The child scored high in the exam, and the mother's circle of friends made everyone sad: the better you do in the exam, the more sad I am.

The child scored high in the exam, and the mother's circle of friends made everyone sad: the better you do in the exam, the more sad I am.

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in the past two days, the results of the college entrance examination have come out one after another.

the son of colleague Sister Ling also took the college entrance examination this year. The score came out with a score of 630, more than 100 points higher than the first batch of local science scores. It is estimated that the favorite Beijing 211 is stable.

when I was at work yesterday, Sister Ling shared the good news with us, and her face was covered with uncontrollable joy and pride.

but more than 12:00 in the morning, I accidentally brushed onto Sister Ling's circle of friends:

I think countless parents will empathize with Sister Ling's circle of friends late at night.

as children fly higher and higher, it also means a little bit away from their parents.

I remember that there is a saying on the Internet:

"after the college entrance examination, you will never see the familiar figure in front of your desk, you will no longer have that reassuring call when you get home, and you will no longer be able to wake him up in the morning. I can't even tuck him in late at night.

even the days of quarrels and troubles will be gone forever. "

the fate of parents and children in this life, deep and shallow, but in the end all point to two words-separation.

I think every parent and child will probably go through such a process of drifting away.

there are some things that are doomed from the moment the baby is born.


in that year, he was born to the expectations of our family.

I struggled with my weak body to take him, and at a glance, I knew that the wrinkled little guy in my arms was the concern of my life.

I accompanied him through many firsts of his life: the first weaning, the first walking, the first injection, the first birthday, the first mountain climbing.

and he is always very clingy to me.

usually at home, he follows me wherever I go, and I have to sit outside the door to go to the bathroom.

the day he sent him to kindergarten for the first time, he clung to my neck and cried at the door for half an hour.

even the little girl who was heartbroken in her mother's arms stopped and looked at him curiously.

finally, I took advantage of him to cry until he was too weak to cry, so I shoved him into the teacher's arms and fled the scene in three steps and two steps.

once I went on a business trip for a week.

as soon as he came home, he pounced on my thigh and hugged me, like an abandoned animal, aggrieved and sad, with large teardrops crackling down.

I quickly squatted down and hugged him, and it took me half an hour to stop his tears.

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before going to bed that day, I said good night to him:

he raised his tender face and asked me seriously: mom, will you never leave me again?

I nodded solemnly, leaned down and hugged his soft waxy body, my heart was full of softness, and I felt that I was the happiest person in the world.

at that time, I was his whole world and the one he trusted with all his heart.


in that year, the child began his primary school career at the age of 7.

he goes to school at 8 o'clock every day, ends at 5 o'clock and goes to bed on time at 10:00.

excluding cooking, going to and from school, the time we can get along with each other has been shortened to four hours a day.

I thought we would cherish each other's time and enjoy the warm evening moment of filial piety between mother and son.

but who knows: from the happiness to the smoke-filled battlefield, it turned out that there was only one homework.

after dinner every day, my roar hovered over the living room:

can you make a mistake on such a simple question?

it's been half an hour. Have you been to the bathroom three times? Would you please stop!

Father, I can't teach your son!

I can't figure out how that clever little boy turned into a leaping leather monkey.

I, who had vowed to love him wholeheartedly, sometimes lost my temper and opened my eyes so angrily that I wanted to beat him up and grab his pen and do his homework for him.

occasionally he would put his arms around my neck and pitifully ask me if I could do a few fewer questions.

I always firmly refuse: "No, no sleep until you finish your homework."

once, when I was packing his schoolbag, I saw his composition "my mother".

I hope my mother can chat with me more and don't always rush me to do my homework.

I hope she can always love me and be gentle as before;

I look at it, and I don't know why, the corners of my eyes are a little wet.

I don't want to spend more time with him and be a gentle and considerate mother.

but for his future, and for him to face the wind and rain of society in the future, I must be cruel today.


in that year, the child was 13 years old and entered junior high school.

he has evening self-study every day. When he gets home and has another meal, it will be almost 8 o'clock.

fortunately, he finally came to his senses and didn't have to force me to do my homework any more.

of course, I rarely lose my temper with him.

the reason is also very simple, I have gradually withdrawn from the main battlefield of his homework.

after all, I can no longer understand the strange topics in his exercise book.

my daily routine every night also began to become monotonous: cooking, eating with him, bringing fruit to his room, and urging him to sleep.

the only place where I can communicate well every day is only a table for 20 minutes.

but sometimes, when he is sitting next to me, I feel that I know less and less about him.

once cleaning, I happened to see an unlocked diary in his drawer, so I opened it curiously and read a few pages.

unexpectedly, he rushed over and snatched back the book.

