Son, don't look for friends in the trash.

Son, don't look for friends in the trash.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Dear daughter:

Today, when your mother picked you up from school, you, who were always talking excitedly, suddenly became silent.

later, while you burst into tears, you aggrieved to tell your mother:

the friend in the class who played well with you Miao said that you cheated in the exam in front of the whole class.

so you had a big fight and are no longer good friends. Before

, your grades always hovered in the top ten of your class, but this time you made great progress, reaching the sixth place in your class, even surpassing Miaomiao, which has always been in front of you.

but your best friend is not only not happy for you, but also framed you.

looking at the way you cry, my mother is very distressed and worried.

Mom suddenly realized that my baby grew up day by day, and besides Mom and Dad, she also began to have her own friends and small circle.

so mom should talk to you about making friends.

like Miao Miao, someone who keeps saying that he is your friend but doesn't want you to do better than her in the exam is not worth your sorrow for her.

Baby, the road of life is long. We will meet a lot of people along the way, but not all of them are worth protecting and giving.

No matter when and where, my mother wants you not to look for friends in the garbage.


A friend who doesn't care about your life and safety can't make

do you remember the news that Mom specially told you before?

sixth graders Lingling and Jiejie lost the game of truth or dare with several classmates.

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the students who won the game unexpectedly forced them to accept punishment and jump into the river.

in order not to disappoint their friends, Lingling and Jiejie stepped into the swift river hand in hand despite their fear.

finally, Jie Jie was rescued by a fluke, but Lingling drowned.

Mother couldn't help feeling frightened when she saw the news.

the girl who lost her life, Lingling, is only 12 years old!

she still has a long and wonderful life, but she lost her precious life in order to maintain a poisonous friendship.

I remember that my mother saw one thing with her own eyes when she was at school:

my mother's classmate Guoguo had to jump and wipe the blackboard because she was not tall enough.

in order to tease her, her good friend suddenly stretched out his foot and tripped over the fruit.

later, when he fell on the podium, his front teeth hit the steps and directly broke half of his teeth.

she cried with pain on the spot and her mouth was covered with blood.

in the end, the fruit was sent to the hospital, which not only delayed his studies, but also spent a lot of money on dental implants.

but the friend who tripped her said that she fell and didn't admit her mistake at all.

daughter, look how important it is to make friends.

once you make a bad friend, it may even threaten your personal safety and cost you your life.

so you must stay away from people who always ask you to do something dangerous, or who often make fun of you maliciously.

the most precious thing in the world is life. A true good friend will never endanger your health and safety.


A friend who always makes you sad

Mom saw a video two days ago:

in which a little girl hid in bed and secretly wiped tears.

her father asked her why she was crying. The little girl cried and said aggrieved:

"my friend owes me 1 yuan, but I haven't paid it back for a year."

Dad couldn't help laughing when he heard this.

maybe in the father's eyes, "1 yuan" is really not worth her daughter's attention, but what the mother wants to tell you is that this 1 yuan is very important.

because it can help a little girl to see whether a friend is worth it or not.

A girl lends her little pocket money because she trusts a good friend, but the other person let her down.

this can only prove that the children who borrow money do not regard the little girl as a true friend at all.

because a true good friend will not be willing to make you sad because of her.

Mom remembers a little thing that happened not long ago.

one day Miao Miao came to our house to play with you and saw the new set of dolls that Dad gave you.

she likes it very much and wants you to give it to her.

it was a birthday present from your father, and you refused her because you didn't want to give it.

Mom heard Miaomiao complain: "you are too stingy to give me a doll. I won't play with you anymore."

at that moment, mom obviously saw the loss in your eyes.

but in the end, in order to keep Miao Miao's friend, you gave her another doll you liked very much, even with tears in your eyes.

although this is only a small thing, my mother sees a very important point:

Miao Miao only cares about whether she is happy or not, and has never thought about you. When you play with her, you always feel hurt and unhappy.

this kind of friendship is not worth cherishing at all.

A good friendship should make you feel happy, not just make you unhappy.

so forget it when you meet the person who makes you cry.

she must not be your best friend. "The best candidate.


friends with "bad habits" can stay as far away as possible

although your mother has always encouraged you to make friends, not everyone can be friends.

especially those children who fight, smoke, swear and have bad habits at an early age, you should stay away from them.

Mom has seen a case:

A girl in a school uniform knelt on the ground and was slapped by more than a dozen children wearing the same school uniform in turn.

the cause of the incident is that the girl who was beaten took a picture and posted it on moments, and one of the violent girls was accidentally photographed in the photo.

so the girl called more than a dozen friends to teach her a lesson.

but in fact, among the dozen girls who beat people, several of them don't know the girl who was beaten at all, let alone hold a grudge against her.

because they made friends with a "bad girl" who often took to the streets, those girls knew it was wrong to fight and hurt people, but they took part in the cruel violence regardless of the consequences.

you see, bad behavior is contagious.

once you get too close to children with poor conduct, you will virtually become such a person and do something that can't be undone.

A teacher told a story:

she came across a group of students smoking, including a particularly good student who usually behaved very well.

during the evening self-study, she called the good student to the office to have a heart-to-heart talk: "Why learn to smoke?"

she whispered, "because all my friends smoke."

you see, this is the terrible thing about "poisonous friendship".

in order to get the so-called friendship, the good boy who used to be excellent in moral and academic conduct has also become a bad boy who fights, smokes and has a bad habit.

Dear daughter, true friend, is to move forward shoulder to shoulder and make progress together, not to fall with you.

if a friend will make you catch bad habits such as fighting, smoking, skipping class, lying and so on, and don't want to make progress every day, then this friendship is not worth fighting for.

remember, a good friend makes you better, not worse.


finally, Mom wants to tell you about my best friend and your favorite poetry aunt.

in fact, when my mother was in school, her grades were not very good, especially at that time, her grades were very serious, her Chinese scores were good, and she often counted backwards in math exams.

but luckily, Mom met your Aunt Poetry, who has always been very serious about high achiever.

later, under her influence, my mother's grades became better and better, until she was admitted to our key middle school here, and finally she was admitted to her favorite university.

Aunt Shi Shi has helped her mother a lot over the years, and her mother has also helped her solve many problems.

if there is something unhappy or incomprehensible, my mother will chat with Aunt Shi Shi; whether it is good news or bad news, we will share it with each other as soon as possible.

by the way, even when you were born, Aunt Shi was always with her mother and often helped her take care of you.

saying this, Mom just wants to tell you that it really matters who you make friends with.

A true friend is the one who helps you make progress, makes you feel at ease and happy, and brings you help and full of emotion.

if you meet, you will be really happy.

finally, Mom tells you a story.

A child asked, "Mom, I was miserable by this friend, but I still can't let him go. What should I do?"

her mother told her:

you think that if you continue to eat that bad apple, you may eat a worm and even affect your health.

if you continue to treat that unworthy person as a friend, your life may be unhappy and often hurt by her.

discarding a bad friend is like throwing away a bad apple, which is also responsible to yourself.

there is no need for us to continue to be unhappy for a "bad friend" like Miao Miao, do you think?

Dear daughter, life is a process of constant gain and loss, and so are friends.

May you be on your guard, protect yourself from your "friends" in the garbage.

Mom believes that there will be a two-way friendship for you.