Sweat is the best health care product on dog days! A healthy sweat is better than a tonic.

Sweat is the best health care product on dog days! A healthy sweat is better than a tonic.

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sweat is sticky, smelly, and soiled clothes, and people are uncomfortable when sweating, so many people try not to sweat, sweat less, turn on air conditioners, do not exercise, and use antiperspirant.

in fact, these practices completely violate the physiological laws of the human body. It is also wrong to make every effort to keep yourself from sweating.

usually less sweating, dirty toxin excretion, decreased immunity; less sweating in summer, colds, arthritis, insomnia will come to you, the incidence of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure is also multiplying.

do not sweat, people are uneasy.


9 amazing benefits of sweating

sweating is a way for the human body to excrete and regulate body temperature. Sweating is a normal phenomenon when we feel hot, or during exercise.

normal sweating is good for health. Sweating can mobilize the organs of the whole body and improve circulation.

from the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine, sweating properly can also help to get rid of damp evil and heat poison in the body, and people become energetic. According to detailed counting, sweating has the following nine benefits:

discharge toxins

experts say that active sweating can speed up the body's humoral circulation and metabolic process, expel the accumulated toxins such as lactic acid, urea, and ammonia in the body, ensure the smooth flow of the nose, skin, lungs, and large intestine, and alleviate the metabolic burden on the kidneys to a certain extent.

Control blood pressure

Hypertension is a phenomenon caused by the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels and the limitation of unit blood flow. Exercise and sweating can dilate capillaries, accelerate blood circulation and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls to achieve the purpose of reducing blood pressure.

promote digestion and sleep

sweating promotes digestive sleep. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes that there is a degree of work and rest, overwork will hurt the vitality, and overwork will lead to slow movement of qi and blood. Non-sweating, slow movement of qi and blood will affect digestion, resulting in poor eating; nervous activity will also be affected, resulting in poor sleep at night.

prevent osteoporosis

many people think that sweating will lead to the loss of calcium in the body with sweat fluid. In this regard, experts pointed out that only water-soluble vitamins will be lost with sweat, calcium although soluble in water, but the solubility is very low, will not be excreted with sweat. On the contrary, sweating contributes to the effective retention of calcium and prevents osteoporosis.

enhance memory

A long-term education experiment on 20,000 middle school students in the United States shows that active exercise and sweating can have a positive effect on students, and their memory and concentration can be greatly improved.

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skin care and beauty

sweat is the best natural beauty lotion. Normal human skin surface sweat and sebaceous glands secreted to the body surface oil will form an emulsion film to prevent the loss of body surface moisture, thus making the skin appear smooth and moist.

people who do not sweat, the skin metabolism is slow, and some wastes are difficult to discharge. Sweating can clean pores and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

lose weight

when the human body exercises and reaches a certain intensity, fat is burned and converted into calories, which is excreted through sweat.

improve immunity

sweating more in summer, there is another amazing benefit, that is to improve the body's immunity.

the primary function of sweating is to act as a thermostat. "only by getting a little cold in winter and sweating a little in summer can we ensure that this thermoregulation mechanism of the human body is always new."

in order to improve immunity, many people often eat some health products, some health products contain unknown ingredients, some health products contain hormones, but inhibit the immune system.

preventing sweating from colds

actually helps to fight tuberculosis and other dangerous pathogens. Antimicrobial peptides in sweat can effectively resist viruses, bacteria and fungi; they can enter the cell membrane of bacteria and decompose them.


healthy sweating

traditional Chinese medicine believes that sweat is the liquid of the heart. Sweat glands are distributed all over the body except mucous membrane. There are two ways of sweating: active sweating (active sweating) and static sweating (passive sweating).

static sweat

static sweat refers to sweat that is below 30 degrees Celsius and no beads of sweat can be seen. Static sweating is generally not too much, if you obviously feel that even if you are still sweating a lot, it is too much static sweating, which is abnormal. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is often referred to as spontaneous sweating (qi deficiency), night sweating (yin deficiency) and so on.


traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "moving sweat is valuable", which means that sweating during exercise is the most valuable, because it is deep sweating.

our usual "sauna" or sweating due to high temperature is shallow sweating. Deep sweating is more conducive to the excretion of toxins and the relaxation of Yang qi than shallow sweating, so you might as well take part in some exercise in summer to make the body sweat in the right amount.

after sweating actively, it not only makes people feel very comfortable, but also a real "natural tonic for the human body". Here are six ways to make you sweat actively and take tonics every day!

1. Drink hot water and hot porridge before exercise

drink a cup of hot water or hot porridge before exercise, so that the pores will be ready to open; if you exercise for a period of time, you will be able to open all the pores and sweat thoroughly. But after exercise, do not immediately turn on the air conditioner, fan or take a cold bath, wait patiently for the sweat to subside.

2. Skillfully use ginger to promote sweating

ginger is a good thing in summer, which not only dissipates dampness and warms the spleen and stomach, but also opens sweat pores. People who have to work in an air-conditioned environment can insist on drinking ginger water. For example, tea with ginger slices bubble water, ginger jujube water, etc., to promote perspiration.

3, self-fever from the knee

sedentaryPeople who move can use hot water bags, warm babies and so on to increase perspiration. After going to work every day, stick a warm baby on your knee and let the body heat itself and go deep into the skin.

the same effect can be achieved by taking a bath or soaking feet. Taking a bath or soaking your feet at a water temperature of about 40 ℃ is conducive to sweating and relieving fatigue.

4, rest for an hour

in summer, you can make a plan to turn off the air conditioner regularly every day, sit quietly for an hour, and cultivate the body's ability to sweat on its own initiative.

5, bask in the sun for 15 minutes

summer sunshine is the best motivation for the human body to sweat actively. Every day at 9: 10 a.m. and 4: 5 p.m., basking in the sun for about 15 minutes and doing some simple stretching exercises can gradually activate the body's energy.

6, do not stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time

sit in the air-conditioned room for a long time, which will dull the pores and affect the normal physiological function of the perspiration system.

in summer, you can choose to exercise outdoors before 10: 00 or after 5: 00 p. M. to make your body sweat slightly.

people who have to stay in an air-conditioned room for a long time can drink more warm water and effectively promote perspiration, which is also very helpful in relieving heat.

in short, except for people with serious diseases such as heart failure, most people are suitable for active sweating, but they should choose the most suitable way of active sweating according to their physical conditions. it is also necessary to prevent excessive exercise from causing excessive loss of body fluids, and the loss outweighs the gain.

sweating a day is better than taking a tonic! In such a good health season, why don't you move?