The highest state of life (depth good article)

The highest state of life (depth good article)

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in life, everything has cause and effect, and everything has reincarnation.

if you do too much evil, you will be rewarded; if you do too much good, you will be rewarded.

as the Buddhist sutra says:

therefore, if you want to be loved, you must first love; if you want to get, you must learn to give.

Life is sublimated by giving again and again.


giving is a kind of open-minded

poet Gibran once said:

in this life, people should never be too serious about trifles. Those who haggle over everything are the most tired.

if you calculate the gains and losses of interests all day long, you will gradually get stuck in a quagmire and cannot extricate yourself from it.

you will always care about human rights and wrongs, and in the end, you will lose your mind and become haggard.

on the contrary, if you treat others with more understanding and tolerance, you will find that life is clear and clear.

to be a man, to win is to be tolerant, and to lose is to care.

I have seen such a story.

during the period of the three Kingdoms, the State of Shu appointed Jiang Kui to preside over the government after the death of Zhuge Liang.

there is a man under him named Yang Opera, who is withdrawn and slow in speech. When Chiang Kai-shek spoke to him, he just refused to answer.

some people disliked it and muttered in front of Chiang Kai-shek, "it's outrageous for Yang Opera to be so snub to you!"

Chiang Kai-shek smiled calmly and said, "people have their own temperament." It is not in his nature to let Yang Opera praise me face to face; let him say my fault in front of everyone, and he will think that I cannot step down. So he had to be silent. In fact, this is the value of his being. "

many people think that concessions are a kind of cowardice.

this is not true.

in the vast sea of people, everyone has their own ideas, so it is inevitable to have conflicts and stumbles.

if you care about everything and don't give way, it will only add unlimited burden to yourself and others.

only by giving understanding and tolerance is an open-minded attitude.

as the saying goes, take a step back and put up with calm for a while.

those who can give others leeway and convenience are the really open-minded people.


giving is a kind of wisdom

living in the world.

as Jia Pingwa said, "if you don't want to give up, a small house is small and a big one is big."

in many cases, giving is not losing, but another kind of gain.

there was such a story earlier.

there is a farmer who can win the best crop award from the local department for his corn every year.

each time, he unsparingly distributed his award-winning seeds to other farmers in the same village.

someone asked him, "Why should you give such a good seed to someone else?"

he said: "I am good to others, actually for my own good."

the wind blows pollen everywhere. If the neighbor sows inferior seeds, it will naturally affect the quality of my corn in the process of pollination.

so I gave the seed to someone else, which ensured the quality of my seed. "

the words seem simple, but they are full of philosophy.

all things in the world are between giving and receiving. As the saying goes, no pains, no gains.

to give help, you can get gratitude; if you give care, you can get a smile; if you give love, you can get love.

just like a line in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon:

giving is a choice, an attitude, and a kind of wisdom.

those who really have great wisdom will give up and dare to give up.


giving is a kind of realm

I don't know if you have such an experience:

when you have the ability to help others, whether it is material support or spiritual encouragement, even if they are insignificant, you will feel happy about it.

this is because sharing is a pleasure in itself.

as the old saying goes, "if you give someone a rose, your hand will have an aftertaste of fragrance." that's what it says.

in life, the tighter you hold it, it is easy to breed a lot of troubles.

but when you learn to share, feel comfortable!

there is such a fable.

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A man who is the richest man in the area is often anxious about his wealth.

therefore, he specially sought advice from a respected old Zen master.

after hearing his troubles, the old Zen master did not open his mouth to solve it, but asked him to carry two notched buckets to the river to fetch water.

the man wondered: "the bucket has such a big gap, how can it be filled with water?"

the Zen master smiled and said, "you just take them, but please remember to pay attention to both sides of the road."

when he got to the river, the man tried his best to fill the bucket, but the gap was too big, so he leaked all the way.

seeing that there was less and less water in the bucket, the man was very annoyed. Suddenly he remembered the words of the old Zen master and began to pay attention to the scenery on both sides of the road.

when he saw the beautiful flowers dancing with butterflies, he was shocked.

looking down again, I saw the two broken buckets. The water gurgling from the gap happened to irrigate the flowers by the side of the road.

the man suddenly realized.

it turns out that the true happiness of a person is not how much he has, but how much he can bring to others.

writer Hu Xueyan once said:

"if you want to do something big, you must know how to share it with others, instead of blindly taking it out of your arms."

In this life, only by sharing can we double the happiness and halve the pain.

therefore, don't be stingy or mean. Life is happy to give.

the highest state of life is the word "give".

knowing tolerance is a kind of open-minded mind;

being willing to give is a kind of wisdom in life;

learning to share is a pattern of life.

Gorky has a famous saying: "here, it is always happier than taking it."

there is a long way to go in the world. If you want to return to your happiness at the end of the day, you must spread and pay along the way.

with your encouragement.