That night, I went to the bar with her.

That night, I went to the bar with her.

He passed in a daze of happiness.

at that time, I screwed up a lot of things and cried secretly under the quilt several times in a few days.

she said, come out and let's go for a drink.

adults will warn me that in that kind of place, people who like to drink are mixed, and people of the same age must secretly think that people who go in and out of that place and learn to drink are not "serious" enough.

but that night in the bar, the frivolity, extravagance, boldness and ambiguity that grew up in a slightly tipsy atmosphere made me feel extremely relaxed.

I walked for a while before I found the special "grocery store" in Xiaohuangkou, decorated more than a decade ago, old-fashioned televisions and rattan chairs, cans of lollipops and some red pendants on the shelves.

from the quiet grocery store to the swaying mini-bar.

then she raised her legs, a little sexy posture, super good-looking.

after a few sips of wine, I slurped and slid my index finger gently across her exposed shoulder; she also patted my thigh with a bad smile.

but it gives me a feeling right now, just like when I was a teenager, when girls occasionally wore mature and beautiful clothes, their friends deliberately teased you and thought you were really good-looking.

she clenched her little fist and pretended to scream, "Oh, I touched your chest!" I threw her hand away and laughed.

the wine I drank that night was blueberries on the ice bowl.

looking around for a week, I found that there were also many "commuters". They were plainly dressed, wore glasses, and carried backpacks, and some girls did not apply Fandai, with regular black hair and bangs, and everyone was an ordinary person.

I noticed them because the wine they ordered was the same as that of Xiaohuan, the name was a little crazy, it was called "Walking Dead" (probably to tell you what it would look like after drinking it), and the glasses were all skeletons of different colors, about forty or fifty degrees.

suddenly feel that ordinary people who work conscientiously on weekdays also have such handsome and magnanimous moments.

Xiaohuan's wine breathes fire, which is very outstanding.

most of the time, they stare at the bottles and cups in their hands and mix them intently, instead of deliberately playing handsome and flirting with their little sister in movies and TV dramas, they are just working hard.

the bartender that night looked lovely like Hanxing and Shen Zhenxuan in the Apostle.

Xiao Huan told me that I must try it next time, but I have forgotten the name of that glass of wine. I only remember it is an English name.

he said earnestly that he had failed CET-4, and then showed off his oral English with a good accent.

but on a change of mind, people usually talk to their fat-bellied bosses and compete with their tired colleagues.

after drinking wine, I found a car on the side of the road with a light like a rainbow.

after drinking half of the wine, there were two girls nearby. I thought they were like other "commuters", ordinary short sleeves, ordinary casual pants, ordinary sneakers.

the wine they ordered is very romantic, goblets, rose petals, drinking one by one.

there are several big screens in the bar, on which customers leave photos and drunken mantras (silly words), and now people can see the messages left by previous people.

they look really ordinary, far less eye-catching than those sexy little sisters, and they probably wouldn't have been noticed if they hadn't been sitting next to me.

the small ring also left a stupid pep talk on the screen, but I enjoyed it.

my first drink, elementary school, beer, my father handed it to me.

I asked him, "is it good?"

Uncles began to laugh, waiting for one of my children to admit it.

in fact, I knew it was bad and bitter as soon as I took the first sip.

at that time, drinking was for others.

I drank a few beers, brushed the floor and stood up and borrowed half a Mac from my friend to sing along.

at that time, I drank to get attention.

while they were trying to be brave, they hoped that someone would see it.

now they don't like to post this kind of moments, but they still go to drink quietly.

"once released, it's gone." of course, she can convince herself to accept this.

but what I hope is that when I grow up, I will not post on moments or ask for others.

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