The longest relationship between people (classic)

The longest relationship between people (classic)

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A writer once said:

the most comfortable and lasting relationship between people is nothing more than mutual trust, mutual respect, and sharing joys and sorrows.

the older you are, the more you understand, which makes people have a first acquaintance, rather than make them feel bored for a long time.


trust each other and love each other for a long time

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: people do not believe, I do not know what they can do.

if trust is lost between people, it will be a cold society.

what maintains affection and trust is the sincere giving between the two parties.

as the saying goes: if you want to take it first, you must give it first.

only by covering the liver and courage and mutual benefit, can trust be more stable and stronger, and inspire more possibilities.

this is true of love, and so is friendship.

there is such a story in ancient times:

A young man was sentenced to death. He wanted to see his mother again before he died.

so his good friend went to prison for him and asked him to go home to see his mother.

everyone thought he was stupid. If the young man ran away, he must have died.

on the day of execution, when everyone thought that the young man had run away, to everyone's surprise, he came back to be punished.

the story spread to the emperor and was moved by the affection between them, and finally pardoned the young man.

people who trust each other know each other with their lives. It doesn't come out of thin air, it's about dedication, it's about character.

only by comparing your heart to your heart can you deliver your heart.

A person can go higher and farther only if he acts upright and stands upright.


respect each other, meaning is long

Mencius said: those who respect others, people always respect them.

only when you know how to respect others, can you win respect for yourself.

comedian Charlie Chaplin, who met a friend during the performance,

had a good conversation, and soon invited Chaplin to his home.

he was a baseball fan, showing Chaplin various collections and taking him to the collection.

he kept talking about what he liked, while Chaplin never said a word, listened carefully,

came home. Chaplin specially found a baseball player and asked for his autograph.

the people around him couldn't help wondering:

you are naturally quiet and not interested in baseball. Why show such enthusiasm?

but he said:

my friends were deeply moved when they knew about it.

the friendship between the two lasted a lifetime, and the friend was filled with emotion when he talked about it after Chaplin's death.

in fact, respect is also an echo of goodwill, which is reflected in little things.

Life is a matter of hard work.

as the saying goes: you respect me by a foot, I respect you by an inch.

you have me in your eyes, and I am willing to think about you.

for two people, only by respecting each other can the relationship last and the affection last forever.


share joys and sorrows, and true feelings last forever

the ancients said: practice hundreds of generations in the same boat, practice thousands of generations to sleep together.

in this life, it is a great fate to meet the right person, so we should cherish it.

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there is such a news: there is a couple who love each other very much. His wife was in a car accident on her way to work and lost her legs.

the husband loved his wife, so he went to learn massage, once in the morning and once in the evening.

in this way, day and night, he persisted for 30 years without a break.

when the TV station visited, he said guiltily:

simple words are so moving because of the responsibility behind them.

some people say that they will disappear as soon as they turn around for a lifetime; some people can live a lifetime without honeyed words.

in fact, people's life will not be plain sailing, ups and downs always have to face.

the truth that two people need most is that they will not be abandoned because of the arrival of wind and rain, nor will they change their hearts because of the temptation of reality.

Yingyanyan can walk together, have ups and downs together, and

the rest of their lives will not last long, and they will be happy only if they are with someone who can share their joys and sorrows.


when people reach middle age, they already understand who is on the way home and who is a passer-by.

money can buy false affection, but not sincerity; you can buy luxury goods, but not a lover.

in this world, people are unfathomable, true feelings are hard to find, and it is a lifetime blessing to have a long-term relationship.

those who love you are willing to spend their whole life by your side. If you encounter it, please cherish it.