The best way to end a relationship

The best way to end a relationship

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someone said: "leaving with great fanfare is all temptation, and the real departure is silent without saying goodbye."

in the adult world, parting is silent, there is no heartbreaking crying, there is no solemn farewell.

it's just that Wechat no longer "tinkles" and moments don't have "love" likes.

you do not speak, I do not speak, honorably withdraw from each other's world, has become the final tacit understanding.

Life gathers and scatters like duckweed, silent as it comes and goes.

when we are ignorant of youth, we will tear our hearts and lungs and cry bitterly in the face of loss.

after becoming more and more mature, I suddenly realized that no farewell is probably the best goodbye.


A broken relationship, there is no need to fall out

have you ever fallen out with someone else?

or with inconsistent friends, colleagues who stab people in the back, or relatives who like to take advantage of others.

in life, there are always people who constantly challenge your bottom line and drive people crazy.

some time ago, my best friend cried something to me.

BFF and Sister Zhang are colleagues. Both of them have strong working ability and have a good relationship.

once, the company set up a new project and wanted to borrow a best friend for a period of time.

my best friend couldn't make up her mind, so she wanted Sister Zhang to help find out the news and give her some advice.

Sister Zhang readily agreed, told her best friend a few days later that the new project was promising, and repeatedly urged her to cherish the opportunity.

after hearing this, my best friend was quite moved and went away decisively.

but not long after she left, she learned that Sister Zhang had been promoted to department manager and found that the new project was only a temporary project.

it turned out that Sister Zhang had long known that the leader intended to choose one of them for promotion and deliberately tricked her into a new project.

when she learned the truth, her best friend suddenly changed color and rushed to the office to find Sister Zhang's theory. The two people quarreled and fell out completely.

after being enraged, Sister Zhang not only snubbed her with her colleagues, but also deliberately made things difficult at work.

finally, my best friend was forced to resign.

the reality is ruthless. Even if it turns red and the chicken flies and the dog jumps, it is powerless to reverse the status quo and can only make things worse.

there is a saying in "Fan Si Xun": "if you don't like it, you don't have to turn your face, ignore it, and just stay away."

it takes temper to turn a face, but wisdom to stay away.

hate a person. If a relationship breaks up, you don't have to fall out.

Don't discuss the length with the fool, don't compete with the villain, it's good for people to see clearly, and to know things clearly.

instead of consuming yourself in an argument, it is better to settle down with full wings.


between adults, we bid farewell to questioning

Life is like a journey, there are brand-new encounters and endless farewells.

some relationships have become indifferent and alienated without even being aware of them. When I look back, my heart is like a stranger, leaving only yesterday to recall.

netizens @ have shared an experience:

once, when she went back to her hometown for a wedding, she accidentally met her best friend in high school and added Wechat to each other.

in high school, they were like sisters, went to the bathroom hand in hand, talked and laughed together and went to the cafeteria for dinner.

every day there are endless whispers, from unrequited love boys to their own preferences, all know each other.

later, the two went to different universities, gradually lost contact, and were busy with their lives after work, and unwittingly lost touch with each other.

after the wedding that day, she sent a message to her best friend, saying, have time to get together?

after a few hours, the other party replied faintly with two words: "OK".

she asked if she was free tomorrow.

my best friend said, "I have something to do tomorrow. I'll contact you after these two days."

so she didn't say anything until the day she left home, and she didn't hear from each other, and she didn't ask any more questions.

between adults, they have long bid farewell to questioning.

those who really care will contact you without asking, while those who don't care will only receive perfunctory questions.

there is a good saying on the Internet:

the last message left by each other has become a silent ceremony to bid farewell to feelings.

as adults, we all have our own busyness and worries.

countless good memories of the past have become increasingly indifferent under the washing of time, and have become an irrevocable yesterday.

yesterday can not be turned back, there is no need to ask questions, leave a barrier for each other, in return for the feelings of the past.

as the heart-piercing saying goes, "if you don't ask, there will be a lot less deception."


the relationship has come to an end, so there is no need to pester the world of


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I don't know why I started or why I ended up. I just know that when it's time to leave, I don't have to fight.

at the age of 24, Pan Liudai, a talented woman from the Republic of China, met Li Yanling, a gentle and considerate university professor, and the two fell in love.

