The highest level of health preservation is not sleep, not exercise, just one word!

The highest level of health preservation is not sleep, not exercise, just one word!

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The greatest advantage of

people is that they have too good memory, and the biggest disadvantage of

people is that they have too good memories.

as you get older, the so-called happiness

is not owning anything,

house, car, ticket,

but nothing,

illness, disaster, trouble.


have a good health in this life.

you are the most blessed person in the world.

the most advanced health preservation,

is not sleep, not exercise, but one word: less!


if you are sick,

is always out of control.

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heart disease, worry too much,

directly threaten a person's health.

learn to think less,

don't take small things to heart,

forget about big things,

don't always ferment trifles and

in your heart.

forget when you should, and let it go when you should.

if you think less, you will feel better, and

happiness will not be less!


speak less, keep your mouth open

be careful, don't cause trouble,

keep your mouth shut, don't make mistakes.

few words is a measure, and

is a state of few words.

some things are well known.

there is no need to say it and cause disputes.

speak carefully and don't let evil come out of your mouth.

A quiet person,

must be a person who sees through everything.

tolerate what can be tolerated,

two people get along with each other, and there is no resentment that cannot be overcome;

if you can't tolerate, shut up,

people rub shoulders, and different paths do not conspire with each other.

some people suffer losses and talk too much;

some people fail and talk crazy!

A true wise man,

does not say anything, but would rather have nothing to say!


less desire, contentment in life

it is really difficult for us to be contented in this life.

after all, we only live once in our lives.

We always have this and that pursuit.

who doesn't want to live the ideal life


you can pursue something, but you can't have excessive desire!


set your own goals in life,

follow your own path, and

you can be yourself.

never think that

compete with others, make others jealous,

let what you can't get become your own demons.

learn to control your desires.

Don't let desires become greed.

dissolve desires in your goals.

so that we can climb another tall building!

in life,

subtract yourself appropriately.

is not a sign of lack of self-confidence, but is well aware of your behavior.

it is your EQ to see others clearly;

to understand yourself is your wisdom!

be a wise man,

think less, talk less, have less desire,

go your own way,

do what you have to do,

you will get better things in the end!