The depth of the water does not speak, people do not speak!

The depth of the water does not speak, people do not speak!

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Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to win or lose, life is not a ring, there is no need to distinguish between the high and the low.

between people, more concessions, less disputes,

between hearts, more tolerance, less conflict.


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everyone has his or her own principles, so don't expect others to agree with you.

everyone has their own sorrows. Don't expect others to empathize with you.

people should be self-aware, despise themselves, be tolerant of others, learn to think of others and compare their hearts with each other.

there are some things in this world that you can see through. There is no need to expose them face to face and keep them away from disasters in your heart.

some words, just understand it, do not need to say one by one, it will be easier to hide in your heart.


most of the time, we remain silent and silent, not out of cowardice or guilt, but because we understand that when the water is deep, we do not speak.

instead of talking too much and causing trouble, it is better to shut up and reduce trouble for yourself and less entanglement with others.

knowing how to yield is a kind of demeanor, learning to be silent is a kind of wisdom.

there are some things that can be seen through or not, and for some people, whether they can see through or not.

learn to hold back your anger and let go of your temper, otherwise, if you treat others too harshly, you will have no friends, and if you do things too shrewdly, there will be no way out.


Don't talk about people behind their backs and don't judge anyone at will.

when you get along with others, there is nothing wrong with losing money in your mouth, and there is nothing wrong with giving way.

to be convenient with others is to be convenient with yourself, to learn to make concessions, and to leave a way for yourself.

do not expose people's shortcomings, regardless of personnel, in order to avoid disputes, their peace of mind.

the depth of water is silent, people remain silent, it is kind to see through and not to expose, it is magnanimous to see through, it is magnanimous to see light, it is self-cultivation, and it is spiritual practice to see clearly without making a sound.

when you are tolerant and relieved, when you learn to be silent and undisputed,

you will find that it is not difficult to get along, the communication is very simple,

there are more and more true friends, and the road under your feet is getting wider and wider!