The greatest happiness of a family is to raise grateful children.

The greatest happiness of a family is to raise grateful children.

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I saw a piece of news some time ago:

A father in Portugal is color-blind.

my daughter silently saved money for two years to give him a pair of color-blind glasses.

seeing the blue sky for the first time, my father was surprised and moved: "it's so beautiful."

when he got back to the car, the father couldn't wait to take out his cell phone, look at the pictures of the phone and see what color the dog's hair was.

when he found that the world was so colorful, the father held his daughter excitedly and burst into tears.

the daughter's gift makes the father happy.

sometimes what parents lack is not money, but the care of their children, a gratitude of children, a return to make parents feel happy.

the greatest happiness of parents is to raise a grateful child.


she herself is usually frugal, but she is never stingy with her children. She can buy shoes worth hundreds of yuan and cram school for tens of thousands of yuan.

in order for her child to study well, she is reluctant to let her child do any work at home. The child is a teenager and has not even washed her own clothes.

the children haven't even combed their hair, and the meals are cooked and put on the table to eat, not to mention washing dishes and sweeping the floor.

when my cousin was ill and uncomfortable, the child not only did not care about her, but also complained that her mother did not cook for her.

my cousin said sadly:

Children who are used to taking do not know how to feel sorry for their parents' efforts, let alone be grateful.

Yes, the greatest sorrow of a family is to work hard to raise an ungrateful child.

parents always think that they are very bitter and can no longer let their children endure hardships, so they will try their best to satisfy their children.

the tragedy of suffering oneself and doting on children is to raise a "white-eyed wolf".

two years ago, there was a news that a master's degree in a famous university subverted people's values.

high achiever, a master's degree from a famous university in Shanghai, could have found a good job, but he felt at home, sleeping during the day, playing games at night, day and night upside down, and his life was very decadent.

his mother suffers from uremia and needs dialysis every week. Instead of taking care of his mother, his son takes 3500 yuan a month from his mother's pension to make ends meet.

the mother tried hard to persuade her son to go out to work, but the son refused.

Mother is filled with remorse:

parents do everything for their children, and finally the child loses the ability to live.

ungrateful children are accustomed to by their parents. The more doting their parents are, the more imbecile their children become.

everything is done for the child, trying to satisfy the child, he takes it for granted that he will not cherish his parents' hard-earned money, do not understand the hardships of his parents, and will not be grateful.

from an early age, children should let them eat what they should suffer and do what they can do, so that they will have a sense of responsibility when they grow up and understand that their parents are not easy.


raising grateful children is the greatest blessing for parents

Ten years ago, Chongqing "Bang Bang" ran Guangguang was naked, holding goods in one hand and holding children in the other. Photos were all over the Internet.

four years ago, ran Guanghui bought a 60-square-meter house in central Chongqing, so the whole family no longer have to squeeze into a 20-square-meter rental house.

my son is 14 years old this year. He sees his father's hard work in his eyes and cooks a meal for his parents who work hard outside every day after school.

he gave his father a handwritten letter and a video recorded by himself.

in the video, the son says to his father, "Life is not so difficult. I don't need you to work so hard. I can share everything with you, but you don't have to bear the pressure alone. I can be with you."

Dad, I thank you very much for raising me for 14 years with the money you carry. Now I would like to say to you, Dad, I love you. "

the father was moved to tears when he accepted the gift from his son.

the greatest happiness of parents is to raise a grateful child. All the hard work will be worth it.

the news of kneeling mothers in the college entrance examination last year was once a hot search.

Wang Hengjie, an examinee from Hefei, Anhui Province, strode to his mother after the college entrance examination, knelt down and said affectionately:

Wang Hengjie is a single-parent family, and he sees that it is not easy for his mother to raise him. He understands his mother's hard work, and the college entrance examination results are announced. He was admitted to Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications with excellent results.

Children who know how to be grateful, know their own responsibilities, and will live harder.

to cultivate children into talents is not to raise excellent children, but to raise grateful children is the blessing of parents.

writer Bi Shumin once said:

to love children, it is the foresight and responsibility of parents to teach them love and gratitude.

only grateful children can be filial to their parents, considerate to others, love themselves and others, and loving children can go further.


parents should teach their children to be grateful

to be willing to use their children

children do not know how to be grateful, because parents have done too much, so that their children have lost their ability.

was warmed up by a netizen's child a few days ago:

the netizen's daughter is only in the first grade, the mother is ill, the daughter gets up at dawn and goes to the kitchen to cook for her mother.

after a while, the daughter brought hot steamed bread and milk on a plate, put it on the head of the bed and said, "Mom, it's time to eat."

as soon as the mother got up, the child brought the washbasin and squeezed the toothpaste.

MomSaid: "because I usually consciously let children exercise their life ability step by step."

she asked her children to do housework. She went to sell vegetables and let them help with the cart, let them pay their own property fees, cook their own meals, and let them exercise their living ability.

when they were young, parents were afraid that their children would suffer and get in the way. When they grow up, they have to bear the pain for their original fear.

parents should not do too much for their children, but should be willing to use their children, let them work, and cultivate their ability to live.

from an early age, children should be asked to do what they can, such as dressing themselves when they are young, sweeping the floor and washing dishes, and doing housework from an early age. Children who grow up will have a sense of responsibility.

Let children experience the hardships of life

A netizen is a single mother who makes a living by selling vegetables.

the mother sells vegetables and asks her daughter to help push the cart. When selling vegetables in winter, the two people are cold and hungry together.

for several years, they were busy not going home until the afternoon of New Year's Eve.

the mother said to her daughter:

the mother said to her daughter:   the mother said to her daughter:


to make children suffer from life and experience the difficulties of their parents, can they raise a child who knows how to love and be grateful.

Children who are nourished by love and gratitude are more grateful and cherish.

Let children think of others

Looking for a fabulous gold formal dresses that will fit any occasion? Find that perfect dress, it will stay timeless and trendy season after season.

A friend's daughter had a sense of comparison when she was in the fourth grade.

the mother decided to let her child experience the feeling of being at home, saying to her child:

her daughter happily agreed.

when her daughter goes shopping, her mother follows her, watching her calculate and weigh. Two months later, the child lost two hundred yuan.

when children know that it is not easy for their mother to make money, they learn to be considerate of others and understand the various expenses of life that they do not know.

parents should not take everything for their children. Children do not experience, do not bear, and cannot grow up. Parents imprison their children's wings, and when they grow up, they will lose the ability to fly.


Zeng Guofan said: no matter how good it is to give a child a good education, it is better to let him personally experience the "not easy" of the adult world.

American clinical psychologist Wendy Mogel said:

for children, let them experience the hardships of life, learn to work hard, learn to be grateful, and learn to return is the most correct way of education.

May parents raise grateful children.