Sexual relationships, men who are sincere to you, will give you these three hints.

Sexual relationships, men who are sincere to you, will give you these three hints.

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at the beginning of love, many people will experience a hazy period of ambiguity, love each other, but will not take the initiative to break the window paper.

rely on the messages conveyed between words and eyebrows to judge how true the other person is to himself.

however, not every secret love that fascinates you will have the result you expect.

if you love right, you will hold hands with each other and participate in each other's life in a more formal capacity;

if you love wrong, he will walk away from your world, regardless of the waves in your heart.

in the relationship between the two sexes, if a man gives you these three hints, he does have a heart for you.

I hope that when you are clear about the other person's mind, you can firmly grasp it and take the initiative to take a step closer to him, instead of losing happiness because of your own hesitation.


always does everything possible to appear in your line of sight

there is a saying:

"all unexpected encounters in the world are actually carefully planned by another person."

admittedly, the accidents that you think you meet again and again have been rehearsed thousands of times in the other person's mind.

if someone is always in your sight, please don't interpret everything as a coincidence, because it's also a sign that he falls in love with you.

in the Romantic Journey of the wife, the love experience of Zhang Jiani and her husband Maichao is talked about by everyone.

Buy Chao and Zhang Jiani met at a dinner party, and this is the beginning of their fate.

after that, Zhang Jiani found that no matter what he had, he happened to be free to come and help.

when Zhang Jiani moved, Bui Chao called Zhang Jiani, saying that he happened to be nearby and bought some daily necessities.

Zhang Jiani Guoqing and his family were traveling in Hong Kong, and Shang Chao happened to go to Hong Kong to find friends. But when it came to dinner, Buy Chao did not have any dates, and there were no so-called friends around.

there are not so many coincidences and just-in-time opportunities in the world, just a heart that is willing to get close to you and a careful machine that wants to brush some sense of existence around you.

as Zhang Jiani said of the buy timeout:\ "since the first day I met, he never disappeared.\"

if you love someone, you will involuntarily want to get close to you and appear in front of you frequently, in order to let you see him, but also to let yourself see you.

however, even if he likes you again, he will prevaricate these man-made destinies for a variety of reasons whenever he thinks that his feelings may become a burden to bother you.

in fact, an uncertain emotional link is very easy to break. If there is a person around you who does everything possible to appear in your line of sight, and you also like him, take the initiative to respond to his hint.


makes you feel free to be yourself

Roy Clift wrote in Love:

I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.

True love is never about changing yourself to please each other, and a man who loves you will not try to carve you into what he likes, but will make you real and burden-free to be yourself.

before, Da S caused condemnation from a large number of netizens for her "shrimp peeling theory", saying that she was "hypocritical" and "princess sick".

she said on the program that she would not take the initiative to peel shrimp since childhood. Her father used to peel shrimp, but now after she marries her husband, he won't eat it if he doesn't peel it.

when Da S was attacked on the Internet because of this shrimp peeling theory, Wang Xiaofei immediately began to post Weibo to protect his wife:

"her husband is willing to peel shrimp for her. why, she gave birth to two healthy babies? after a trip to the ghost gate, can't you let her husband peel shrimp?

isn't a normal relationship supposed to make your woman happy, coquettish, and occasionally tested? "

that's what it is to really love someone. You don't need to change yourself for the voice of the outside world and be a good wife and mother with no flaws. What you need to do is yourself.

just like Wang Xiaofei, she can accept that Big S can't cook or clean housework, or even accept her crying when she rides a bike for fear of being dropped.

what about being a little bit and being a little hypocritical? in his eyes, as long as he is the real himself, he is the cutest.

A man who is sincere to you won't let you do something you don't like because of some discordant voices from the outside world.

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you can have your own emotions and hobbies. Even if you are not understood and supported by the whole world, he will stand by you firmly and bear the bad criticism and slander from others.

then tell you: you just have to keep yourself the way you are.

remember that anyone who forces you to change in the name of love doesn't really love you.

in the relationship between the two sexes, if you are reluctant to let go, there will always be someone who will fall in love with you who is the most real, but not so perfect.


all preferences are left to you

Ni Yining wrote in "give me a reason to wear armor again":

what can give people sense of security has never been love but preference.

indeed, preference gives people a sense of happiness that can't be compared with anything else. It is the reassurance of a woman in a relationship.

two days ago, colleagues Da Zhu and Yumeng are going to get married.

according to Da Zhu, I have taken a fancy to Yumeng since her first day on the job.

at first we always thought that Dazhu's love might not last long.Unexpectedly, the office romance is not easy to maintain, but Dazhu won this perfect love by virtue of his joy and consistent preference.

at work, he often prepares some small surprises, secretly puts "the first cup of milk tea in autumn" on Yumeng's desk and pastes warm tips, even though he is usually a straight man without interest;

he will put an umbrella in Yumeng's hand on a rainy night, saying that he still has one, and then go home silently in the rain.

this preference of "I don't like anyone but you" finally moved Yu Meng, and the two officially upgraded from a colleague relationship to a romantic relationship.

just as I love you, it is a commitment to a relationship, I only love you, it is your preference.

after marriage, Da Zhu protects his wife to the extreme.

No one is allowed to sit in the seat of Da Zhu's copilot except Yumeng, and he painstakingly typed his wife's exclusive words on the seat.

after an occasional dinner, he drove three female colleagues home. One colleague wanted to sit in the copilot, but he was stuffed into the back seat by Big Zhu, joking: "you three are in such good shape that you sit in the back." and it's convenient for you to chat. "

everyone laughed at him for being henpecked, but he smiled and said, "my wife is always number one in my heart."