Stay away from the person around you who consumes you. (good text in depth)

Stay away from the person around you who consumes you. (good text in depth)

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those who are close to red are red, and those who are close to ink are black.

from the moment we entered the society, we began to deal with people.

We meet all kinds of people every day. If we are predestined, these people will become our friends, partners and even more intimate relationships.

but the world is cold and the heart is unfathomable.

you never think that most of the time, the one that hurts you the most is the one you think is the most intimate.

good birds choose the best trees to live, and people should also choose good friends.

so, if you have these three kinds of people around you, even if it's just for your own future, stay away as soon as possible, or you'll be in a lot of trouble.


Don't argue with people at different levels

the Book of morality says, "those who are good do not argue, but those who argue are not good."

there are bound to be differences between people, not in terms of wealth and status, but in levels.

two people with different perceptions are bound to be unable to become the same kind of people, and it is impossible to argue with such people whether they are right or wrong.

so never argue with people at different levels. Such an argument is torture to both yourself and others.

Carnegie shared a story in one of his books:

at the party, a man sitting on his right told a joke in which he quoted a sentence and explained that it came from the Bible.

Carnegie pointed out that the sentence came from a Shakespeare work, and the two men had their own opinions and argued endlessly.

so Carnegie took this question and asked another friend who was very familiar with Shakespeare.

after hearing this, the friend touched Carnegie with his foot under the table and then agreed with the man, saying that the sentence was from the Bible.

on the way back, Carnegie asked the friend, puzzled, why he was "partial" to the wrong side.

my friend said that pointing out his mistakes would embarrass him, and he didn't ask for advice, and there was no need to talk back to him, and it was unwise to face people face to face.

Carnegie listened deeply and came to the conclusion that

as the old saying goes, "summer worms can't talk about ice, well frogs can't talk about the sea, and every man can't talk."

when a scholar meets a soldier, it is reasonable and inexplicable.

for people with different aspirations, no matter how much you talk to him, it will be in vain, because a person at different levels will force himself into a corner, and people who are depressed all day are really not smart.

so, the best thing to do at this time is to stay away. after all, there is an axiom in this world. As long as you do a good job of yourself and argue or not, you will win.


Don't trust people with false feelings.

in this world, only one heart is the most complicated.

once we simply gave a heart to every "friend" who thought we were, but the heart was unpredictable and we had to guard against it.

after much experience, I realize that not everyone who passes by can bear your heart, and what really makes you miserable is not the responsibility of strangers, but the betrayal of the people around you.

therefore, people should not live too foolishly, do not be too credulous, and be on guard against everything.

du Shiniang was a famous prostitute in Beijing during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty.

although she is a young woman, she is strong in character and unyielding even if she is oppressed.

later I met Li Jia, the son of the rich family in Shaoxing.

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the simple ten Niangs easily believed that Li Jia was the man worthy of her entrust. she not only lowered her ransom price with the procuress, but also happily picked up the gold and silver and followed Li Jia on her way home, placing all the hopes of her life on him.

she hates the wrong person entrusted by Ten Niangs. She regards Li Jia as a day to rely on and a husband to spend her whole life with, but in Li Jia's eyes, she is still just a prostitute. It's not the lover you want to marry and take care of.

so on the boat back home, Li Jia sold du Shiniang to rich businessman Sun Fu for money.

in despair, du Shiniang angrily scolded Sun Fu, scolded Li Jia, threw pieces of treasure from the treasure chest treasured for many years into the river, and finally jumped into the rolling waves.

those wounds hidden in the heart are often from the loved ones around them.

We are always used to giving our hearts to the people we trust most, showing our weaknesses unguarded in front of them.

but never thought, trust, is a knife, the knife can protect people, but also hurt people, if the other party does not know how to cherish, the so-called trust, it will become a sharp weapon to hurt us.

as the saying goes, "the more you care about, the more hurt you will be." A person who turns a blind eye to your efforts and abandons your heart is not worthy of your trust.

so, don't be too credulous in dealing with people, and be on your guard. It doesn't mean you are unkind, just to better protect yourself.


Don't worry about the interaction between people who love petty gain

. It is inevitable that there will be times when it is necessary to socialize. At such times, there will always be some people who like to be greedy for petty gain.

they always want to show their shrewdness with the behavior of "taking advantage".

they all have a trace of luck in their hearts. Every time they "succeed", they feel that they are blessed and lucky, but in fact, they will eventually be punished by luck and cannot turn back.

Man is an animal that accepts cues, so if you are friends with such people for a long time, it is hard not to be influenced by them and become a product.People with defects in the line.

there is a question in Zhihu: what are the behaviors of people who love petty gains?

A respondent named Oliana got 19000 approval.

A former friend of hers likes to put money in her underwear.

there was no mobile payment at that time. Every time we go out to eat, when we check out, my friend winks softly: "my money is in my bra." Pay for me first. "

then, there is no such thing. After that, the friend did not return the money to her, so he took advantage of it no less than 10 times.

one time when they went out to drink milk tea again, their friends repeated their old tricks and finally couldn't stand it: "I don't have much money here. I can only pay for me alone."

there are still a lot of people waiting in line behind, and the friend blushes with anxiety: "then I won't eat." The people in the milk tea shop quit: "it's all started. You didn't say so!"

so my friend had to put his hand into his underwear in full view of the public.

in this world, no one is a fool, and no one is really willing to do business at a loss.

the love of petty gain is often a defect in the pattern of a person's good conduct. When they make friends with people, they all have a strong purpose.

if you have the convenience they want, they will be closer to you, but if you are of no use to them, they will not be as enthusiastic about you as they used to be.

so please stay away from those greedy people around you, how small their minds are, how narrow their future is, and there is no need for you to accompany them into a dead end.

the greatest wisdom in life is to stop loss in time.

in our lifetime, we will inevitably meet some "garbage people" who affect our lives and even hurt us.

whenever there is a time like this, smart people will choose not to see things like them and not to put themselves in danger.

being soft for a moment is not weakness, but the best way to protect yourself.

cause and effect will be reported in the world.

God is fair, he will not spare any bad person, and certainly will not wrongly accuse any good person.

therefore, in the face of these three kinds of people, we can't afford to provoke them, or it will be too late to hurt others and ourselves.

May we all be smart people and never let the "garbage man" take over any day of our lives. Love life and love yourself more!