Smile (well written)

Smile (well written)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is like a mirror.

when you cry to it, it cries to you;

when you smile at it, it smiles at you.

the way you react to it,

will eventually happen to you.

the heart is big, the thing is small;  the heart is small, the thing is big.

if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere;

if the mind is relaxed, it is always spring.

nine times out of ten things go wrong in life.

learn to face it optimistically and always smile.

Life will give you the best feedback! 01

when you suffer a loss, don't get angry, smile and forgive others

forgive others,

forgive mistakes,

some things are well known,

you will grow up


think about it another way.

maybe if you suffer a loss at the moment,

can avoid more injuries and disasters in the future.


is misunderstood by others, do not fight, calm down

this world,

is not the person you care about,

cares about you;

is not the person you understand,

all understand you.

some people deliberately misunderstand you. Don't explain.

you explain that he said you covered it up.

with a clear conscience and calm smile,

makes him ashamed! 03

in times of adversity, do not give up, smile strongly

to encourage yourself,

let the fallen person get up;

smile and face it calmly, no matter how difficult the situation is.


We always have adversity, we always have grievances.

only through unswerving persistence can we get through the sweetness!

laugh at the ups and downs of life,

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Life storms will eventually make you! 04

when you encounter loss, do not insist, smile optimistically

wisely give up,

is better than blind persistence.

if moving forward is destined to get hurt,

it is better to stop there;

if getting along is destined to be painful,

it is better to let each other go.

some loss in life is not a bad thing.

can make you more mature and wise.

meet a better self!


when you have no choice, don't be obsessed with it. Smile with relief

if you see through something, you must take it away;

some people just look down on it.

there is always nothing you can do in life.

makes you heartbroken for a moment.

but when you walk by,

you will find

the wounds that make you miserable,

are just scratches! Laughter can heal your mood;

laughter can change your status quo.

laughter is the best bridge to connect people's hearts.

laughter is the best panacea for thorns!

face life, smile more!

May you go through the vicissitudes of life, but your heart is still intact;

May you cross the thousand sails and come back as a teenager!