Six signs of a person's good health

Six signs of a person's good health

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when one reaches middle age, one's life is half-steep. The left hand carries the career and the right hand carries the family.

keeping healthy is not only a responsibility, but also the cornerstone of a happy life.

these six signs of good health are great at 4 o'clock. Look how many you have won.


take the initiative to eat every meal and sleep well

some people say that to see how much a person loves himself, it depends on how he treats two things: one is to eat, the other is to sleep.

how many people, in order to keep fit, do not eat well, because they are busy at work, cheat casually, and finally starve to death;

how many people, under the slogan of "staying up late is free", work and rest irregularly, and finally their bodies are dysfunctional and seek medical treatment.

I always feel that hunger and lack of sleep have little effect on the body, but over the years, the body simply can't bear it.

it is never the last straw that kills the camel, but every straw.

eating and sleeping seems to be trivial, but it takes up most of the time of life.

eat well, the body absorbs enough nutrients, there is hope for health; sleep well, the body gets enough rest, the spirit will not be afraid of any challenge. When people reach middle age, health becomes extremely important.

A good sleep, like a good meal, is the most basic respect for life and the greatest protection for yourself.

one porridge and one meal, one sleep and one sleep is one's lifelong spiritual practice.


knowing how to let go is always optimistic

the ancients used to say that anger hurts the liver, joy, sadness, lung, spleen, and kidney.

most of the time, the reason why people are in bad shape has something to do with emotion.

A person in a bad mood is like a bomb that can explode at any time, hurting not only others but also themselves.

obviously I want to communicate well, but I can't help swearing when I say it.

when I'm upset, I lie in bed and can't sleep all night.

when I'm happy, I want to let the whole world know. Frustrated, melancholy can't think about it.

although emotion is not the whole of life, it can control your whole life.

some studies have shown that maintaining emotional stability and optimism is indeed beneficial to physical and mental health.

when people reach a certain age, not panic is a kind of confidence, not hurry is a kind of self-confidence.

Let go of what should be let go, and let go of what should be let go.

is yours, and you can't run away; what doesn't belong to you won't last long.

therefore, people who live a thorough life have long learned not to overexert themselves, to stop entangling, not to embarrass others, and not to wronge themselves.

know how to let go, be open to everything, have a good state of mind, and the day is satisfactory, people will naturally be healthier and happier.


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willing to accept new things and be enterprising

remember the 36-year-old sister at Tangshan Toll Station?

I thought this job would last a lifetime, but I didn't want to lose my iron rice bowl.

the sentence "I don't know anything now, and I can't learn anything" just put myself on fire.

this world is changing all the time, and learning can't stand still.

you can be cautious about new things, but you can't turn them down blindly.

No matter how good it is, a good horse cannot run faster than a car; no matter how fast the abacus is, it cannot be counted as a computer.

stop learning and rely solely on one skill to survive. You can gain a foothold for a while, but not for a lifetime.

warm-boiled frogs seem cozy and unrestrained, but the more comfortable they are, the more dangerous they are. When they wake up, they find that they can't help it.

the times are progressing, and we can't always stick to the old ideas to live a new life.

to keep yourself in a state of learning, you may not see the effect for a day, or change much for a year, but the influence is imperceptible.

everyone is a pool of water, but whether it is fresh living water or lifeless stagnant water depends on whether the mouth of the pool is open or closed when the river is washed away.

A person who has been in an open state must be in a happy mood, his head is active and his body is healthy.


regular cleaning Society cut off all kinds of troubles and troubles of

people, but they are reluctant to give up, can't let go, and can't throw them away.

for example, there are a lot of sundries at home, always thinking that in case they will use it one day, they will keep hoarding if they think it's a pity to throw it away.

but I don't want to. When the room is full, the living space will be reduced, and people will be anxious to live in it.

there are some things, not the more the better, excessive hoarding, life will be out of balance.

before buying an item, think about "I need" instead of "I want".

one more minute of thinking is not only friendly to your wallet, but also keeps your room from being occupied by useless things.

the ancients said: "if you stay in the orchid room for a long time, you don't smell it, and you don't feel its chaos when you live in a dirty house for a long time."

whether the house is tidy or not imperceptibly affects the owner's mental outlook and attitude towards life.

We can change the invisible world by "severing" foreign objects and throwing away what we can see.

when you finish cleaning up, you will find that your home is the same as before, but you seem to be more comfortable and feel more comfortable.

if you want to live a smooth, healthy and happy life, start by cleaning the room.


A cheerful friend with a sincere heart

as the saying goes, many friends have more paths, fewer opponents and fewer walls.

In fact, making more friends is not only easy to do, but also good for your health. If a person is in a close and harmonious interpersonal relationship with affection and righteousness, he must be in a good mood.

and bad interpersonal relationships can interfere with people's emotions and make people anxious, restless and even depressed.

the most pleasant thing in life is to have three or five friends who can talk and laugh.

they are the hands that applaud you when you are happy, and the shoulders you can rest on when you are down.

they are happy because of you, proud of your excellence, painful because of your difficulty, and painful because of your pain.

not everyone in the world can understand your difficulties and understand your difficulties.

those who know you don't need to say much, and those who don't know you don't need to talk more.

people live, the circle is not too big, there is room for themselves and some people; do not need too many friends, two or three bosom friends are enough to flow.

A true friend can help people relieve stress. he makes you believe that even if there is no one behind you, he is still there for you.

those who have friends have fun in life; those who have friends have no worries.


there are people who love, and their wives are often around

the fate of the world is gathered and scattered; the love in the world is deep and shallow.

but there is such a person, who is not related to you, but bumped into your life by mistake, living with you, sharing joys and sorrows.

he is his wife.

in this world, parents will leave before you, children will have their own family, and the only one who can accompany you to the end is your wife.

just as Liu Yong said:

it was not until I was old that I found that old wine, old dogs, old friends and old wives are the best.

there is old wine on hand, an old dog at my feet, an old friend in front and an old wife by my side.

Old wine forgets worries, old dogs warm their feet, old friends cheer, and old wives feel at ease.

because he knows what it means with a look in your eyes.

because of love, he keeps one of your actions in mind. It is said that less husband and wife are old companions, old husbands and wives know how to live in peace.

the wife is clothing, shielding the wind from the cold; the wife is medicine, accompanied to old age.

having a hot and cold wife around you is undoubtedly the most precious asset in life if you can eat, talk and go to the morning market together.

No matter how old one is, the ability to love and the happiness of being loved, life will be happier and warmer.

Curtis said: the first condition of happiness is health.

A healthy body is the root of all achievements in life. Although it is a clich é, it will never be out of date. No matter who it is, it should be well guarded.

these six signs, if you have 4, congratulations, be sure to stick to it.