simakang understood the importance of frugality and self-discipline from an early age.

he served as a lecturer and lecturer, and he was also praised for his knowledge of the past and the present, honesty and frugality.

the ancients said:

the reason why frugality has been respected by everyone since ancient times is because what we enjoy in this life is the accumulation of blessings and is limited. If you do not exercise restraint and act recklessly, one day you will run out of blessings and damage yourself.

while extravagance is bound to fail, it is also a bloody and tearful lesson condensed by countless cases of the ancients for thousands of years.

for industrious and thrifty families, affluence is not the abundance of money, but the simplicity of the inner road, and is not infatuated with material peace because of vanity.

it is easy to move from thrift to extravagance, but it is difficult to go from extravagance to frugality. When a family establishes a good view of money and understands that everything is hard-won and cannot be squandered at will, the family will prosper as a result.


filial piety

filial piety is the foundation of virtue.

once heard a saying:

at that time, I thought it was too absolute, but now think about it, there is no broad heart for a person whose parents who even gave birth to you could not tolerate you.

therefore, life is not without shortcuts, filial piety, or the first step to change your family and yourself.

in the Eastern Han Dynasty, there was a man named Jiang GE in the State of Qi. His father died young, leaving only his mother in the family.

coinciding with the war, Jiang GE ran away from his mother behind his back. When he unfortunately met the robber on the way and was nearly killed, Jiang GE pleaded:

the robber saw his filial piety and let him go. Jiang GE and his mother fled to the south of the Yangtze River, went out to work as employees every day, and collected a small amount of silver to support his mother.

after Jiang GE's mother died, she cried loudly in the tomb for many days. After three years of mourning, she still refused to take off her filial piety clothes.

the local parents' officials were moved by him and recommended Jiang GE as filial piety and lian, and was later employed by the emperor as a remonstrating doctor. after resigning, he still received a salary from the imperial court every year.

as the old saying goes:

A person's virtue and his status and wealth must match each other, and filial piety is naturally the most critical criterion to measure a person's moral character.

the elders lead by example, respect the old and love the young, and their children and grandchildren can seeIn the eyes, in the long run, filial piety will naturally spread in the family.

filial piety is handed down from generation to generation, the family is harmonious and prosperous, and when the family is stable, the career will naturally be better.

so filial piety is the most indispensable family style in a family.

as the saying goes,

A family, the more harmonious it is, the more prosperous it is; the more noisy it is, the more likely it is to decline.

and the harmony of a family must require everyone in the family to have a basic conscience and moral code.

such a specification is the family style.

A good family style can not be formed in one or two days, but if a good family style persists, then the Ashram in your family will naturally become better and better.

the hearts of the people are United, Mount Tai moves; the family is safe, everything is well.

May we have worries in our hearts, be happy, be the best of ourselves, and meet the warmest home.