"the man who coaxes you like this must love you very much."

"the man who coaxes you like this must love you very much."

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there is a topic on Hot search: "do girlfriends have to be coaxed?"

there is a highly praised comment that goes like this:

in fact, girls are strange and lovely creatures, and in their eyes, "coaxing" can be directly equated with "love".

there is a saying in Dear Freud:

those who really love you will try their best to coax you.


Last weekend, my friend met a couple who were quarreling at the mall. The girl pouted and lowered her head without saying a word.

the boy smiled and bent down and said, "whose child is this? he is not cute when he is angry."

"what am I going to do? I'm just not happy." The girl said humbly, with tears in her eyes.

"I'll take you to eat more cute. it will become cute when you eat it." The boy looked doting and touched her head, and the girl was obediently held in the arms of the boy.

Girls do like to make noise sometimes, but their anger comes and goes quickly, often pretending to be angry and secretly forgiving each other in their hearts.

what they really care about is the attitude of boys. The reason why they want to be coaxed is to be cared about, and there is no doubt that they want to know their place in each other's heart.

people who love you enough will never think that your little temper is cute, and they will think it is just right cute.

this reminds me that when Huang Lei was asked in a variety show if he would quarrel with his wife Sun Li, Huang Lei smiled confidently and said:

A good relationship is not as insipid as water, but should cry and be noisy. After crying, I can still coax you to laugh.

as Su Cen said:

if this is our life, how good it would be.


when I went to Huangshan for the music festival some time ago, photographer Ju Shu, on her way back, was depressed and checked her mobile phone from time to time.

it turns out that she and her boyfriend quarreled about which movie to see this weekend, but this time is different.

in the past, no matter whose fault it was, his boyfriend apologized for every quarrel, and large bags of fruit snacks were often sent directly to the studio.

when Shu deleted his Wechat, he used QQ, email, NetEYun Music, Weibo, etc. Contact her with every social tool you can think of.

at that time, he could not afford a 520 red packet, but she saw a heart afraid of losing her.

but this time her boyfriend did not coax her. The two had been having a cold war for several days, and Shu Shu did not reply to him even though she sent him a message.

until the fourth day, her boyfriend sent her a red packet to apologize and spoke coldly. Shu Shu said:

this is true. From the way a person coaxes you, you can see how much he loves you.

coax you because you are important.

when he gets tired of coaxing you, it shows that you are less and less important in his heart.

Yu Qiuyu said:

Yes, love and not love can not be hidden. You have seen him love you hard, and you have seen his panic when he is afraid of losing you, and you will know that this perfunctory is nothing else, but not love.

A man who doesn't want to coax you must not love you enough.


Brother Tree, the neighbor, is a famous beloved wife in the community. In his opinion, there is nothing to be coaxed.

Mrs. Shu has been on a business trip these two days. He came to my house to have a drink last night. He was having a good time. As soon as he looked at his mobile phone, he said, "Let's call it a day. I'll go back first."

I said, "you're the only one. What's the rush?"

Brother Shu smiled and said, "No, I'm going to go back and put your sister-in-law to bed. She knows her bed on a business trip and is timid. I have to open a video to coax her, otherwise she's afraid she can't sleep."

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this handful of dog food caught me off guard!

in the past, I only knew that Brother Shu was gentle, considerate and good-natured, and he had been a neighbor with him for several years. I had never heard him make a loud noise at home, and he coaxed his sister-in-law in a good way. This time I knew what the ultimate favor was.

later, I learned that Mrs. Shu stayed up all night on her first business trip. When she came back, she was very ill and was deeply distressed by Brother Shu.

from then on, whenever Mrs. Shu went on a business trip, Brother Shu would make a video call with her at 10 o'clock on time. The video was open all night, and Brother Shu could detect any movement on Mrs. Shu's side.

the tree sister-in-law also said, "it's safe to hear his breathing, just like he's around. He always seems to have a way to reassure me."

I finally understand that a person who really takes you to heart will not only coax you when you are angry, but also coax you about every little thing every day. He will try his best to reassure you and give you the biggest sense of security.

those who are willing to coax you love you most.

Juyi also wrote such a sentence in the book:

along the way, I drank spirits, red eyes, heart like ashes, lonely, until I met you, the wind stopped, the rain stopped, and the fog dissipated.