then he lost his temper with me in a rare way and pushed me out of the room.

he avoided me all day without saying a word to me.

in the middle of the night, I couldn't sleep until 3: 00 in the morning:

I knew that he had grown up and needed his own privacy and personal space.

but I still can't help being lost, and the kid who is close to me will never come back.


in that year, the child was 15 years old and entered high school.

because of the heavy workload of his studies, he becomes busier. It is a long way from home to school. He begins to live in school and can only go home every weekend.

as for me, I began to wait for weekends with fingers crossed every day.

because only on weekends, the family will become busy and lively because of his return.

but even if he can go home, he basically spends his weekends in make-up classes and stays in his bedroom to catch up on his homework.

our communication is becoming more and more mechanical and simple:

Mom, this dress has been washed for me;

Mom, sign the paper for me.

Mom, I don't have dinner in the evening. I have an appointment with my classmate Wen Shu.

weekends always pass quickly. Before leaving every week, I would stuff a lot of things into his box: milk, fruit, biscuits, medicine, homemade mustard.

every time he would pick and pick with disdain and throw out the things he didn't want.

but I always put it back in the same way when he goes to bed in the morning.

in the second year of senior high school, the school divided into liberal arts and science subjects.

his grades in physics have been good, and his grades in chemistry are not bad. According to my father and I, it must be reasonable to choose a science major and get a job in the future.

but he wants to learn literature for only one reason: he likes it.

I firmly disagreed, and I had a big quarrel with him about this. It was the first time we had such a heated quarrel.

he ran out of home like an angry little lion, saying, "you have no right to interfere in my life."

after three days of cold war, and persuaded by the child's father, I still chose to compromise.

I finally understand that this is his life, his choice, and I can't decide everything for him after all.


that year, the child was 18 years old.

he lived up to expectations and was admitted to a key university outside the province. The whole family was jubilant and agreed to go to school to see him off.

2200 kilometers, 20 hours by train, is the distance from home to school.

when I went on the train, I talked to him again and again about the points for attention, lest it would be difficult for him to leave home.

on the day of parting, I stood at the school gate and waved hard to him, watching his figure disappear around the corner.

suddenly, tears fell down.

on the way back, I felt empty in my heart, as if I had been dug up.

the family is back to the world of two people again, and the day is like a lake without waves.

the occasional splash is at 9 o'clock every Friday night, when he usually calls us.

in fact, the contents of the phone are more or less the same, but I always listen with relish to what I have done and where I have been recently.

almost all our daily communication is on Wechat.

although most of them are my instructions to him, he always gives a simple "um", "in class".

after all my longing, I finally waited for winter vacation.

during the holidays, the most important thing I do every day is to cook delicious food for him in a different way, and even his father and I have gained weight.

his father complained: as soon as my son has a winter and summer vacation, I will improve my life as well.

I rolled my eyes and didn't bother to talk to him.

in fact, before my son came back, I made a list of more than a dozen things I wanted to accomplish with him during the holiday:

the whole family went for an outing in the park;

went to take a set of family photos;

taught him to cook 10 dishes;

went to buy clothes for him;

let's go on a self-driving trip around.


however, even after the holiday, he is very busy. He will go out for dinner with his friends and take part in public welfare activities with his classmates for several days.

finally, even half of the items on the list are not done yet.

the father of the child saw that I was sad and comforted me and said, "Let's do it together in the future. There must be a chance."

but I know clearly in my heart that he will only get busier and busier in the future. He will stay in the big city to work, buy a house, get married and have a new family of his own.

for the rest of my life, he will only leave me less and less time.

as the online saying goes:

before the age of 7, home is all the children;

7-12 years old, home is at night;

13-18 years old, home is the weekend;

18-22 years old, home isWinter and summer vacation;

after the age of 22, home is the Spring Festival.

it turns out that, as a mother, I am retiring from the main stage of his life bit by bit.


after being a parent, I always feel in a trance that

raising a child is a drifting sight.

waiting for him to be born, for him to grow up, for him to become a talent, and finally for him to spread his wings and fly high, but the child has since flown farther and farther, like a kite broken.

as a writer once said:

helpless, but it is the fate that every pair of parents cannot escape.

however, we will still applaud him sincerely when he has made achievements and smile and say goodbye when he embarks on the road of his dreams.

because parents will eventually understand that

the deepest love for a child is not to keep him around;

but to push him away with all his strength, to send him to school, to travel, to fly higher and higher, to become a better self.

because my love belongs to you, and you belong to a better tomorrow.

now, cherish every minute and every second with TA while your child is still around.

incorporate love and care into every action, every word, and every smile of your daily life. Don't let this love leave regrets.

one day, you will find that the most wonderful journey in life is to make the best of yourself with your children.