The cleaner the circle is, the happier the person is.

The cleaner the circle is, the happier the person is.

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someone said, "look at the fate of a person in the future, just look at the friends around him."

I think so.

if a person makes most of his friends with positive and decent people, then he will not be much worse in the future;

on the contrary, if he makes friends with people who are greedy for pleasure and ignorant of learning, then it will be difficult for him to achieve great success in the future.

there are people who "come out of the mud without staining", but it is still difficult for most people to compete with the environment.

so, wise people will choose to jump out of the "dirty" circle.

some people, the measure of whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance is the position of power, but forget about his character.

this is to see only the benefits but ignore the scourge.

if a person does not have a reliable character, then, no matter how powerful and high he is, how can he help us safely?

even if we can get his help, we are bound to be hurt in the end if we get too close to such a person.

working with people with bad character is tantamount to "dancing with wolves".

as the ancients said, "A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall."

the cleverness of a man is not to make a profit, but to seek his own body and keep himself in a safe position. How can it be wise to ignore one's own danger in order to make a profit?

"those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black."

No matter how good a person's character is, if you spend a long time with people with bad character, your inner principles may change imperceptibly.

by the time I found this change, I had gone a long way.

decent people, even if they have no money and no power, their deep acquaintance with them is the most secure. Moreover, in the process of getting along with them, our moral character will be imperceptibly improved.

the fastest way for a person to grow is to walk with good people.

there are people who obviously have the opportunity to walk with people who are better than themselves, but he leaves them behind to chase those who are willing to fall.


because in their view, they are under pressure to walk with people who are stronger than themselves, and they need to "bear hardships" on their own;

it is not the case to walk with those who are willing to fall. They can indulge themselves and enjoy themselves wantonly.

it is true that self-discipline is hard work, but this is a golden road full of hope;

it is easy to be willing to fall, but this is a wrong way, and in the end there is no way out.

Zweig said: "she was too young to know that all the gifts given by fate had already secretly marked the price."

A wise man, who knows the law of the development of things, will not let his future suffering for the sake of immediate pleasure;

those who crave comfort are blinded by immediate pleasures, but they are overdrawn in the future. They lust for a bit of pleasure in the present, and they may need a lot of pain to repay it in the future.

someone said, "follow the bees to find flowers."

some people may not be smart themselves, but what they often see is the way excellent people behave in the world, and before they know it, he becomes better.

if there is a shortcut to growth, it should be to go with good people.

as the ancients said, "if you know people all over the world, you can have a few bosom friends."

some people like to make a lot of friends, but they don't ask about their character, don't ask about their values, and don't refuse to come. They believe that the more friends they make, the more people they can help themselves.

they spend a lot of time and energy to maintain the so-called "friendship".

however, when they are in trouble and need the help of these "friends", they find that these "friends" have already fled without a trace.

this is the result of making too many friends to tell whether they are sincere or not.

to be a friend, you need to have two conditions: one is the passing of character, and the two values are the same.

only when these two conditions are met can friendship arise.

blindly expand the social circle, but do not distinguish whether the other person is upright and consistent with their own frequency, resulting in a waste of time, energy and disappointment.

as the saying goes, "it is enough to have a bosom friend in life."

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A bosom friend is better than a million casual acquaintances.

Why ask for more?

A person with a clean circle is a person with a clean soul, a person who has strict requirements on himself, the person who is most likely to be happy, and the one who deserves deep acquaintance.

May you and I both have a clean circle.