The details betray your upbringing.

The details betray your upbringing.

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A few days ago, when I was eating in a restaurant, I saw an intriguing scene:

there was a woman who was brightly dressed, fashionably dressed and jewelled, especially conspicuous in the restaurant.

after eating, she took a cigarette out of her bag and lit it. After a while, the smoke began to pervade, but she had no scruples about the disgruntled eyes cast by the people around her.

after smoking, she left the restaurant, leaving a messy cup and plate seat.

shortly after she left, another woman came to her seat, dressed simply and politely.

unlike the previous one, this woman doesn't act too much and just eats quietly.

before leaving, she gathered all the cups, plates and garbage on the table and waited for the waiter to clean up before leaving.

of course, the hotel does not require customers to clean up their seats themselves, although the first woman does not clean up, there is nothing wrong with it, but in terms of details, personal self-cultivation is judged.

just as the writer Dian said:

in fact, whether a person has self-cultivation has nothing to do with age, rich or poor, beauty, ugliness and region. It is rooted in people's hearts and is elegant and noble from the heart.


there is a famous saying: "upbringing is details."

A person's self-cultivation is often not reflected in outstanding appearance, magnificent events, it is hidden in your every detail, in your every move.

Chen Danqing told a personal experience:

once he was peeing in the university toilet. A handsome young man, a 24-or 25-year-old, was a graduate student and a very handsome guy. He immediately ran over and stood behind and shouted:

"are you Mr. Chen?" I'm from Jiangxi. You cut in line in Jiangxi. I want to take a picture with you. "

Chen Danqing recalled: "I was very embarrassed because I was peeing."

however, when he got out of the toilet, the young man already had his camera ready, clamped Chen Danqing like a hostage and took pictures.

in life, many people only understand "educated" as clean appearance and decent clothes, but they do not realize that their upbringing has been "betrayed" by some small details in dealing with people and things.

people who are really cultured do not take care of their own preferences, but really care about others, fully consider and respect the feelings of the people around them, compare their hearts, and think of others.

when I get along with them, I will feel sincerely comfortable, and I will secretly admire their thoughtfulness and thoughtfulness in detail.

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was impressed by a story:

A Zen master saw a blind man playing a lantern and asked why.

the blind man said, "I heard that after dark, the world is like me, and can't see anything. That's why I lit the lamp to light the way for them."

the Zen master said, "it turned out that you lit the lamp for the sake of the people, and you were very kind."

the blind man said, "in fact, I also lit the lamp for myself, because when the lamp was lit, other people could see me in the dark and would not hit me."

A lamp illuminates others and illuminates itself.

the same is true of being a human being.

to put more effort into the details and pay more attention to the details is not to do useless work, but to output a little more warmth to the world, but also to get sublimation and help.

for example:

say to the waiter who helps you: thank you;

do not move your eyes when listening to others; hand the knife to others, remember the end of the handle;

hold down the door button for the person behind you when taking the elevator, so that others can enter safely;

when taking the subway, don't lean on the upright handrail to give others a place to hold it;

Don't run a red light, take the zebra crossing.


A cultured person, with light in his eyes, love in his heart, humility and kindness, warmth to others and calmness to himself, will naturally go farther and more stable on the road of life.

Cai Gentan says: "there is no difference in character, but it is just the way it is."

the expression of real self-cultivation is by no means grandstanding, but an instinct embodied in the bones, reflected in every bit of daily life, but always inadvertently moving.

there is a saying: life is not only the present, but also poetry and distance.

I think so.

when you pursue the elegance and demeanor of your appearance, don't forget to have a detailed temperature.