"son, please don't help your mother with the housework." the letter written by my father became popular.

"son, please don't help your mother with the housework." the letter written by my father became popular.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

Dear child:

it's late at night. You should have had a rest.

Today, there are some words that have been echoing in Dad's mind, looking for a chance to say to you.

do you remember when Dad asked you to clear the table after supper?

at that time, your mother and I finished eating first, she went to the balcony to dry clothes, and I mopped the floor in the living room. After a while, you finished eating, you wiped your mouth, put the bowl down and got up to go.

at this time, I stopped you and asked you to clean the table and go to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

you are a little surprised and reluctant, so you come back slowly.

later, while you were washing, you complained: "I haven't done a lot of homework yet, so why do I have to help my mother do the dishes?"

son, my father's heart tightened when he heard you say this.

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for a long time, we read that you are busy with your studies, seldom let you do housework, and do not deliberately ask you to share the things at home.

but I didn't expect that this will make you more and more lazy and take it for granted.

Dad often tells you that as a man, the most valuable quality is responsibility and responsibility.

but the real responsibility often lies not in any important moment, but in every little thing in life.

so, Dad wants to have a serious chat with you next.


she is your mother

not your babysitter

child. Do you think your mother should do the housework when you wash the dishes reluctantly?

after all, my mother has been busy since you were born, and she is always the most hardworking person in the family.

there is a mother on the Internet who recorded her ordinary day by video.

every morning, the mother will be the first to get up, because she has to prepare breakfast in advance before the child wakes up.

when the children finished washing and eating, she kept tidying up her hands and feet to clean up the house.

I finally have some free time, so I have to prepare lunch and go out to play with the children.

in the evening, my mother is a little tired, but she has to continue to prepare dinner and take care of the family.

until late at night, the whole family fell asleep, and the mother's day really came to an end.

Child, you may not have noticed, but in fact, this aunt's day is also your mother's daily routine.

but, son, you know, mom, she could not have done this.

Dad clearly remembers that when your mother and I first got married, she was smug, hated cooking, and frowned when she cleaned the bathroom.

once, as soon as the oil was poured into the pot, she was scared away.

at that time, she got off work every day, went out when she was happy, and did what she liked at home if she didn't want to move.

later, when your mother gave birth to you, she could no longer be free like this.

she spends almost all her free time taking care of her family and you, but even so, she always has too much work to do.

what the father is trying to tell you, son, is that there is nothing that a mother "should" do.

she said goodbye to her previous life, gave up many hobbies, sacrificed her freedom, and cooked every meal for you herself.

not because of anything else, but because she loves this family, she loves you.

so son, you must not take your mother's daily efforts for granted.

Mother is not Superman, she is also a little princess worthy of our love and love.


the so-called family

means to share housework

children. I want to ask you, what do you think housework represents? Is it the exclusive property of the mother, or should it be the business of adults?

before you answer me, let me share a video with you.

in the video, a little sister refuses to pick up her toys or do housework, so her mother asks her a question.

Mom asked, "what is family?"

the little girl was still sobbing, but her answer was meaningful.

"I'm going to pack up my toys instead of leaving it there and letting you collect it, which is not what families should do at all."

"what family is, everyone will help each other and do their own things well."

"the family is not the only one who often rests there. When preparing for dinner, that person just sits there with nothing to do."

son, the father wants you to understand that housework is a lot of business that comes before you have a home.

you are part of the family, and this family gives you every meal, every piece of clothing, and every penny spent.

the family is not owned by the mother alone, and the housework is not exclusive to the mother either.

behind your quiet years, it is your mother who is bearing it silently.

son, you have grown up and stood beside me like a little man.

A really good child will never "help" his mother with housework, because it is his duty.

do you remember that during the epidemic, you were always bored at home and yelled about going out to play?

but in Guizhou, there is a brother who is only 7 years old, but he goes out every night to help his parents set up a stall.

someone asked him why he went out to set up a stall.

the younger brother said: because he wants to help his father make money.

although he was tired of setting up the stall, he learned to be considerate to his parents early on.

Dad believes that children like him, who are considerate to their parents and grateful, will do their best in the future and will certainly reap their own happiness.

Dad wants you to understand that if you have a family, you have responsibilities, and doing housework is your minimum commitment to family responsibilities.