The 10 mottos that have nothing to lose in your life are enlightening after watching them.

The 10 mottos that have nothing to lose in your life are enlightening after watching them.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people inevitably suffer losses. Some people lose money for a while, while others lose money for the rest of their lives.

people who suffer for a while have accumulated enough experience in the experience to complete the transformation. People who lose money for the rest of their lives don't figure out how to turn their lives from losses to profits.

in the final analysis, if you want to lose less in life, you must master some ways to stop losses.

Today, Uncle Fan has brought you 10 enlightening proverbs. The sooner you know, the less you will suffer.


keep awake and learn to be confused

some people say: "A person is only busy with two things in his life: doing things and being a man."

it is true. Doing things is the foundation of life; being a man is the foundation of dealing with the world. There is a word difference between the two, but the method is completely different.

the most important thing to do is to avoid doing things blindly and to sort out the cause and effect inside and outside in order to accomplish it efficiently.

being a man is the most taboo of being awake, being in rivers and lakes, anyone can't hide from the grudges, and if you care too much, it will only add to your troubles.

Zong Li Yu in the Tang Dynasty knew this very well.

once, he learned from the princess who married Guo Ziyi, a famous general of the Tang Dynasty, as his daughter-in-law, that Guo Ziyi's son said wildly, "what emperor? my father wanted to be an emperor long ago."

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in ancient times, this kind of rebellion was a great crime.

after hearing this, Daizong pretended to be confused and said, "what he said is true. Guo Jiashi is my pillar."

in a word, it not only saved the face of the emperor, but also left a famous general who would make great contributions to him in the future.

there is a long way to go in life, knowing that to act is wisdom, and learning to "pretend to be stupid" is wisdom.


contentment is peace of mind. Greed is often accompanied by disaster.

Human beings are noble and can tame wild beasts, produce machines, and create intelligence, but they are too humble to avoid their own nature. unable to escape the swamp of desire.

want more money, better enjoyment, more recognition.

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, once said: "contentment is wide, and greed is narrow in the universe."

means that contented people feel that the sky is wide and the earth is wide, and everything wins. Greedy people think that the universe is narrow and everything is bad.

I have to admit that everyone in the materialistic world wants to be better, but not everything can be done.

when looking into the distance, you might as well look at the present, a healthy body, a happy family, a stable and convenient society. Isn't this a kind of happiness?

Don't lose what you have because of greed.

remember that you can be contented and you can live in peace everywhere.


be lenient to others and be strict with yourself

the rules of Yangzheng say: "treat others richly, accept offers, be generous in blaming yourself, and be lenient in blaming others."

means that you should be polite to others, treat yourself frugally, ask yourself to be serious and strict, and ask others to be lenient and lenient.

in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, Dong Duxing, a famous Beijing official, received a letter from his family, hoping to use his power to resolve the dispute with his neighbors over the foundation of the building.

after reading the book, he said:

after his family read it, they felt guilty and offered to give up a few feet, and the neighbors did the same.

as a result, the two families gave up a few feet wide, and when the house was built, there was an hutong, known as the "Renyi Hutong".

it is undeniable that things often happen in this world that "only state officials are allowed to set fires, but people are not allowed to light lamps."

for these, harshness, abuse and retaliation have no effect.

Life belongs to you after all. Letting others go and perfecting yourself is the right way.


go astray, sit and watch Yunjun Yunshu

people will inevitably encounter all kinds of sufferings all their lives, but everyone's attitude towards suffering is very different.

it's not smart to either give up or fight to the end.

actor Liming said:

I think so. When we try our best for something and still have no result, we don't have to worry about it.

the smartest thing to do is to be calm, learn from experience, and focus on things that can be changed.

No matter how life is, the sun always comes out in the east and sets in the west. As long as something happens, the heart is naturally at ease.


your world is difficult and easy.

there is often a saying on the Internet: "if the heart is simple, the world is simple."

although the words are easy to understand, few people do it. When we encounter a little problem at work, we feel trapped; in life, when friends travel together without calling you, we feel estranged.

We always think that the world is not friendly to us, but we don't realize that we lock our hearts.

I heard a story about two people who fell into the water, one with excellent eyesight and the other with myopia.

when the two were exhausted struggling in the water, the people with good eyesight vaguely saw an island ahead, so they tried their best to swim straight.

swimming closer and closer, people with good eyesight see clearly the so-called island, but it is just a dead tree, so they give up. And myopic people still believe that it must be the island, so they move on.

when he swam to his destination, he found that it was indeed a dead wood, but by this time he was not far from the shore. It is conceivable that those with good eyesight lost their lives, while those with poor eyesight survived.

