The highest level of family education is to teach children these eight things.

The highest level of family education is to teach children these eight things.

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parents are the children's first teachers, and the family is the children's first school.

good family education plays an inestimable role in the formation of children's personality and life-long education.

behind every good child, there is a good family.

parents, please note that the highest level of family education is to teach children the following eight things.


teach children to learn

A writer once said to her son:

parents must let their children know that reading and not reading really lead diametrically opposite lives.

if you have the opportunity to read, as long as you seize it, life will no longer be a "single topic", but there will be multiple choices.

parents should also tell their children that any road to achieve certain achievements is always accompanied by twists and turns and is full of hardships. If you want to achieve good academic results, you must make efforts, which is the responsibility of every child to learn.


teach children to be independent

all say that children are the most precious gift given to parents.

because it is precious, it is inevitable that he will be careful to build a warm and strong nest for his child so as not to let the complicated world outside affect him.

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but the flowers in the greenhouse are most vulnerable to the storm.

the child who is always protected by his parents is the most likely to be knocked down.

parents' over-protection will only make their children dependent and often do not grow up.

after all, children have to leave their parents' warm arms to compete with all kinds of people in society and face the ups and downs of life alone.

so parents should learn to let go as soon as possible and teach their children to be independent as soon as possible so that their children can learn to soar.


teach children to be educated

educator Sukhomlinski once said:

upbringing is the soul of cultivating children's adults and the basis of educating children to become talents.

and good upbringing is not achieved overnight, it is formed over time, it starts with the details, and it is brought about by the parents' example. Educated parents are the best role models for their children.

the most advanced display of wealth is not more prominent than the family, not more expensive than the school, but although you have Jinshan and Silver Mountain, you will never be richer than me, because I have an educated child.


teach children to behave

there is a Chinese saying: "No rules, no circle."

means that you must have certain rules to do everything, otherwise life will be impossible to succeed.

therefore, it is very important to teach children how to behave.

rules are rules that act for people and make people reasonable.

to teach children to behave is to teach them to be reasonable, so that they can know what to do and what not to do, so that they can go steadily and go far in the future.

parents should teach their children the awareness of rules from an early age, and make rules for their children, so as to establish their children's awareness of rules.

parents should encourage and affirm their children's behavior and rules in a timely manner.

only when parents have principles can children behave themselves.


parents should teach their child to be grateful for all the good things in life, the parents who give him life, the teachers who impart knowledge to him, and the friends who help him.

Children are more likely to be welcomed and accepted by others because they are grateful to those who help them and are willing to give back love and help as much as they can.

Children know how to be grateful, without the guidance of their parents, they are usually more patient, more understanding, less blame and criticism.

in daily life, parents should imperceptibly guide their children.

Children's gratitude needs to be watered by the wisdom of their parents.


teach children to bear hardships

Today, many children are spoiled, and parents are afraid that their children will endure hardships.

but the idea and practice of parents not to let their children endure hardship will make their children suffer.

because parents are reluctant to let their children endure hardships and spoil their children from an early age, such children will grow up unable to withstand pressure, unable to bear responsibility, difficult to achieve success, and even become chilling "white-eyed wolves".

parents cannot take care of their children all their lives, so while providing their children with material conditions, they should also let them experience the difficulties of life, so that they can have the ability to stand on their own feet, so that they will not suffer in the future.


teach children to speak well

there is a good saying: even if a person has a beautiful appearance and a smart mind, if he is hurtful and does not know how to respect others, he cannot win real applause from others.

the power of good speech should not be underestimated, it can change a child's thinking, even unconsciously, change a child's life.

A child who learns to speak well will benefit for the rest of his life.

to cultivate a well-spoken child, parents should learn to listen more to their children's hearts and let them bravely express their thoughts.

parents' positive guidance, more affirmation and encouragement, can imply that their children are developing in a better direction.


to teach children to take responsibility

to take responsibility can promote personal growth, encourage a person to give full play to his or her potential, overcome all kinds of difficulties, and achieve his or her goals.

wise parents,Teach children to take responsibility and make their children more outstanding in the future.

to teach children to take responsibility, parents should lead by example and make their children feel that taking responsibility is the right thing to do.

A child sees that his parents dare to take responsibility, so when he makes the same mistake, he will imitate his parents to do the same behavior.

once a habit is formed, children will understand that being a person requires the courage to take responsibility, because doing so will win the respect and understanding of others, and children will have the courage to break through and improve themselves.


every child is a copy of their parents, and their words and deeds will affect their children's growth.

educating good children is the most sacred mission of parents.

so please be a competent parent, correctly guide your children and let them grow up healthily.