Take an umbrella for yourself! (this article must be read)

Take an umbrella for yourself! (this article must be read)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I have seen such a sentence: some people are willing to lend you their umbrella on a sunny day. When it rained, he left quietly with an umbrella.

has anything like this happened to you in real life?

sometimes, we may not be able to take good care of ourselves, so how can we expect others to hold umbrellas for us?

who do you rely on in this life?

as the old saying goes: relying on mountains will fall, but everyone can run!

only on their own, is the largest sense of security, their own brocade harbor, not afraid of dry water!

No one is reliable in life. When no one holds an umbrella above your head, you must learn to be strong.

rely on your own life, although a little tired, but tired and fulfilling, because you know that your work will eventually get something.

living on your own tapestry is a bit bitter, but it's really hard, because you don't owe anyone, you don't owe anyone, and you spend the most peace of mind with the money you save.

have some money in hand, so that when you ask for help, you will not be rejected and given a cold face.

I once saw such a sentence and thought deeply: if I could, I would rather not experience the cold taste of the world for the rest of my life.

when you don't rely on others, you hold your own umbrella in wind and rain, you are strong in distress, you can take care of things yourself, and you never have to experience the feeling of begging for others to be looked down upon.

A person's life will not be flat, and the best way to plan ahead is to constantly increase your leverage!

relying on your own way of life is much more muddy than relying on others;

achieving your own success by yourself is a hundred times harder than waiting for others!

however, if you choose to rely on yourself, you will not only have the ability, but also more and more confident and confident life!

Yu Qiuyu said: the road of life, step by step by yourself, can really protect you, is your own life choice.

if you choose comfort, it is possible to make things difficult for you in the future;

choose idleness, life is likely to have more tribulations;

choose to be strong, that is, to constantly increase your strength!

the choice of life is closely related to your future. Choose a difficult road, open up a path, at the same time, you also have more opportunities and possibilities!

there is no backing in the world that is more reliable than your own "hard spirit"!

choose to rely on yourself, the road may be difficult, but when you really come out and get through it, you will find that your life is more tenacious and your life is more fulfilling.

the philosopher Cicero once said: he who depends entirely on himself and has everything on his own cannot be unhappy.

what is peace of mind?

with cards in pocket, money in hand, parents can be considerate when they need it, we are not afraid of future changes, we have the strength to meet more challenges!

in life, giving it to yourself is the most real, and relying on yourself is the most secure.

if you don't want to be abandoned, be your own master; if you don't want to be laughed at, make your own umbrella!

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if you give yourself an umbrella, you will have a fearless tomorrow!