The husband is the wife's life, and the wife is the husband's blessing.

The husband is the wife's life, and the wife is the husband's blessing.

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as the saying goes: a couple has a hundred days of kindness, and a hundred days is as deep as the sea.

being able to be husband and wife in this life is the blessing of previous lives in exchange for husband and wife in this life.

only by cherishing and loving each other can the marriage be harmonious and lasting and the family be happy.


the husband is the wife's life

as the saying goes: a man is afraid of entering the wrong profession, and a woman is afraid of marrying the wrong man.

A woman's fate depends on her husband.

meeting a good husband can really change the fate of a woman's life.

in the TV series "parents' Love", Angie, who was born as a capitalist, was investigated. Jiang Defu voluntarily gave up his bright future in order to marry Angie.

after marriage, Jiang Defu cherished the hard-won relationship between the two, still sheltering Angie everywhere, and loving and righteous to Angie and even her family.

whether before or after marriage, Jiang Defu never complained that his wife was hindering his future, or even kept it from Angie, until later, Angie inadvertently knew.

Anjie was warm when he knew about it, and then he worked hard to run the family, so the two lived for 50 years.

two people who seem to have a big gap have spent decades of ups and downs together and run an enviable family.

as the old saying goes: if you take a wife, you must marry a virtuous man.

A virtuous woman can not do without the respect and love of her husband, and what a woman will become is decided by her husband.

only a husband who knows how to respect and love his wife and protect her for life is a really good husband.


A wife is the husband's blessing

has read a saying:

A man's ability to find the right woman is the greatest success in his life.

Last year, Wu Jing invested 60 million yuan in the "wandering Earth" fire, which made Wu Jing famous again after the Wolf Warriors Initiative.

has aroused the envy of many netizens for Wu Jing's wife Xie Nan.

this is not true. When Wu Jing was preparing for the first film Wolf Warriors, he was short of funds, but in order to ensure the quality of the film, Wu Jing sold houses and cars, selling almost all his family property.

he said to Xie Nan, who was still his girlfriend at that time:

however, Xie Nan supported him unconditionally. Just one sentence:

after the film was released, Wolf Warriors 1 recovered its costs on the same day, and later Wolf Warriors 2 became even more popular across the country, grossing as much as 5.6 billion yuan at the box office, making it an unrepeatable miracle in Chinese film history.

A man's real success is not money or status, but a woman who silently supports him.

writer Liang Xiaosheng once said:

and good women are all pained by men, and they are also used to by men.

A good man will use his love to turn his wife into a good woman that everyone envies, while a bad man will use his indifference and selfishness to turn his wife into a resentful woman that everyone hates.

the jurist Fuller said:

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you should know that your wife is the wealth and blessing of your life.


as the saying goes: when husband and wife are of one heart, loess becomes gold. As long as the husband and wife stay together, no matter how big the storm is, they will survive.

the husband is the wife's fate, and the wife is the husband's blessing.

A husband who knows how to love his wife and family, and a wife who knows how to share for her husband, cherish fate and each other's feelings, can repair the fate of this life and maintain happiness.

husband and wife are of one mind, the benefits break the gold, and the family and everything can be prosperous.