The cheapest longevity medicine in the world, that's the word!

The cheapest longevity medicine in the world, that's the word!

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many people spend the last ten years of their lives suffering from illness.

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although science and technology is improving, there are more and more diseases, more and more difficult to treat, and younger and younger.

Cancer and sudden death have become the new normal. Hypertension and cervical spondylosis are more common than colds.

everyone should realize that "longevity" and "healthy longevity" are not the same concept.

there is a limit in life, but it is not enough to go too far. If you want to live a long life, you must remember one word: "Jie".


overeating harms the spleen and stomach, and neither eating nor drinking hurts the spleen and stomach.

traditional Chinese medicine believes that "spleen and stomach is the acquired foundation and the source of qi and blood biochemistry."

if you hurt the spleen and stomach, the qi and blood will easily be deficient, and the disease will naturally take advantage of the deficiency.

A friend of the author overcontrolled his diet in order to lose weight and ate only a little fruit for lunch and dinner at home.

but a meal of overeating that can't be put off is a waste of days' efforts.

according to traditional Chinese medicine, "sweet, crisp, fat and thick, the medicine of rotten intestines." Many people's wealth and illness are due to eating too fine and greasy.

there is no good or evil, but too much is a disaster.

to control your diet, you can protect your digestive system, have enough qi and blood, and enjoy life for a long time.



Confucius said: "eating men and women is the great desire of man."

normal physiological needs are the premise of human reproduction.

but once desire is over, it will not only confuse people, but also cause illness.

according to some statistics, there are more than 300 emperors in feudal society, with an average life expectancy of just over thirty.

so Lu Dongbin, one of the eight Immortals, left such a poem:

"Twenty-eight is like a crisp human body, killing a foolish man with a sword at his waist."

although no one has lost his head, he secretly causes his bone marrow to wither. "

the Internal Classic of Huangdi says: "the kidney dominates the bone and produces marrow."

uncontrolled sex and indulgence will inevitably lead to osteoporosis.

in recent years, there have been many such cases in conscription physical examination, so Confucius reminded young people with undetermined spirit more than two thousand years ago that they must abstain from color.

No matter what the reason, all promiscuity and infidelity are at the expense of good fortune.

Xu Wenbing, a famous expert in traditional Chinese medicine, said:

"people don't need much, they want too much."

Buddhism demands abstinence, while Taoism advocates abstinence.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "Yin and Yang are secret, and spirit is the cure."

finding a suitable balance between prohibition and indulgence is the long-term solution to save your life.



traditional Chinese medicine thinks that all diseases are born of qi:

"anger hurts the liver, likes to be sad, thinks to hurt the spleen, sorrow hurts the lungs, and panic hurts the kidney."

at present, many diseases that haunt people are caused by bad emotions, and the causes of these diseases can not be detected by modern high-tech instruments.

Zhuge Liang said: "you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

the Buddhist saying: "see through and put it down and be at ease."

as the saying goes, "Fools are blessed with fools."

"nine times out of ten, life is not satisfactory."

the inevitable troubles in work and life are just quizzes in life. Whoever can be the master of emotions is the ultimate winner.


it's not good for a person to be too busy and too idle.

too busy, physically tired, no time for relaxation and entertainment, enjoy life, unhappy;

too idle, boring uncomfortable, can not reflect the value of life, not happy.

the purpose of making money desperately is to spend it, satisfy your wishes, big and small, and make your life happy and dignified, rather than constantly overdrawing for the accumulation of numbers.

Qian is supposed to serve people, but how many people have become its slaves.

Qingshan is not afraid of firewood. After all, life is very fragile, and this skin will take decades.

only the combination of work and rest and long-term health is the king.


there is a reporter interviewing an old driver who has been driving safely for 30 years. He summed up his driving experience in four words: "slow is fast."

because he has personally seen some drivers who drive much faster than him have accidents.

if you are too hasty, it is easy to be rash, and too slow is often late.

do things calmly and calmly, as well as when you break.

"the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water". We should pay more attention to temperance and courtesy in dealing with people, as the saying goes, "distance produces beauty."

from a closest friend to an indifferent passer-by or even an enemy, it is often just because of a lack of discretion.

the accounts are clear, good brothers, the more embarrassed they are, the more likely they are to lead to estrangement and even resentment.

Confucius said, "it is impolite to come without going back and forth."

No matter who you deal with, blindly giving and taking will put pressure on each other. After a long time, the result must be a break.

"when the water is clear, there is no fish, and when people observe, there is no apprentice." Therefore, Zheng Banqiao advocated "rare confusion".

excessive modesty is hypocriticalIt is easy to be arrogant to be overconfident.

bottomless tolerance is connivance, and management that is too harsh will be resisted.