The best way for the family to get along: don't blame the big things, don't pester the little things, and have nothing to say.

The best way for the family to get along: don't blame the big things, don't pester the little things, and have nothing to say.

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Sanmao said, "Home is a source of joy for everyone."

A family, full of laughter, is the most beautiful place in the world.

if it is full of complaints and quarrels, home is a place of torture.

the family is a small society, and families also need a good model to get along with each other.

the best way for a family to get along is not to blame the big things, not to entangle the little things, and nothing to talk about.


Don't blame

some people on the Internet asked, what is the best feng shui for a family?

the highly praised answer is: do not blame when something happens, it is the best feng shui for a family.

Let me first tell the story of two big shots, one is Cao Dewang, the other is Luo Yonghao.

Cao Dewang is a glass king in China. His wife is Chen Fengying. She hasn't read much.

in 1969, the two just got married. When Cao Dewang was desperate, he had to sell all his wife's dowry.

it would certainly be unbearable for other women, but Chen Fengying didn't make a scene or complain.

later, Cao Dewang was out in the fungus business, and his wife was at home to take care of his sick mother.

Cao Dewang's business was not good, so he lost money and owed a lot of debts.

so Cao Dewang sold everything his family could sell, leaving only a small house.

Chen Fengying still does not have a word of complaint or accusation.

whether it is selling dowry or family property, the wife fully supports her husband's career without a word of complaint.

besides, Luo Yonghao.

everyone knows that Luo Yonghao failed to start a business and has a debt of NT $600 million. Recently, it is said that the debt will be paid off by the end of the year.

but few people know that Luo Yonghao has a good wife.

after Luo Yonghao's company went bankrupt, he borrowed money from the bank. When signing the contract, the bank risk controller suddenly asked Luo Yonghao's wife to sign it.

Luo Yonghao called his wife without any hesitation. Her wife looked at him hesitantly and then signed her name.

when I got home, my wife said to Luo Yonghao, "if you ask me to sign it, I will sign it, but have you ever thought about how much I need to do to pay back the money if something happens to you?"

at this time, Luo Yonghao felt regret and realized that his wife was not easy.

things are changeable. When a family lives together, it is inevitable to encounter strong winds and heavy rain. Blindly blaming and complaining will only tear the whole family apart.

but when a family is tied together, share responsibility, and solve current problems calmly, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.

such a family, no matter how poor it is, no matter how difficult it is, the family can get rich.


small things do not entangle

two days ago, I read a novel called "chicken feathers", in which there is a story that makes people feel sad.

Xiao Lin forgot to put the tofu he bought in the refrigerator because he was in a hurry to go to work, and then it broke down.

my wife came home from work and smelled the bad tofu. She was furious and asked angrily: why do you keep the tofu you bought without putting it in the refrigerator?

and Xiao Lin was scolded by the leader because he was anxious to sell tofu in the morning and was late for work. He was also full of anger. Unexpectedly, when he got home, his wife kept talking to himself endlessly because of a piece of broken tofu.

in this way, two people started a family war over a piece of broken tofu.

during the quarrel, Xiao Lin accused his wife of breaking a thermos bottle last year, and his wife accused Xiao Lin of breaking a vase last month.

originally it was a simple thing, because of the entanglement between the two sides, it became inextricable.

in real life, there are indeed many couples who hurt their feelings and even divorce because of a trivial matter.

the husband dislikes his wife for putting too much oil and salt in cooking and is picky on the dinner table, which makes the wife very unhappy.

the husband throws dirty clothes everywhere, and the wife complains, and the husband looks impatient.

when the wife buys two more clothes, the husband accuses his wife of spending money indiscriminately and not knowing how to live frugally.

when a family lives together, there will inevitably be frictions and collisions.

if every time because of trivial things, the family is full of quarrels, there is no happiness to speak of.

as the saying goes, the heart is only three inches and there is no room for right and wrong.

the heart is so big that when it is full of unhappiness, there is naturally no place for happiness to bloom.

learn to restrain emotions, do not entangle trifles, and tolerate family mistakes, so that the family will become warm and prosperous.


nothing to say

what is the saddest thing about a marriage?

it is not that they have no feelings or divorce, but that two people live together but have nothing to say.

A survey conducted abroad found that

25% of couples spend less than 10 minutes a day communicating;

40% ignore their partner completely because they are too busy at work;

25% of people don't remember the last time they had a leisurely chat together.

67% of people feel that they are more likely to surf the Internet and socialize alone than eating and chatting with their partner.

the most perfect divorce has a classic line:

the worst outcome is not a divorce, but a masked couple. There is no love for each other, no expectations, but live together, this is the greatest misfortune. "

of course it's terrible to end up alone, but what's even worse is to end up with the person who makes you feel lonely.

In the TV series "if the years can be turned back", Lan Tianyu's wife Shangguanhui fell into marital aphasia.

Shangguanhui cried and told her husband, "as soon as you get home every day, either in the study or in the bathroom, obviously two people's home, but I feel that I will always be alone."

when Shangguanhui asked for a divorce, Blue Sky Fool looked incredible.

he didn't know that when he got home, he locked himself in his room and ignored his wife, which was a kind of injury.

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when his wife offered to go to the movies together, he looked reluctant, which was also a kind of injury.

there is a saying: "if I can choose again, I would rather die alone than step into the cage of marriage."

in fact, what is terrible is not the marriage itself, but the direct relationship between husband and wife.

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