Pan Liudai is attracted by Li Yanling's talent, and although Li Yanling's fame and income are far less than hers, she doesn't care.

in love, she wrote in the article: "recently, I was bitten by a snake. It turned out to be very strong, but as soon as I was bitten by a snake, I suddenly became extremely fragile."

words are all sweet wrapped by love.

in 1945, the two married in Shanghai, and Pan Liudai, immersed in happiness, specially published an article "I am married" to swear her marriage.

OKAfter less than half a year of marriage, Li Yanling had an affair, and by this time she was pregnant.

after the affair, Li Yanling was no longer gentle and considerate to her and was often reprimanded and scolded angrily.

how much you used to love, how painful it is when your marriage breaks up.

but Pan Liudai is not infatuated with entanglement, she resolutely filed for divorce and broke off contact with Li Yanling.

recalling this relationship in her later years, she only said faintly, "it was my first failed marriage."

cartoonist Jimmy said:

"Don't dwell on an awkward thing for too long." Entangled for a long time, you will be annoyed, painful, epiglottic, tired, hurt, and heartbroken.

in fact, in the end, you don't have a problem with things, but with yourself. No matter how awkward it is, you have to learn to get out. "

those who want to stay do not need to stay, and those who do not want to stay can not stay.

A broken relationship is like a broken glass. Even if you don't give up, you can't repair it.

so, when the relationship dies, you don't have to struggle.

the real awakening is to wave goodbye to the pain, let the sadness become a thing of the past, stop the loss in time, and let go at the right time.

since then, one parting is wide, each life is happy, leaving the eyeful of stars to more worthy people.


Last tenderness, do not disturb each other

there is a classic passage in the movie Greater Shanghai starring Chow Yun-fat and Yuan Quan.

Cheng and Zhi Qiu fell in love with each other and fell in love, and they promised to stay together for a lifetime.

under the teasing of fate, the two turn to be apart for many years, and can only hide this unforgettable love in their hearts.

by chance, the two met again.

Zhiqiu stands at the entrance of the elevator and Cheng Da stands inside the elevator.

Zhiqiu accidentally looked up, the two people's eyes collided, and the memories of the past floated in my mind.

Zhiqiu walked slowly into the elevator holding her husband's hand and said nothing. Cheng stood behind and looked at Zhiqiu's back without saying a word.

they are as calm as water on the surface, like two strangers, but there are already ripples in their hearts.

but the years are gone. Cheng Dawei is already a famous gentleman. He has married someone else, and Zhiqiu has become a famous actor in Beijing Opera and married someone else.

even if there are thousands of words in my heart, we can only part from each other in the intersection of eyes.

later, when the two met again, Zhiqiu said rationally, "I don't want my husband to know about the past."

Cheng smiled and said, "Mrs. Cheng and I don't know each other. What's the past?"

Life can never be seen for the first time, and it is impossible to turn around and miss it.

to keep the past to heart and not to disturb each other is to give each other the last tenderness.

think of a popular saying on Weibo:

forget the person who should be forgotten, and stop reading the love that should be forgotten.

give yourself back to yourself, others to others, flowers into flowers, trees into trees.

with a relaxed state of mind, turn your eyes to the front and welcome your own life happily.


I am at ease, coming and going with the wind

Tagore said:

some people are only destined to accompany you for a long way, from "close at hand" to "far away".

so you don't have to cling to the past and put shackles on your heart.

No way that life is not lovely, it is easy to let go.

in the silent time, plant a flower for yourself, build a wall for your heart, and let yourself grow quietly.

the best gesture for people to interact with others is: I am safe and go with the wind.