The best family education: the more motivated the parents are, the better the children are.

The best family education: the more motivated the parents are, the better the children are.

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some time ago, an old documentary called "way out" became popular again.

the director spent six years filming three children from different classes and found that the lower the class, the more struggling they are.

but most of their struggles are pointless because their parents may ruin their future.

A child named Ma Baijuan lives in a famous poverty-stricken county in China, and her family spends only a few thousand yuan a year.

when my father learned that the film crew spent 300 yuan to rent a car and pull equipment, he was very angry and said that it was his family's one-month expense.

daughter Ma Baijuan likes to study very much. she wants to be admitted to a university in Beijing and wants to change her fate by reading and go to the city to earn more money.

three years later, the crew returned to the old place, only to find that 15-year-old Ma Baijuan had dropped out of school, and later married her cousin and had a child.

her father doesn't want his daughter to read. He always feels that the doll will be someone else's family in the future.

"A little reading is enough. Anyway, she has to rely on her husband when she grows up."

Ma Baijuan's tragedy is not only a tragedy of poverty, but also caused by her parents.

it is clear that there is a chance to study and the possibility of changing fate, but her parents are closed-minded and backward, and only want their daughter to marry and have children.

growing up in a family like that, how can children be taught to change their fate by seeing their parents accept their fate little by little?

and there are many such parents, even if they are not poor in life, they are still a mess in educating their children.


Bai Yansong said:

"parents who play mahjong cannot teach progressive children."

he said that parents should bear at least 51% of the responsibility in the process of their children's growth.

how many parents are making progress in their lives?

always complain that children are not making progress, and then blame it all on social and educational problems.

"if you don't teach, it's your father's fault." If the teaching is not strict, the teacher is lazy. "

in educating children, schools and society mainly play a supplementary role, while families and parents are the main force.

parents' hands hide their children's future.

after the Northern Song Dynasty writer Su Jie got married, he realized that he could no longer do nothing, so he went to school at the age of 27, hoping to set a good example for his children.

it is a pity that their two sons, Su Shi and Su Zhe, have been naughty since they were young and do not like to read books. Su Kui had no choice but to change the way of education.

while the child was playing, he deliberately hid his books in the corner and hid the "book" deliberately when he saw the child coming.

the two children were very curious and thought their father was not telling them what good books they were reading, so they "stole" the books while their father was out.

slowly, Su Xun formed the habit of reading for her children, and made them feel the pleasure of reading, and eventually became a generation of famous experts.

all kinds of behaviors of children are imitated by their parents, and parents are the best teachers for their children.

if parents want to make any demands on their children, they must first make demands on themselves. Only if they do well can their children learn well.


excellent parents may not be able to raise equally good children.

but enterprising parents must be able to teach better children than them.

because parents are self-motivated, it is not only a family atmosphere conducive to the growth of children, but also a positive education for children to teach by deeds and deeds.

Last year, when they were quarantined at home, many parents complained that their children were difficult to teach and simply left them alone.

but parents who are really responsible for their children never complain, but "force" themselves to set an example for their children.

once there was a 49-year-old father who successfully passed the law exam after eight months of self-study, which is admirable.

he said that he only wants to have a common language with his daughter who is studying law so that he can guide her in employment in the future.

and his wife is not an ordinary person. She majored in computer science for an undergraduate, but took the CPA for a cross-major.

their family loves to learn very much, and they seldom play mobile phones or watch TV. They often study together with their own learning materials on the table.

in such a learning atmosphere, daughters absorb nutrients like bamboo shoots after a spring rain and perform better and better.

I studied in the law excellence class of Central South University of Economics and Law. I won many national scholarships during the university, and now I have been exempted from studying for a master's degree at Peking University.

therefore, the best family education is: the more motivated the parents are, the better the children are.

when parents are full of confidence in life and continuous pursuit of life, it will naturally give their children a steady stream of positive energy and motivation.

A good education can awaken life, and parents' positive and hard work can shape a different life for their children.


Why should children work hard?

because you can't make progress if you don't work hard, you are doomed to be overtaken by others.

in this era when everyone is competing for the first place, we strive not only to surpass others, but also to find a foothold in this competitive society.

so, where does a child's motivation come from?

comes from parents, and it is the words and deeds of parents that teach children how to work hard;

comes from the family, and it is the positive atmosphere of the family that makes children willing to work hard.

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parents and children have never been subordinate to their superiors and subordinates, but a comrade-in-arms relationship side by side.

on the way of their children's growth, parents should do a good job in their children's strong and effective assists and mobilize their institutes.There is positive energy and enthusiasm.

We will encounter countless "enemies" and many problems. Only by working with our children to "defend the enemy" can we win a hundred battles.

this is not only a process of education, but also a process in which parents and children struggle and grow together.

Su Shi wrote in "San Huai Tang Ming":

A harmonious family, a family that can last for a long time, a family that loves learning, has a steady stream of vitality.

A family should be harmonious, have cultural connotations, struggle endlessly, and give children continuous essence and vitality.

Children who grow up in this environment will certainly shine in the future.