The best family education is in these six sentences.

The best family education is in these six sentences.

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I wonder if you have such a problem:

there are tens of thousands of parenting methods, which is the most correct one to choose?

in fact, education is not a scripted thing, it is best for children, and it is right to make more reference and explore.

but then again, although the methods are different, the ideas are more or less the same.

to sum up, we should strive to achieve the following six "good":


good parents are not born to know how to educate parents. Good parents are learned:

first of all, we should set a positive example for their children and teach them by deeds and deeds.

secondly, pay more attention to the child's situation and understand the child's performance in school in order to respond in time.

then, know how to absorb the experience of others, strive to improve educational ability and level, and keep pace with children.

finally, if you find problems in your children, correct them and reflect on your past practices.


good children are controlled

bear children are followed by parents who don't care, and good children often come from strictly regulated families:

reasonable requirements can be met, but if children are unreasonable, parents should adhere to the principle.

set rules for children and tell them what to do and what not to do, as well as the punishment for violation.

tolerate but do not allow children to make mistakes, correct them in time, and pay attention to consistent attitude.

if the child refuses to listen, let them bear the consequences of their actions and learn a lesson.


good habits are nurtured

if parents want their children to have good behavior and good grades, parents should pay close attention to their habits:

in life, children should be punctual, polite and honest, and pay attention to hygiene.

in learning, children should read more, practice calligraphy, think and write questions independently, and ask questions if they don't understand.

when doing things, let your children be careful, have a good beginning and finish, have the courage to admit their mistakes and bear the consequences.

in addition, don't forget to teach children the correct concept of money, so as to be diligent and frugal and spend rationally.


good grades are helped

Education is a problem that schools and parents cannot avoid, and it needs schools and parents to adapt:

now there are many idle minors, that is, children who are supposed to be in school but do not want to study and choose to drop out of school.

94% of this is the result of academic failure. Academic backwardness, weariness, truancy and running away from home have become the four steps of juvenile delinquency.

therefore, it is our parents' duty to help our children adapt to the examination-oriented education, and the best way to help our children reduce the burden is for our parents to increase the burden, that is, our parents can become their children's mentors.

of course, good grades are brought out by school teachers, but in today's fierce competition in education, these good grades are increasingly soaked in the sweat of parents.


good communication is heard

many parents have nothing to talk about with their children, but in my opinion, listening is more important than speaking:

reviewing past parent-child conversations, if there is a situation that "adults have been talking all the time", we have to change it quickly!

listen more to your children's opinions, don't rush to refute or interrupt, give them a chance to express themselves.

if you think your child's idea is unreasonable, remember to explain patiently instead of rudely dropping the word "just do it".

selectively involve children in family discussions and increase their sense of family responsibility.


A good childhood is accompanied

A happy childhood cures a lifetime. For children, a good childhood can not be without the company of their parents:

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try to spend time with children and have dinner with them as much as possible.

refuse inefficient or ineffective companionship, such as staying next to your child watching your cell phone and minding your own business.

when accompanied, the child is the protagonist, and the parent should be the leader and participate in the ongoing activities of the child.

parent-child interaction doesn't mean doing something particularly classy, and it's nice to chat and do puzzles together.

in short, successful family education lies in:

develop good habits and skills; have a good parent-child relationship and accompany a good childhood; become good parents and teach good children.