Ten benefits of sweating! After watching it, I silently turned off the air conditioner.

Ten benefits of sweating! After watching it, I silently turned off the air conditioner.

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in summer, many people want to hide in "air-conditioned rooms" every day, which leads to the fact that summer is supposed to be the season for sweating, but you can't sweat!

there are even some people who wear antiperspirant and other products when they go out to prevent sweat from getting wet.

in fact, these practices are completely contrary to the physiological laws of the human body, and the method of keeping yourself from sweating is also wrong.

sweating less in summer, colds, arthritis, insomnia will come to you, and the incidence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure is also multiplying.

sweating more in summer is the healthiest.

10 amazing benefits of sweating:


detoxification and cancer prevention

sweating is the best way to detoxify and prevent cancer, so you may not believe it.

Research data show that sweat is one of the ways of excretion of harmful substances such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury in the body.

for example, marathon runners rarely get cancer because the main culprits of cancer, such as lead, mercury and arsenic, are excreted through sweating.

A marathon runner sweats 20 times more lead than a normal person.

it is not enough for us to drink water to detoxify. It can be seen that sweating is very helpful in excreting toxins and preventing cancer.



sweat can remove toxins that clog pores and eliminate acne and acne on the skin.

many people often suffer from acne, face, back and so on, which is caused by dirty skin pores and clogging pores.

in summer, it is better to exercise more, sweat a little, and you immediately feel that your skin becomes compact, delicate, shiny, and pimples will be reduced.


lose weight and prevent chronic diseases

in addition, sweating can also consume excess energy of the body, which helps to promote the decomposition of fat and has a certain effect on weight loss.

there is less fat in the body and blood vessels, and chronic diseases such as natural hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart deficiency tube diseases will also be reduced and improved.

in summer, the cells will be more active, at this time to strengthen exercise, scientific perspiration, the effect is several times the usual, more conducive to weight loss, improve physical condition, prevent "three high" and other chronic diseases.


improve immunity

another amazing benefit of sweating more in summer is to improve the body's immunity.

in order to improve immunity, many people often eat some health products, some health products contain unknown ingredients, some health products contain hormones, but inhibit the immune system.

the best way is to sweat scientifically.

the study found that the antimicrobial peptides contained in sweat can effectively resist viruses, bacteria and fungi, and sweating can effectively enhance self-immunity and improve the ability of antibacterial and antiviral.

for example, exercise for 30-45 minutes a day, the body sweats slightly, 5 days a week, long-term persistence, immunity will be enhanced.


promote digestion

Summer tends to lose appetite and indigestion, and the best way to promote digestion is to sweat through exercise.

because sweating accelerates the metabolism of the whole body, helps intestinal peristalsis and improves digestion.

especially for people with constipation, sweating through exercise is also of great help to relieve constipation.


enhance memory

sweating will also keep human cells in a vigorous state, maintain concentration, enhance memory, and make the brain more active.

in addition, studies have confirmed that exercise sweating can have a positive effect on the brain, which can greatly improve people's memory and concentration.


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stabilizing blood pressure  sweating during exercise helps to dilate capillaries, accelerate blood circulation and increase the elasticity of blood vessel wall, so as to reduce blood pressure.

at the same time, exercise sweating accelerates blood circulation and helps to regulate the digestive system and nervous system.

therefore, in addition to diet control, sweating is the best way to prevent hypertension.


protect bones

We all know that many people are prone to osteoporosis as they get older because of calcium loss.

so how to effectively prevent the loss of calcium?

A simple and effective way is to exercise sweating, which is beneficial to the effective retention of calcium, prevent the excretion of calcium from the urine and prevent osteoporosis.


to prevent the formation of stone

stone is mainly caused by the crystallization and deposition of magnesium phosphate and other inorganic salts in the body.

and sweating can effectively expel salt from the body and retain calcium in the bones.

this physiological process limits the accumulation of salt and calcium in the kidneys and urine, which is the source of stones.

it is no coincidence that people who sweat more drink more water, thus preventing the formation of stones.


preventing cold

sweating actually helps to fight tuberculosis and other dangerous pathogens.

the antimicrobial peptides contained in sweat can effectively resist viruses, bacteria and fungi. They can enter the cell membrane of bacteria and decompose them.

the results of the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2013 show that

epidermal protein is very effective against tuberculosis and other bacteria.

this natural substance is more effective than antibiotics, and epidermal protein, a natural antibiotic, can be naturally activated in slightly acidic sweat.


how to sweat correctly

There are two types: active sweating and passive sweating.

active sweating: active sweating mainly depends on exercise, which will accelerate the metabolism of the human body and promote energy consumption. For example, walking, jogging and so on.

passive sweating:

passive sweating promotes sweating through the thermal environment, which consumes less and is suitable for people whose bodies are not suitable for exercise. For example, foot soaking, sweat steaming, sauna and so on.

sweating in summer is a natural way of health care given to us by God. When we should sweat, we should not sweat, and medical expenses cost tens of millions of dollars.