The hardest work in the world.

The hardest work in the world.

Happy Mother's Day to you.

A French friend who studies the right to life of vegetative persons said:

among the vegetative people in the world, 80% of the caregivers are the mothers of the patients, 10% are lovers, lovers, and the remaining 10% are other people. Mothers will imagine that vegetative people have returned to their infancy, with no communication, no response, protecting their children for more than a decade, and no one else can. "

"who can"

who can put up with all our tempers?

who can forget all our rebellions?

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when I am at home, my mother can't wait to bring the best food in the world to the table.

you can go to the canteen. The aunt can call you as much as she wants, and the meat on the plate can be counted.

when I am at home, whenever I am a little unhappy, I will write my mood on my face and make my mother sad.

out of society, people outside will write their feelings on their faces as long as they are unhappy, making you sad.

when we are at home, what we worry most is that there is no program in the afternoon, not whether we have money or not.

when I have to go to work, I know that what I have to worry about is whether I have money or not, not where to play.

Happy Mother's Day, Mother.