Student organizations sometimes don't make you grow.

Student organizations sometimes don't make you grow.

Sometimes, saying something bad is to make it better.

has always disliked the formalization of the student union, so every minister in our department will lead the director to do something special. I really think it's good to be happy to finish a student's work, but the presidium makes me feel that if I praise them for helping our department a lot, they will say that I kiss ass, and if I don't speak, they will say that I am ungrateful. During the change of the department, there was a session for the presidium to interview officers, but it was of no use, and it was always the minister who finally decided the list of the new ministerial regiment. So I asked the officers to go on strike and not to attend the interview. Two years of student work, too much thankless, others will think that we have learned a lot, exercise, growth, but only we know that we lose more than we get.

I became president.

this originally made me very proud and happy.

before the election, I was confident that this was true.

I was really capable of doing this job myself.

later, my brother told me that there were many inside stories.

without selfishness and behind the scenes, I could not be the one.

is not the highest vote, not the most capable.

is not the most likeable, not the best display,

is probably the most self-righteous.

but for some reason, I won the election.

even though I cherish the opportunities that are not easy to come from,

I don't want to grow up at that moment when I know a lot of dark things in my heart.

many people, including me, have always been biased against the student union. I think a large part of this comes from the stereotyped and bureaucratic rumors about the student union. Now, as a member of the student union, we are still occasionally forced to attend boring and lengthy meetings and to implement measures that we do not agree with. There was once a popular article on moments, "Chinese mainland does not have a real student union". At one point, it denounced the bureaucracy and inaction of the student union. However, when the environment you live in cannot be changed at all, all of us can only follow suit, and there is nothing to make me understand that apart from bureaucratic management, our so-called student organization, it is actually a group of hard-working peers, although no one tells us whether the method is right or wrong.

the society is more bureaucratic and rigid than the student organization.

Don't moan without illness, the greater significance of student organization is not to exercise, but to find people from different majors to do things and play together.

A few years later, you will find that the small habits formed by the student organization

are imperceptibly helpful to your career.

people who benefit from it will not deliberately come forward and say it is good.

the question that does not benefit is to find a psychological comfort, saying it is bad.

Student organization is like a small society, and your organization is like the place where you will work in the future. You have to learn how to have a good relationship with your superiors at the same time and how to adapt to complex work day after day. The only thing that can change all this is that only when you sit at the top of the student organization and really realize that its work is not easy, you will understand its real status quo and how to change it in your hands. On the other hand, many people who join student organizations like to complain about complicated jobs and envy those who have a good relationship with their leaders.

they are unwilling to change and maintain their so-called arrogance.

just like many people complain about China's education system,

has been longing for foreign learning mode.

but never thought of trying to study abroad

or to be an educational creator.

judging the quality of a student organization

is by no means based on its internal unity

its value orientation and focus are the key

A good student organization should have enough excellent people to think about the brain

instead of a group of people staying up all night to hug their thighs at critical moments

post moments to exclaim

"this is our team staying up all night. The Achievement of Sleeping

is really a group of people who fall into "strange".

these are the biggest feelings of my freshman year in a certain organization

branch campus. The small number of people on the side is basically ignored, things are not notified, and the work is not involved. Of course, coolies must think of you. Although it feels good on the surface, in fact, many of them are disagreeable, and there may be too much personal selfishness. It is a reality that the initial idea decides that it may be destroyed by later experiences. To tell you the truth, the human heart is the most difficult to guess and the most ruthless in the world.

sometimes I feel that it doesn't give me a sense of belonging.

this thing is very difficult to express.

but I just mind inexplicably.

the sense of belonging is a matter for both parties.

it is not given to me in the organization, so that I have no enthusiasm for the organization.

I joined the student union, and the standard of choosing people in my college's student union really subverts my values. Always feel that feelings and work are two different things, of course, sometimes it can be said to be the same thing, because after all, some teams with good feelings have a higher tacit understanding when they work. But not every team with a good relationship is cohesive, and sometimes it's more like a piece of sand. Sometimes I am really afraid that people who in my eyes are favored by their superiors who have no ideas than I do, how rigid or worse things are. That is also the reason why I no longer want to do student work. Many things behind the back are invisible to others, and everyone likes to be attached to superficial things.

take my running for vice monitor, for example. Before the military training last semester, I signed up to be the backbone to help welcome the freshmen into school. I became one of the first people in my class to know. Later in the classThe campaign in Li has also successfully become the liaison of military training. During the military training, I often deal with some affairs, so the students are more familiar with me. After the military training, I successfully became deputy monitor. But the students never knew that when I was a propaganda liaison, I didn't have to bask in the sun or military training. I was only responsible for collecting their military training diaries and getting the propaganda Federation to review the manuscripts. After reviewing the manuscript, you can sit over there and play with your cell phone. When the counselor wants to talk to me, I will go back to the class and inform the students. I run around all day as if I were very busy. although I also have the heart to serve my classmates and the confidence and ability to do things well, in fact, what I have to do is as much as the students see. You can even be lazy in the shade where they can't see.

I stayed in the student union for almost two years. Since I was an office worker, I never thought about what I expected. But after a long time, I felt that many people stayed in the student union in order to get something. I thought it was funny. After I became a clerk, I ran for minister unwittingly, and found that I had changed again. Everyone was very hypocritical and fake. Everyone said one thing and did another, so I was desperate. I made up my mind not to stay in office at once, which is not suitable.

so sometimes I think that the student union is really not a place for people to grow up.

rigid, every time I design posters and do ppt,

I want to be bold and innovative, and I also say that it is too grandiose.

in the end, I finished a simple poster according to rules.

except for those who study in the League, I can't attract the attention of other students at all.

trendy princess gowns with chapel train for wedding make a great look for nearly any locale . Our huge collections of are better than the rest.

the most disgusting thing is that

some teachers always like to tell them what to do when they don't understand.

his aesthetics really needs to be improved,

but he in turn feels that we need to improve.

when you work in the student union, you sometimes offend people on both sides.

even if you work hard,

, the boss may think that you are not good enough.

students feel that you can't work for their welfare, and

will feel a little stuffy when what you do can't satisfy them.

I've been editing all night. I'm running out of time. I'm sending so much first.

how do you feel after reading it? Please tell me backstage.

by the way, what do you think of [excellent class /experimental class]?

I hope to collect the opinions of [excellent class /experimental class] and ordinary students.