The four greatest riches in life: no illness in the body, nothing in the heart, a few good friends, elegant and comfortable.

The four greatest riches in life: no illness in the body, nothing in the heart, a few good friends, elegant and comfortable.

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what is true abundance?

during the Western Han Dynasty, in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, there was a hermit who strictly obeyed. When he earned a hundred dollars a day, he closed his shop and began to study.

A rich man in the area, Luo Chong, saw that Yan Zun was living in poverty, so he had to help him and bring him money and food.

strict compliance declined, he said to Luo Chong:

Luo Chong asked in surprise:

strict compliance:

"this is not the case." I once went to your house and saw that you didn't have a rest late at night and were busy day and night, but you were never satisfied.

although I earn a hundred dollars a day, I have time to study. I have a few hundred dollars left at home, and the money can't be spent, and the dust on the money is already an inch thick.

isn't it because I am rich and you are poor? "

after listening to this, Luo Chong felt very ashamed.

strictly obeys the criteria for judging wealth and poverty:

people cannot live for money or become slaves to wealth. They must know that enough is enough, not blindly for the sake of wealth without regard for others, so that they are both rich and poor.

the Buddhist sutra says that people have four great riches:

these four great riches, in popular words, are:

there are no diseases in the body, nothing in mind, a few good friends, elegant and at ease.


there is no illness

as the saying goes:

A small cold is enough to make people uncomfortable and unable to do things at ease for several days, and a serious illness not only worries themselves, but also worries their relatives, so don't get sick if you have anything.

only when you are in good health can you be happy, can you pursue career success, and only then can you have a happy life.

you can exchange health for money, but it is difficult to exchange money for health.

No matter what life you yearn for, good health is always the capital of the revolution.

it is said that plain light is true, in fact, plain light is peace, that is, there is no disease and no disaster.

living in the world, free from disease and disaster, and having family members together in health and safety is everything.

Life, no disease, no disaster, peace is fine!

with a stable cornerstone, are you afraid that there will be no wonderful moments to fill in?

people can only live once. We can't wayward ask for another 500 years. All we can do is to make this life as healthy and happy as possible.


there is nothing in mind

nothing in mind, that is, there is no worry, nothing in mind, contentment all the time, contentment in everything.

people have greed and bring troubles to themselves in vain. In the anxiety and expectation day and night, they have already suffered from pain and suffering before their desires are realized. If they take risks in order to satisfy unlimited desires and even take risks, do not hesitate to ingest them by illegal means, that will bring disaster.

in ancient times, there was a "Ten insufficient Poems" among the people:

running all day for hunger before they had enough to eat and think about clothes.

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wearing silk in winter, there is a lack of a beautiful wife in front of the court.

marry three wives and four concubines, but they are afraid that no official will be deceived.

four and three are too small to be officials, and they want to be emperors in the south.

once he ascended the Jinluan Hall, but he admired the gods to play chess.

Dongbin played chess with him and asked where there was a ladder.

if it hadn't been for this limit, it would have been too low for nine days.

this poem vividly shows that there is no end to the discontent of the people.

Don't we complain that life is hard and live hard at the same time?

in fact, life can take a step back and live simply. Life will not change because of our anxiety, nor will it be unrewarded because of our contentment.


several friends

Shen Fu of the Qing Dynasty said in his autobiography six stories of floating Life:

"about a few close friends to the wild stream, or piano and chess fitness, or the beginning of winding water;

or say some good cause and effect, or talk about the rise and fall of modern and ancient times; watch flowers and branches pile up beautiful, listen to birds to make fun."

it is better to be happy with others than to be happy by yourself. how can life be short of friends?

Gulong said:

when life is at a low ebb, the warm encouragement and help of good friends, and the warmth and warmth of our hearts can make us stand up again and walk through the mud.



A thousand gold is easy to get, but elegance is hard to get; rich people are common, but freedom is rare.

some people say:

"Ten mu of land, a cow, wife and children hot Kang head", this is the elegance and ease of farmers in the traditional agricultural society, not vulgar at all, but a natural way of life.

on weekdays, it is convenient to travel and leisurely at home.

on holidays, or read quietly on the spacious balcony, bathe in the sun, smell the flowers;

or take the children, accompany the parents, play in the park, feel the nature, and enjoy the family.

this may be the elegance and ease that we should aspire to today.