Life is impermanent, but luck often comes from simplicity.


everything is moderate, but it is mentioned in

"just the right Happiness":

indeed, happiness depends on the way we deal with things. One point less is missing, and one point more is too much.

once upon a time there was a young man who wanted to be an all-round person morally, intellectually, physically and aesthetically.

heHe has worked hard in every aspect, but he has not made any progress. He was so distressed that he went to visit a master.

the master said, "Let's climb the mountain together. You'll know what to do when you get to the top of the mountain."

there are many small crystal stones on the mountain, which are very charming. Whenever he saw the stone he liked, he would put it in his pocket, and soon he couldn't stand it.

Master smiled: "how can you reach the top with so many stones on your back?"

the young man's heart brightened, thanked the master and left. Later, he devoted himself to learning and made rapid progress.

all things in life are the best. If you lack them, you will not succeed. If you make mistakes, you will suffer disasters.


there is more gratitude in our hearts and a little more happiness in life

when it comes to gratitude, the first thing we think of is our parents, friends and society.

We should be grateful for the people or things we are grateful for. But what really makes us happy is gratitude, malice and injustice. I read such a story on the Internet:

two car accident survivors both lost a leg, and one of them said to everyone, "although my life is saved, I have lost a leg. How am I going to live the rest of my life?"

the other person's attitude is: "although I lost a leg, but saved my life, I can still live."

later, the lives of the two were very different. The former was depressed all day long and could not bear it, so he chose to die. The latter's life is better and better.

Life, no matter what, always have a heart of gratitude for it to let us grow, and happiness will come as expected.


conceited and complacent, Taiji will not come to

"Don't boast at all, arrogance and complacency will turn over. Looking at how many things in ancient and modern times, success is caused by modesty and failure by extravagance. "

Chen Yi wrote this sentence in the poem "Seven Ancient hands do not stretch out" to warn us that through the ages, pride is the beginning of failure.

in the 24th year of Jian'an, Liu Bei established himself as the king of the Han Dynasty, so he was jointly attacked by Cao Cao and Sun Quan.

with an eulogizing letter, Sun Quan Senior General Lu Xun relaxed Guan Yu's guard and deployed more than half of Jingzhou's troops to attack Fancheng, where Cao's troops were stationed. Since then, Guan Yu has embarked on a road of no return.

after the defeat in Jingzhou, Guan Yu bent on going his own way and ignored advice, and was finally captured on the path of Maicheng.

as Wang Yangming said, "A serious illness in life is only a word of pride."

Life has its ups and downs, don't be conceited, be humble.


less emotional, try a little more

nowadays, complaining seems to be a fashion nowadays.

the bitterness of life, the tiredness of work, the confusion of family members, and all kinds of negative emotions fill every corner.

complaining is not only meaningless, but also increases annoyance, even negative addiction and degeneration.

Milton once said:

"all great men never admit that life is unchangeable."

he will be dissatisfied with the circumstances at that time, but his dissatisfaction will not make him complain and unhappy, but will make him full of enthusiasm to start a career, and what he has done will bear fruit. "

all one's life, time is limited, less blame, less complaint, less regret.

instead of wasting time on meaningless emotions, internalize complaints into motivation to move forward.


words should be soft, people should be tough

Bacon said, "thoughtfulness is better than eloquence, and proper wording is better than compliment."

the relationship between people seems to be judged by whether they can communicate with each other, but it is actually determined by whether they can communicate or not.

when Zeng Guofan was an official in his early years, he spoke arrogantly and set up many political enemies, which laid many hidden dangers for his own way as an official, and finally suffered losses.

from his official career experience, he realized that he knew how to be soft when speaking, and then used this as a family motto to warn his nephew not to speak without choosing words.

however, being soft in words does not mean compromise everywhere. To be soft in words is an EQ. Being tough is the bottom line.

only if we keep our bottom line without breaking the defense, can we win the respect of others.

only by combining strength with softness can we gain a foothold for a long time.


Life is like a flood. Although the road ahead is broad, it is full of unknown.

even so, we are willing to join in and be the undercurrent.

after all, if you don't plunge into the rivers and seas, it will be difficult to calm your regrets. If you don't meet a reef, it's hard to stir up a gorgeous spray.

I hope that in the following days, everyone will go out and turn losses into profits with these 10 proverbs of life.