Self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement.

Self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement.

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there is a good saying: "if you find a problem in yourself, you will understand it; if you look for a reason in others, you will go crazy."

it is easy to blame others in dealing with others, but it is even more difficult to reflect on yourself.

do not realize that only by inward attribution can we grow outward.

being able to reflect on yourself in time is the beginning of a person's improvement.

I believe we all played such a game when we were children:

cast a beam of light on the wall of the room, and then put your hand in front of the light source, and the shadow of your palm will appear on the wall.

if you want to change the shape and size of the shadow, can you do it directly on the wall?

obviously not, you can only change your gestures.

so, we, in fact, are the root of everything.

in who are you working for, there is such a story.

the Jack of the trading company has not been reused by the boss, and the salary is very low, so he complained to his friend, "one day, I will have to pat the table and leave!"

after hearing this, my friend asked, "have you been clear about the business of this trading company?" Have you figured out all the tricks of international trade? "

Jack, looking embarrassed, replied, "No."

so his friend advised him to calm down, take his work seriously, know all the business of the company like the back of his hand, and then walk away, so that he can gain more.

Jack listened to his friend's advice, changed his usual laziness and procrastination and began to work as hard as he could.

A year later, a friend saw him again and asked, "you must have learned everything. Now you can go to the boss to pat the table and resign."

Jack smiled and said: "I found that in the past six months, my boss was impressed by me. He not only entrusted me with important tasks, but also gave me a promotion and a raise. What is even more strange is that people in the company have begun to respect me."

in fact, Jack is better not because his surroundings have changed, but because he has become better.

as the old saying goes, "if you can't do it, you can't do it."

means that when you encounter something that is not going well, you know how to bow back and look for problems from yourself, which can often achieve good results.

Heine once wrote: "reflection is a mirror that can show our mistakes clearly and give us a chance to correct them."

only by being good at reflecting on yourself can we avoid detours and make progress.

once read such a story:

there was a young farmer who rowed a small boat to transport his own agricultural products to the villagers of another village.

Unfortunately, the sun was hot that day and the farmer was sweating.

he rowed the boat anxiously, hoping to deliver it as soon as possible so that he could go home before dark.

suddenly, the farmer noticed that a small boat was coming down the river, and the arrow was coming towards him.

the two ships were about to collide, but the ship showed no sign of dodging.

"get out of the way, get out of the way! You idiot! " The farmer roared at the opposite side, "if you don't get out of the way, you'll bump into me!"

but the farmer's roar was completely useless, and although he hurriedly tried to get out of the way, the boat hit his boat hard.

the farmer was so enraged that he severely reprimanded the other party, "are you blind? you can still hit my boat on such a wide river!"

but there was no response from the other side. He looked intently and found that the boat was empty.

the only thing that made him angry and scolded him was an empty boat that broke free and drifted down the river.

in most cases, when you blame and resent, your audience may be like the empty ship in the story.

the person who has repeatedly frustrated and hurt you will never be changed by your rebuke.

external attribution of everything, without self-examination, will only fall into a vicious circle.

such people can be seen everywhere in our lives:

A bad marriage blames the original family and meets someone bad;

when the salary is not high, they complain that they have no talent and no eyes in the sky;

when life is rough, they bemoan the bad timing of life and the success of the villain.

they can never see their own shortcomings, but they can always find out the countless faults of others.

the philosopher Descartes said a profound saying:

"self-reflection is the source of all thoughts, and people produce wisdom in the process of thinking about themselves rather than others."

once you have more time to focus on others, you will have less time to think about yourself.

some people say: "the difference between smart people and stupid people is that smart people only make the same mistakes once, while stupid people make the same mistakes many times, even repeatedly."

those who know how to reflect will always save themselves and usher in a lucky turnaround;

those who do not know how to reflect will eventually be harmed by themselves and fall into an endless abyss.

everyone carries two baggage on his way of life, one pretending to be his own fault, the other pretending to be the fault of others.

many people often put other people's mistakes on their chest, and they can see them as soon as they bow their heads, but they carry their own mistakes behind them and easily ignore them.

there was a soap salesman who had very few orders when he first started selling soap for a company.

he was worried that he would lose his job, so he began to think calmly.

after some analysis, he repeatedly confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the product or the price, so he concluded that the problem must be his own.Go.

so, every time he fails to sell, he thinks about what went wrong. Is it not convincing enough, or is he not worried enough?

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sometimes he even asks the merchant:

"I hope to get your advice and correction." Please tell me what I did wrong just now. You have more experience than me and your career is successful. Please give me a little correction, say it bluntly, please don't keep it. "

slowly, his shortcomings become less and less, and his performance grows with each passing day.

later, he was promoted to president of Colgate, and he was the famous Mr. Ritter.

it was because of his timely self-reflection that he was able to get out of trouble and meet a better self.

Sanmao once said:

"A person who is willing to modestly absorb and observe everything, constantly reflect, and examine his own shortcomings and strengths is much faster in seeking wisdom than those who do not know how to reflect and observe."

self-reflection is the beginning of a person's improvement.