The best self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and exercise more at ordinary times.

The best self-discipline: go to bed early, make more money when you are free, and exercise more at ordinary times.

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like this sentence:

"nothing to go to bed early, free to make more money, usually more exercise, the rest of life to take care of themselves, is the best self-discipline."

Life is so difficult that countless little things pile up, so instead of thinking about it, spend time on self-management.

live a down-to-earth life, spend your time on the blade, one step at a time.

go to bed early

writer Hugo once said:

"the secret of keeping healthy is proper food control and good sleep."

if something is bothering you, you might as well get some sleep and wake up the next day with half your troubles reduced.

when sleeping, the brain secretes a hormone that cleans up garbage and relieves stress.

in the high-paced life, most people forget the importance of sleep and often play with their mobile phones until the middle of the night, which not only gives them dark circles under their eyes, but also bad for their skin.

going to bed on time is more important than anything else.

Cervantes wrote:

"Sleep is the best treatment for waking distress."

Research shows that people who go to bed early and get up early have less mental stress and higher mental health than people who often stay up late.

Young is not your profligate capital.

physical condition is the gradual accumulation of work and rest habits.

have a good night's sleep, it is necessary to give the body a chance to rest.

when you have time to make more money

people are middle-aged, old and young, and under great pressure, they understand the importance of money.

make money, not through utilitarianism, but through your own labor, in exchange for more sense of security for yourself and your family.

Lao Yang's owl said:

"every reason to spend money is the motivation to make money."

I remember that one year when my father was ill, the payment bill issued by the hospital was almost 20,000 yuan.

three years after graduation, I couldn't afford 20,000 yuan, so I had to call my relatives to borrow money.

I am not only afraid that others will not borrow it, but also feel embarrassed to open my mouth, but still feel uncomfortable.

when you borrow money, you know the importance of making money.

money is not only the strength, decency, but also the protective umbrella when danger comes.

Children without umbrellas must run hard.

the so-called "consumption in advance" and "chic enjoyment" are just the means of business marketing.

Life is short, and there is a heavy burden on you in the twinkling of an eye.

however, it is still necessary to return to reality. When you earn more money, parents can have more opportunities to rest, and children can choose better toys.

"try to make money to buy what you like."

only by making money in a down-to-earth way can you spend money without shame.

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usually exercise more

"exercise or not exercise, ten years later, the difference is the whole life."

people who love sports are always in good health.

in addition, people who exercise have a tight figure, a ruddy complexion, and are confident wherever they go.

remember that there is a popular search for "72-year-old Vera Wang status" on Weibo.

Wang Weiwei is known as the queen of wedding dress. She is 72 years old, but she has good skin and figure and has no extra fat.

she keeps on running, playing ball and yoga every day as soon as she is free. Even if she is in her seventies, she will not give up self-management.

Cai Yuanpei once said:

"you don't know that a sound body leads to a sound mind. If the body is weak, how can the mind and spirit be developed? The mind cannot be free unless the body is in distress. "

the body is the capital, and exercise is the source of life.

when you lie on the couch and play with your phone, all you get is fatigue and growing weight.

an interesting soul is one in a million, and a good-looking skin accumulates over time.

apart from talent, a healthy body is fundamental to a person's success.

exercise gives people continuous self-confidence and confidence.


it is fundamental to take care of yourself

there is a saying:

"manage yourself to be God and others to be demons."

Life is that there are more and more yesterday and less and less tomorrow.

it is not others who beat you, but your own slack.

talk less and do less nonsense.

go to bed early, make money, exercise, insist on doing these three things well, you have already won over most people.

the rest of my life is expensive, please don't waste it.